Once Upon A Nightmare📝by📝ThatAJChick

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Ganessa Russo was part of a conspiracy since the day she was born, she just didn’t know about it.
Betrothed before even being born and being born into a family she would soon learn she didn’t even know left so many unanswered questions that she wouldn’t know she had until the day of her wedding.
Engaged to a mafia boss who murdered someone in front of her eyes on her wedding day was bad enough, but add kidnapping and a touch of Stockholm Syndrome to the list and mayhem is sure to follow.

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Once Upon A Nightmare
by: ThatAJChick

Prologue and Characters

“I can do this. I can do this. I really can do this,” I repeated the words so many times to myself, trying to believe them, as I paced the room in my wedding gown. The petticoat under the pristine white dress made a very annoying crinkling sound with each step I took, only adding to my distress and my hair felt like it was being pulled unnecessarily tight on top of my head. I took the pins from my hair out and let the black silky curls fall down my back.
“I can’t do this,” I finally lamented as I dropped down onto the cream colored fainting couch that rested near an open window of the church. At least sitting had stopped the annoying crinkling sound.
Music from the orchestra outside poured into the room from the window, playing something that sounded like it was oddly from The Beetles.
My mind was suddenly reeling and I couldn’t make sense of my life.
How did it get this far?
I’d never even met Michael. The only things I knew about my betrothed were that he was wealthy, Italian and ten years older than me, which put him at thirty two years old.
I had never even been on a date with anyone, well not that my father knew about anyway, because even before I was born, I was promised to the Romano family. It was some sort of sordid family tradition that I was stuck in and was bred for my whole life. The lot in life that I did not want to begin with and fought against every step of the way.
I had aspirations to become a successful writer and live in Tuscany in a beautiful ranch house that was designed by me and the man I chose to marry. Those aspirations died out quickly as soon as I became old enough to tell my father what I wanted out of life. He shot every hope and dream down as quickly as they popped into my head.
My mother taught me how to cook and be a proper Italian wife, while my father taught me… Well, I’m sure he taught me something other than resentment and loathing of tradition.
Growing up I was told that my father was an arms dealer, which explained all the weapons around the house. He was quite successful too, since we lived in a beautiful house and I never wanted for anything. Well, I never wanted anything except the freedom to live my life, again that never happened.
“I can’t do this,” I repeated to myself as my mother came hurrying into the room. Her black hair swayed like silk across her back and her face showed true worry as she hurried over to me.
“Bambina, why you no ready,” she asked as she began to pet my hair. My mother was still learning English, even though we had been in America for several years. I liked it though, her broken English always made me smile and brought me back to a simpler time in my life. A time when I was little, in Italy and didn’t know about the world I was being bred to survive in. “And why you cry,” she then asked, seeing my “waterproof” mascara dripping down my face in streaks.
I wiped my eyes and realized that was a mistake, because my hand was then smudged black, which meant that I probably looked like a raccoon now. “I’m fine, mama,” I replied softly as I kissed her cheek. “Just trying to come to grips with everything,” I added with a fake smile that anyone could have seen through, should they be looking.
My mother took my hand in hers and smiled softly. “You know, me and your papa had an arranged marriage. Look how happy we are,” she stated with her beautiful smile that lit up her whole face.
Anyone could see that my mother and father loved each other, arranged marriage or not, but that wasn’t for me. No sir, I wanted to choose love for myself. “Sure, ma. I’m gonna get cleaned up and I’ll be ready,” I told her with another fake smile, just to get her out of the room.
Once she was gone, I made a mad dash for the back doors of the church. I needed air since I felt like I was suffocating. There was a Lake behind the church a little ways down that I decided to walk to and clear my head, but I stopped immediately when I saw three men in tuxedos arguing by the water. Quickly, I ducked behind a group of trees and listened in, despite my father’s voice in my head telling me that eavesdropping was a nasty habit that would often lead to trouble.
“You were skimming from the Til, Frankie,” one of the men said. He was tall, broad shouldered with short brown hair slicked back neatly. His broad back showed no signs of slouching, he was a man of power and demanded respect.
The shorter man shook his head vigorously, messing up his neat mousey brown hair. “No, Mikey you got it all wrong,” the man, I’m assuming was Frankie said. “I put it in a trust,” he added hastily. I didn’t know the guy and even I could tell he was lying through his teeth.
“Well Michael, what do you think,” the other guy asked, making my olive skin probably turn sheet white.
That man is my fiancè!?
“I think,” Michael began as he reached into his coat for something. Whatever he pulled out gleamed in the sunlight and made Frankie panic and beg for his life.
Oh my god.
I realized too late that it was a gun. “I think Frankie needs a lesson in not messing with family funds,” Michael then said as he shot Frankie right between the eyes.
The urge to scream rose up in my throat but was stifled by a big hand that wrapped around me from behind. In that hand was a cloth that smelled too sweet. Chloroform . My fighting will ebbed before everything went black.
Nina Dobrev as Ganessa

Mr. Abdelkarder Abdirahman

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