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Serena Williams Has the Most Epic Response to the French Open’s Catsuit Ban

Serena Williams Has the Most Epic Response to the French Open’s Catsuit Ban

Serena Williams, greatest athlete of our time, has finally spoken about French Tennis Federation’s recently announced ban against the Nike catsuit she wore to compete in the French Open in May 2018.

Williams’ catsuit for the tournament, her first after giving birth to her daughter last year, had a specific purpose: It was engineered to prevent blood clots, which Williams had experienced during her pregnancy. The catsuit was also a hit with fans online, who calledit her “superhero suit.” However, the French Tennis Federation’s president recently announced that outfits like Williams’ catsuit would “not be accepted” at the event beginning in 2019.

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When asked at a recent press conference what she thought of the recent changes to the dress code, which targeted her catsuit as “too far,” ESPN reported that Williams had a legendary response.

“When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender,” Williams deadpanned.

It sounded like Williams is taking the news in stride—and the ban won’t stop her from wearing clothes that address her health needs (while looking incredible) on the court. When asked how she would approach future outfits, she said that she’s “found other methods” to prevent the blood clots she experiences.

Williams also put any rumors of beef with the French Tennis Federation’s president to rest: “We have a great relationship,” she explained. “Everything’s fine, guys.”

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