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Mission 17: Alexa Black📝 by 📝 Smallgirlbigattitude

Mission 17: Alexa Black📝 by 📝 Smallgirlbigattitude

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 in the Mission series
Alexa Black, not an average 18-year-old, had to go undercover in a high school to track down the biggest drug lord and third most wanted man in the country, Jonathan James, with her colleagues; a charming 19-year-old comrade, Jacob Williams and an insouciant 30-year-old man, Christopher. The mission was to seduce James’ son or his daughter and make them lead Alexa right to him.
The plan would have gone without a hitch if it wasn’t for Alexa’s past hunting her down. That’s when she finds exactly what she was running from. Love. But finding it with the guy she was working with, caused more problems than she needed.

Mr. Abdelkarder Abdirahman’ is the Chief executive officer (CEO) and owner of MatrixglobalCorp. He’s also a well known successful entrepreneur in the Business Sector.

Mission 17: Alexa Black, is brought to you by MatrixglobalCorp


Dᴜᴍʙ Tᴇᴀᴄʜᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ Pʟᴀʏᴇʀ Bᴏʏғʀɪᴇɴᴅ
by Smallgirlbigattitude

Seventeen scanned the crowd trying to find the guy she was supposed to meet. It seemed pretty weird to meet him in a library but they had to keep things top secret. And what better place than a library, where no one gave two fucks about anything but the words on their book.
She opened up a random novel in the young adult section and sat down. The man she was supposed to rendezvous with was supposed to wear all black, like her. Which didn’t help since she could see at least three guys in the same row who fit the description.
Her phone pinged with a text.
He’s blonde.
Okay, that cancelled out two of them.
Seventeen got out of her chair and walked towards the last one. He looked like he was in his late thirties, which was weird. She didn’t know the boss had agents above the age of twenty-one. He looked up as she walked towards him. One look in his eyes and she knew he was the one. The kind of shit that one goes through in her line of work wasn’t something that could be hidden that easily.
“Licence to kill,” Seventeen muttered sitting beside him.
“Banana split,” He said his code word, clearly his choice. “We need to move. This was only the meet point. Boss wants us to join her at another place.”
Seventeen nodded, not surprised. She checked out the novel she had in her hand to prevent suspicions and also because she thought she might like it.
They walked outside to a waiting limousine. The chauffeur opened the door for them. The man held his hand out for her to walk in first. If she didn’t know any better she would have thought that this man was just courteous. But one look at him and she could tell he was just using her to make sure it was safe.
Seventeen rolled her eyes and entered. The limo was empty, except for a case file on the seat, which she picked up.
“Let me see that for you,” The man said entering.
She smiled back at him. “It’s alright. You are too kind, but I can manage this.”
“Sarcasm,” He noted.
“Wow. You are the best detective there is.” She muttered.
He didn’t reply so she looked into the file. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the name on the first page.
Jonathan C James
No way.
Seventeen quickly scanned through the rest of the file. There wasn’t much other than a city name. More than half the file seemed to be redacted but the fact that they still managed to get the name of the city surprised her.

This guy was the third most wanted man in the country and boss managed to track him down? Something seemed off. The man wouldn’t have come up on the radar until unless he wanted to.
The limo came to a stop near what looked like a gym. Seventeen got down with the file in her hand. She barged inside with Mr Man-in-black on her heel.
The inside looked exactly like a gym. Except for one part; a security guard standing outside a door marked ‘showers’.
She walked up to him.
“Use the restroom, young lady.” He said as I walked closer to the door.
Seventeen held up the file in her hand. He gave it one glance and then opened the door for her. She walked in and heard the door bang close behind.
“I’m with her,” she could hear the man whine behind the door.
“You know, I’m used to being paired up with people who aren’t as smart as me, but this is just a whole new level,” she said as she walked towards the desk in the centre of the room.
“He will be useful,” Boss replied adjusting her glasses.
“If you say so, Marion,” Seventeen replied dropping the file on her desk and sitting down in front of her. “Jonathan James.”
“Jonathan James.” She said.
“Doesn’t it seem weird he just popped up on your radar? Maybe–”
“It is a trap?” She finished for her. “That is what I thought too at first. But this was clearly a mistake. It wasn’t even a direct match. One of my best hackers–”
“Ry.” She cut in knowing exactly who Marion was talking about.
“–found out that the burner phone that he was using–” she continued.
“How do you know it was him?” Seventeen cut in again.
She paused for a sec before replying.
“How about you let the hacking job be left to the hackers and you do your job,” Marion replied.
“I’m just trying to make sure this isn’t another ‘Tokyo’,” she replied recalling the last mission that went down the drain.
“I understand. And I’ve done all the research. The information is valid.” She said.
She got up and walked to the front of the desk. Her stilettos clicked on the marble floor. She sat on the desk and crossed her legs.
Seventeen smirked. “You know that doesn’t work on me since I taught you that?”
Marion ignored her comment and picked the file and held it up.
“You are my best agent. I need you on this undercover op.” She said. “Are you in?”
Someone banged on the door suddenly.
“Sir. You cannot run and hit the door like that. It’s not going to open.” We heard the guard speak outside.
“Just you wait and watch.” The man replied.
Seventeen looked back at Marion with her eyebrow arched. “Really? This guy?”
She ignored her and pressed the Bluetooth speaker on her ear.
“Let him in.”
The next second the door opened and the man ran straight in and smashed his groin right on the edge of the desk. He fell down groaning.

“I’m going to ask again,” Seventeen muttered. “Really?”
“Yes. Really.” She replied. “Christopher, are you alright?”
Christopher placed his hand on the desk and lifted himself up. “I’ll be fine.” He gave her two thumbs ups and a lopsided grin to attest to that.
“Okay. Here is your complete file.” She replied handing out a different file on the desk.
Seventeen flipped through the pages going over the highlighted points. It was more redacted than the previous one.
“Damn. This file is so black some white woman called the cops on it.” Christopher commented.
“You caught him donating money to a high school.” She read off the sheet, ignoring Christopher.
Marion nodded. “It was an anonymous donation, but it came from what we think is his personal bank account.”
“So you caught him doing something that you cannot bring him in for,” she said. “That’s why you called me. You need me to get solid information for you so you can put him in jail.”
Marion nodded again. Seventeen flipped till the last page.
“That’s it?” She asked. “What am I supposed to do? Choke the principal till he tells me where James is, fly to that place in a helicopter, jump out of the helicopter shooting down all the security guards, and then put a bullet in his brain?”
Christopher chuckled. “This isn’t mission impossible, sweetie.”
“She’s done it before,” Marion replied for me.
“Which part? The jumping out the helicopter part or the shooting all guards as she falls part?”
Seventeen smiled sweetly at Christopher’s shocked face.
“Nothing like that,” Marion replied to her query. “Jonathan won’t be that easy to get to. You will be joining the high school he gave the money to.”
“You want me to go to high school?” She asked. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“That’s the only way to do some digging without tipping him off.” Marion reasoned. “Christopher is going to be a teacher.”
“Don’t you have to be smart for that?” She muttered.
“Excuse me?” He asked.
“DON’T YOU HAVE TO BE SMART FOR THAT?” She repeated louder, knowing damn well that he heard her the first time.
He scoffed at her and folded his arms across his chest. Marion held her hand out to shut us up as she pressed her Bluetooth device.
“Let him in.” She said. “There is one more agent joining you.”
“Great,” Seventeen muttered. “More the merrier.”
The door opened behind her.
“I would have reached here on time if the driver knew the right spot.” A deep sexy voice spoke.
She didn’t turn around. The new-comer walked forward and stood beside her. He shook Marion’s hand, took his case file and grabbed the seat next to the one she took.
“Jacob will be your partner. He will pretend to be your brother and you’ll go to high school together.” Marion said pointing to him.
“What for?” She asked. “Plus I thought you wanted to keep this operation low-key, what part of him says ‘low-key’ to you? His high cheekbones, his deep voice or his play-boy hair?”
“You’re not so bad yourself, love.” He replied smugly.
“Aw. Sweetie, if you didn’t notice, Marion just bro-zoned you for me. So let’s keep our relationship at that.” Seventeen said.
“His looks might actually help, Marion said. “This isn’t in the file, but Jonathan had a kid. And that kid goes to that high school. We are pretty sure it’s a girl. That’s where Jacob comes in.”
“Then why am I going? You got the dumb teacher and the player boyfriend, what am I here for?” She asked starting to think this was a complete waste of her time.
“You are my best agent on the field., Marion said again. “You have all the connections they will need. You are great at improv. And this operation will definitely need it. This is the biggest op we have had. I need to be able to trust the person who leads it.”
She paused before continuing. “Tell me. Are you in?”
Seventeen sighed. “Marion, when have I ever disappointed you?”
She opened her mouth to reply, but she cut her off, not needing an answer.
“I’m in.”
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by Smallgirlbigattitude
40-ʏᴇᴀʀ-ᴏʟᴅ CEO, Sᴡᴇᴇᴛʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴀɴᴅ Cᴏʟᴏɴᴇʟ Bʟɪᴍᴘ
“So. We haven’t been properly introduced.” The weird old man in the limo said. “I’m Christopher.”
“Jacob,” Jacob replied. They were all in a limo on their way to their house, the place they had to stay during the mission.
Christopher looked at the third companion. She didn’t seem to want to be a part of the conversation.
“Alexa.” She said. She glanced at her file once before reading out loud. “Alexa Black.
“That’s your alias. What’s your real name?” Chris asked.
“None of your business,” Alexa replied.
“Well, that’s a nice name, Ms Business.” Chris joked.
Neither of them replied. But just continued to look at him with blank faces. He should’ve been their dad instead of a teacher, he already had the jokes part ready.
“Tough crowd.” He muttered. “My alias is Prof. Dunver.” He glanced at Jacob.
“I’m Jason Black.”
“Nice to meet you, brother,” Alexa muttered. Jacob had a strong feeling they weren’t going to get along well. Alexa was clearly a closed book. He, on the other hand, was an open book. Jacob told himself not to tell her much, cause judging from the way she acted, anything she found out was going to be used against him.
The rest of the ride went by quietly. Alexa was continuously typing on her phone. Chris placed a napkin covering his face and went to sleep, snoring.
Jacob was stuck between two opposites. Alexa was clearly a woman who kept her job first. Chris, on the other hand, seemed to be here for the fun of it.
Jacob tapped his pen on his knee reading through his file one more time. There were so many lines that were blacked out, which made him feel like they were walking in blind. However he trusted Marion and she seemed to trust Alexa, so he decided to trust her as well.
The limo came to a stop on an abandoned road. The partition between the driver and the passengers came down as the driver turned to speak to them.
He had a heavy Indian accent. “You cannot drive a limo to your house. It will attract too much attention. There is a mover truck ahead. They will take you the rest of the way.”
“Right,” Alexa said curtly and got out. Jacob shook Chris awake, thanked the driver and got down.
He walked towards the truck, keeping his right hand free in case he would need to grab his gun. Alexa was already seated in the front with the driver. There was only one more place beside her.
“I’ll sit in the back with the furniture,” Chris said and got into the back.
Jacob climbed in beside Alexa. He realised that they didn’t look very alike. He had grey eyes. She had brown.
“I’ve got it under control,” Alexa muttered beside him.
“Excuse me?” He asked.
“Our different looks.” She replied. “I’ve got it under control.”
“What about your personality,” Jacob muttered.
“Excuse me?” She asked looking up from her phone.
“You are supposed to be a 17-year-old teenage girl, not a 40-year-old CEO with a big attitude problem.” He replied.

“Sweetheart.” She said switching her phone off and turning to look at him. “Does the word acting ring a bell in your head? I can act like I’m in love with you. I can act like I am you. There is a reason I am the best there is. So I think you should stop worrying about me and start worrying about yourself and colonel blimp in the back.”

“If you say so, your highness. ”
She scoffed and looked back into her phone. Jacob sighed. He hoped that Jonathan James would give in quickly so he didn’t have to deal with her for that long.
The truck came to a stop in front of a villa.
“Hey. Do you see how this is a friendly neighbourhood?” Jacob told Alexa.
She raised an eyebrow at him.
“You. Are. Not. Friendly.” He said slowly. He got out of the truck before she could say anything back.
He headed to the back of the truck to see Christopher lying on the couch, with his napkin on his face. This guy could sleep anywhere.
“Christopher!” He yelled.
No reaction.
Still no reaction.
Alexa came to the back and held out a pocket air horn and pressed it right beside Christopher’s ears.
He jumped up and landed on the ground.
“Geez, woman.” He muttered covering his ears. “Why do you have a pocket horn? Also, more importantly, are trying to kill me?
Jacob rolled his eyes and walked up to the front door. Alexa threw him the keys as she walked towards him, a swaying Christopher right behind her. He opened the door and walked in.
“Not bad,” Alexa said. The place looked homely. Two floors, three bedrooms, an open kitchen and a basketball hoop in the back.
“Now this is a place I can live in,” Christopher commented.
“You are not living here.” Alexa pointed to him. Marion had clearly stated that Christopher was to live in an apartment near school.
Chris groaned. “It’s not fair. I mean I only have one bathroom.”
“That’s bad. I mean how can someone take a shit and piss in the same room.” Jacob said shaking his head with fake sympathy.
“The movers will move everything in by the night,” Alexa told him ignoring Chris. “You should get settled in.”
“I’ll order something for dinner,” Jacob replied.
“No no.” Christopher placed his hand on Jacob’s arm. “Let me do that.”
Jacob glanced at Alexa, who looked just as confused. “Alright. Make sure there’s enough.”
Alexa went up the stairs and picked the first bedroom. Jacob picked the one opposite to her. He placed his guitar on the stand and threw his bag on the bed. He switched on his computer to do some research on the child. After about ten minutes on Instagram, there was a knock on his door.
“I’m coming in. Cover up whatever needs to be covered.” Alexa said before opening the door and walking in.
“If you want me to cover everything up, you should give me some time at least before barging in. There is a lot to cover.” Jacob winked at her.
“And if I barge in, at least one person will have seen your junk in your entire life other than your mom.” She replied back with a smug.

Jacob chuckled. “Waddup.”
“Christopher bought pizza. If I were you I would head down quickly because he is more inhaling the slices than he is chewing them.” She said.
“Got it.” He nodded back at her. Maybe they would get along after all. Siblings do this all the time. Fight and then show up at the other one’s door when it comes to food.
He headed downstairs to find three empty boxes on Christopher’s lap.
“Damn. We should take you to one of those hot dog eating contests, make some money.” Jacob said sitting down beside Alexa.
She got up. “Okay since you are both here, I’ll go through some basic info first. There is a gun attached to the back of this television. There is one more underneath that sofa. And there is one inside the lamp, I would suggest leaving that for the last since it would be pretty hot. This is all in the hall.” She said waving her hands to show us what a hall is. “Now the kitchen. There is more than enough weapons in a kitchen, so you should be able to defend yourself in need. My room has another gun, but I’m not going to tell you where it is because if you are in my room and you’re attacked, then you deserve to die.”
“Now. Our history. We both lost our parents when we were twelve. They died in a car crash. We don’t have any family left. Just us. That is it. Any questions?” She finished.
Jacob shook his head. Chris raised his hand. Alexa raised an eyebrow.
“Where do I come in all this?” He asked.
“You don’t.” She replied.
“Cool.” He said giving his attention back to the pizza in his hand.
She sat back down. She passed Jacob a slice from her box. They were watching a basketball game.
“I didn’t know you watched,” Jacob said.
“You don’t know anything about me.” She replied.
“In fact, I could whoop your ass in basketball.” She continued.
“You couldn’t beat me in anything, sugar.” He replied.
“Aren’t you guys supposed to be siblings?” Chris asked, his mouth full of pizza. “Is all this flirting supposed to be a part of this?”
Neither of them replied.
“Tense,” Chris muttered. “Now if you aren’t going to be eating this, I shall take another slice.”
He reached out to the open box on Alexa’s lap and grabbed a slice. She immediately closed the box.
“I’m going to go up and finish my dinner.” She said standing up with the box. “I’ll see you in the morning.” She told me.” Don’t forget you have your class tomorrow.” She told Chris.
“Well, I should get going too,” Chris said when he realised there was no pizza left for him to eat. “By the way, I paid the pizza guy with your money.”
“Where’d you get my money?” Jacob asked sitting up.
“Please.” Chris waved away the question. He pulled out something from the side of his couch and threw it at him.
Jacob’s wallet. “How did you get this?”
“Please.” He repeated. “I’ll show myself out.”
He walked out closing the door behind him. Jacob shook his head before putting his wallet back in his pocket. He watched for a little longer. He realised how tired he was. The plane ride, the limo, the truck and then the moving in.
Before he knew it, his eyes closed.
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Kɪʟʟ ᴏʀ Bᴇ Kɪʟʟᴇᴅ
“GET UP.” A voice yelled into Alexa’s ear. She immediately felt a rush of cold spreading through her body. She grabbed the gun she had under her pillow and pointed it right ahead as her eyes adjusted to the light.
Jacob stood in front of her bed with the blanket in his hands.
“What the fuck, man?” Alexa muttered putting the gun back on the bed.
“We are going to be late for our first day in college if you don’t get your ass up.” He replied eyeing the gun warily. “By the way, I like what you’ve done to your hair. Makes you look less threatening. Though not loving the whole ‘whipping the gun out at your lovable brother’ thing.”
“Get out of my room.” Was all she said as she walked into the bathroom. She had cut her hair short and dyed it brown after dinner. He was right, it did make her look less threatening. She walked into the closet and went through her clothes for the next few months. Marion was responsible for the outfits she had to wear when she went undercover. She just hoped that Marion didn’t think she needed to wear short skirts since she was going to high school.
Luckily, there were enough ripped jeans. However, the rest of the closet seemed to be covered in pink. Alexa could see Marion grinning as she picked them out. Alexa knew she just had to do the obvious thing; steal a few of Jacob’s sweatshirts.
She got ready and went downstairs. Jacob was in the kitchen cooking.
“Sit down.” He said as he placed some weird round circular thing on a plate. He placed the plate and a bottle of maple syrup in front of her.
Alexa grabbed a bite of the circular thing. “What the hell is this?” She asked.
“It’s a pancake?” Jacob replied looking confused. “And you look weird with grey pupils.”
Alexa was wearing grey contacts so that their eye colour would match. It wasn’t that much of a big deal since the brown colour eyes, he thought she had, was also contacts.
“Would you rather wear contacts?” She replied. “And it’s bland.”
“It’s a pancake.” He repeated. Alexa shrugged. “You’ve never had a pancake before?”
She shook her head. It was true. Being undercover kept changing her cuisine but she never actually had a lot of the most basic food.
Jacob studied her face trying to figure out if she was lying. “You’re serious.” He stated.
“Try it with the syrup.” He said pointing to the bottle. He grabbed his own plate and say down on the table opposite to her.
Alexa poured a little syrup on the pancake and took another bite. She immediately got up and ran to the cupboard under the sink and spit the stuff into the dustbin.
“Way too sweet.” She replied to Jacob’s shocked face. He shook his head disappointed.
Alexa sat back down after grabbing a bowl and some milk for cereal. “I’ll take you out for dinner tonight. Show you what actual good food tastes like.”
“You would rather have cereal than pancakes. I think I’ll pass on what you think is ‘good’ food.” He said.
She shrugged. “Your loss.”
He stood up after five minutes to clean the dishes. We made a deal that he would take care of the breakfast dishes and she would do the dinner ones.


Start from the beginning Image
Guess who’s having take out every night?
“You want to take the car?” He asked me.
“Nah. Thought I’ll bring out the ol’ batmobile out.” She replied.
He rolled his eyes. “I meant are you taking the car or the motorbike?”
Alexa sat up at the word ‘motorbike’
“We have a bike?” She asked.
He thought for a minute before replying. “Nope. I’ll get the car out.”
He walked out of the kitchen before she could say anything back. He was getting really good at that.
She followed him after a minute. As she was getting into the car I heard a rustle near the bushes of our neighbour’s house. It was only a cat, but Alexa could swear she felt someone’s eyes on her.
“Sure. Take your time.” Jacob said standing near the car.
“I’m driving,” she replied back. He threw her the keys as he got on the passenger seat.
They had a pretty classy drive. It was a Matt black Audi. This was the one thing that was actually Alexa’s in this life. Sure, Marion switched the plates of the car, but it was still under her name. The one thing that remained constant in her life.
She pressed the accelerator and Jacob clutched his seat like a drama queen. Alexa rolled her eyes. At college, she noticed someone was trying to park in a spot. As that person took out the car to park it properly she swooped in and took the spot.
Yes. I am a bitch. Deal with it.
“You didn’t have to do that,” Jacob said getting down.
“What the hell man?” The guy driving the car said getting down.
“Your car would never get parked here. Go park somewhere else.” Alexa said walking away.
“I’m not with her.” She heard Jacob say as he followed me.
“You really had to do that?” He asked me.
“Have you been to high school before?” She asked back.
“No.” He admitted. Most of the agents never went to high school. They usually got selected by the agency by the age of 10. Then came the whole training process that usually lasted about five years. Usually. Alexa finished the entire high school syllabus by the time she was eleven.
“Well. I have once. It’s kill or be killed.” She told him.
“I’ve been in situations where it’s kill or be killed. This.” He said waving his hands about. “Isn’t one of them.”
“The plan is simple.” She said avoiding this entire conversation. “We go to the classes and figure out if there is anyone with the late name ‘James’.”
“It’s a pretty common last name,” Jacob muttered.
“Just text the minute you find one.” She said.
“Can I help you?” The lady in the front office said.
“Yes. We’re the new kids. We need our schedules.”
“Ah yes.” She replied shuffling through a few sheets in front of her looking for the schedules. “Here you go… this one is for Jason and Alexa…James.”


Start from the beginning Image
Alexa what. Jacob looked just as confused.
“I’m sorry there must be a mistake. My last name is Black.” Alexa told her pointing to her name on the sheet.
“Oh. Hold on a second please.” She said as she checked her computer.
She shook her head slightly. “I’m sorry but even on the computer, it says your last name is James. I can change it if you show me some sort of identity card.”
“Sure.” Jacob removed his driver’s license -Jason’s license – and gave it to her.
“You know you should probably check who actually has the last name James, to make sure they haven’t been changed to Black,” Alexa suggested.
“You’re right.” She said typing on her computer. “I know the girl pretty well so I can actually check…oh you were right. It’s been changed to Black.”
She pressed the speaker beside her. “Christina James to the front office. Christina James to the front office.”
“I’m really sorry about this. If you can just take a seat I will give you your schedules with the right name.” She told us.
“I mean it doesn’t really matt–” Jacob started.
“Thank you. We’ll take a seat.” Alexa nodded at her cutting him off. She dragged him and made him sit down on the sofa.
“This is Ryder’s work.” She muttered.
“This hacker called Ryder–”
“I know who Ryder is.” He cut.
“Well, she hacked into the system and changed our names. Leading us straight to the girl we need.” Alexa finished.
He nodded his head. “She’s smart.” He said getting up and roaming around. That guy had more nervous tension than she did.
“Yeah, she is.”
Just then the door swung open. “Hey, Ms Adrian, what’s up.” A girl walked in and leaned over the counter.
“Hey, Chrissy.” She said. “Nothing much. Your name has been changed from James to Black. Do you have any identity on you?”
“Not right now. It’s in my bag.” She sulked. “Come on, Adrian. I don’t want to go all the way there and come back just for an identity card! You know who I am.”
“I know, darling. But it’s a formality.” She replied.
“I’ll come with you,” Alexa said.
Christina turned to look at her. “You are?”
“New.” She replied getting up. “Alexa Black.”
“Christina James.” She introduced. “Alright fine. I’ll go get it. Come on.”
She waved her forward. Alexa didn’t turn back to look at Jacob as she walked out the door with the gold.
Her phone pinged with a text.
Fish on the hook! Pull! Reel her in!
She shook her head smiling at Ryder’s text.
“Coming?” Christina asked me.
“Obviously.” Alexa smiled at her.
A/N- Ayyy. They caught her! Ryder is pretty cool already eh?
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Mr. Abdelkarder Abdirahman

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