💓 Heart to heart text messages from Stella .E. Powers

♦ 💓 Heart to heart messages to send to your partner

They writers behind these lovely romantic messages is Stella .E. Powers.

Stella Powers Love Message

These 💓 heart melting and lovely messages can actually bring a little spark of joy into your relationship, reminding your partner just how much you love them.

Couples stay together for a while, but sometimes  when it time to bring something new into their relationship, it turns out to be very hard. I mean to say, sometimes’ long-term relationships can be a bit boring. And that’s why we have selected some numbers of Stella Powers’ love messages’ to help strengthen your relationship when you feel stuck in a rut, were you feel like you’re both losing interest in your relationship. This love messages can help in changing everything.

  1. I most have done something good’ in a life before now, for God to bless me with such an amazing partner like you. Now it seems to me like’ I have just been sitting around waiting for you’ all my Life. Thank you for existing! Thank you for coming into my life.
  2. I have just been existing all this years! I started living on that same day I met and fell in love with you. Now I think of you every minute of my life’ with one wish in my heart! A wish that at as all times, you  realize the burning love I have for you inside my heart ❣️because I can’t even imagine life without you
  3. Whenever you need me, don’t just forget that’ I am that one lady out there who can’t wait to hear your voice. Whenever you need me, just call me and I will be there to give you all the love you need because, there is nothing in this world more sacred to me than the love we share
  4. My love my sweet heart! Let me be the first person this morning to say I love you! I just love everything about you. And just in case I haven’t yet tell you this; I want you to know that I will love you until the end of my life because you are everything that makes me feel safe and secured.
  5. If I could live my life one more time, again I will wish upon the stars that it should be only with you, because every single day I feel like I have fallen in love with you all over again. I love you so much that, even in a room filled with art, I will still see you only.
  6. Before you go to sleep tonight! Just bare this one thing in mind, that I will always love you, because you are all that matters to me in this world.
  7. I had the chance to be with another: but I chose you instead!
    Do you know why?
    It because I love you!
    It because I feel very save in your arms!
    It because, I could never love anyone else’ just has much as I love you.
  8. I have had so many beautiful moments in my life, my love. But there is none more beautiful than that moment’ when you left every other girl’ just to choose me. And that’s why if I have any wish at this very moment! I will wish to love you endlessly, until I can no longer feel my heart***
  9. I am Stella Powers! And you are that man’ that own my 💓 HEART. ***
  10. The  first thing I imagined when I saw you was love. And so I said to myself! What can be better than looking into your eyes and seeing the reflection of your soul and the boundless love you have for me. The thing is, I have never met someone who actually thought that I am enough, until I met you.
  11. Love is special when is true. I know this because’ I couldn’t imagine life without you.  And now’ nothing soothes my heart than seeing that charming smile on your face. ***
  12. Nothing in this world can compare to the joy I feel when I’m with you. Though I might not know what the future holds for our relationship. However, I know one thing for sure. And is the fact that I love you more than anything. And yes, don’t ever forget that.****
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