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Interview with Wleypatriot E.C Akoma; one of the Nigerian recognized business man from Abia State who as extended his business from Nigeria to more countries, placing the headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Interview with Wleypatriot E.C Akoma; one of the Nigerian recognized business man from Abia State who as extended his business from Nigeria to more countries, placing the headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Hello Mr. Wleypatriot is nice having you around, how are you today

I am good, and to be pragmatic I must say I’m already feeling entertained to meet you guys

We feel more amuse to have you around, knowing that before us is one of the C.E.O’s of P-matrix Global Entertainment, and that’s why we would love to know more about you, starting from when P-matrix Global was founded.

Thank you very much, P-matrix Global Entertainment was chiefly set up in February 2012 in Nigeria, just after I and Stella Polaris decided on turning our passion into career for as many musical artiste in Africa that wishes to take their musical profession to the next level. Though back then when I and Stella Polaris started P-matrix Global as a minor corporation in Nigeria; our aim and focal point was to empower mostly the upcoming artiste, and make them realize how great it could be to have P-matrix Global support them with their musical career and help them to music around the world. But in the process we capitalize our resources on the wrong artiste which before long brought our company to a fall.

What year did P-matrix Global Entertainment loses it fit in business; and how did it come back to business again?

P-matrix Global Entertainment misses the mark as a record label in the year 2014 and in 2015 it finally flop and went pear-shaped. However it turning point came in late 2017 after me and the other Co-founder Stella Polaris worked together almost daily, bouncing ideas both daytime and around late at night to figure out the best notion on how to refabricate and restore the glory of the company again. And then somehow in the mid of the whole happenings, we came up with the idea of partnering with the Asia Company, the American Tycoon and the Australian Company; and at once we carried out our notion. Though at the commencement of the whole happenings, it wasn’t easy to convince them, because the company had already gone pear-shaped; however with some good notion coming from me and Stella Polaris, we were able to partner and work together with them.

The magical moment the three entrepreneurs reach a decision to partner with us, was the moment P-matrix Global Entertainment got it turning point and hit it globally, as we immediately moved our headquarters was moved from Nigeria to the United of American. Re positioning our headquarters to Los Angeles, California brought us some good number of both established and upcoming artistes on our artiste’s roster. And now we’ve come back to Nigeria to search for good talent and make them music with us around the globe.

You earlier mention of regularly working together with Stella Polaris both daytime and around late at night. Can you please tell us your relationship with Stella Polaris? Is it basically on business or could there be more to it, knowing that she’s with you even around late at night.

 (Smile) Stella Polaris was my lovely wife even before P-matrix Global Entertainment was established. When I first met up with her, I didn’t know what to think or do; I just knew that I want to be with her. And ever since she gave me the chance to love her, I have loved her with all my heart, and from this serene dream I never want to part, because without her I can only be reminded of a desolate fall; I mean to say without her my world of romance will mean nothing, nothing at all.

Wow, you must be a very romantic significant other; we hope to know more about your romance life, but because of time we will leave it for another day.

We have more three questions for you, the first is, When you started p-matrix global Entertainment, was it just for the passion or for the money

 When you first go into something creative, it will be a very big error to emphasis more on the money as a substitute to the passion that made you started the inventive business. When I started P-matrix Global with Stella Polaris, I did it for the right reason and for the passion; and not basically for the money. And that was why even after the company went pear-shaped, I and Stella Polaris were able to bring back it glory before long.

Bringing in those three entrepreneurs into your company as shareholders, don’t you think you are giving out the control of your company to another?

 As a proven businessman, I must tell you that a business can’t grow until an entrepreneur is ready to hand over some control of his power as the initiator. Unfortunately this is rarely easy because there is often a lot of emotional investment in one’s business, especially in a new business and that can make it very demanding to let others get involved. But one thing you should know is that, as you expand your business with shareholders and appoint new employees, you will have no choice but to sacrifice some power and control of the company. The best way to prepare for this loss of some power and control is by fine-tuning your partnership process. To be realistic you should be acquainted that as an entrepreneur handing over the control of your company is a sacrifice every entrepreneur has to be prepared and eager to make. This trust will make handing over responsibilities and sacrificing control much easier.

Lastly, what advice do you have for young entrepreneurs to help grow their business?

When I and Stella Polaris brought up an idea of starting P-matrix Global Entertainment in the year 2012; we were discouraged by some few people we try to panic us with some certain business risks which at the end of the day still came through, leaving our company pear-shaped. Nonetheless as an already established entrepreneur, I am not here to discourage you about some level of risks that can occur during business. But rather I am here to tell you that in other to be a successful entrepreneur, there are things you must sacrifice. Though because of time I may not be able to mention them here; but then there is something important you need to know. I need you to know that one of the most effective ways to support a new business is to prepare yourself and those around you, basically on the responsibilities on which you will have to take the backseat.

You must be prepared to give something up for the success of your company. This is how much you will have to forfeit while growing your business. My dear, there are seven sacrifices you will need to make to achieve success, but because of time I can’t be able to mention them here. So in its place I can only wish those entrepreneurs best of luck as they grow their young entrepreneurship.

Thank you very much Mr. Wleypatriot for your time

No, I thank you more for giving me the time to share my experience and success with the world. And most importantly for the advice I am opportune to extend to young entrepreneurs.





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