The Set-up 🏆by🏆 le_le_le_le_le

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It all stared with my aunt trying to set me up with her friend’s son. Little did I know I would fall for him let alone for him to be the caption of the Dallas Stars.

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Part One

I just landed in Toronto and I am waiting for my dad to pick me up. I can’t wait to see him, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to come home and visit my family.
I moved to LA few years ago to follow my dream of being a makeup artist, but I guess I got a version of the job that I enjoy more. I have a YouTube channel that grew faster than I could have ever imagined. Why 12 million people want to watch me do hair and makeup I honestly will never understand, but I love my job and I love all the amazing people that I can reach, so I’m happy that my life didn’t go exactly as planned.
My dad finally arrives, “hey, sweetheart how was the flight?”
“It was good dad, a little shaky but nothing too bad. I’m just glad to be home. With you and the boys”
“Your brothers come in later tonight but your aunt is picking them up since her friend is also picking up her sons at that time too”
I just nod knowing that my dad was getting old and driving back and forth from the airport wasn’t easy for him anymore. Even though my dad insists in always picking us up. My aunt plays an amazing role in my life ever since my mom died in a car accident when I was 4. She has always been there for my brothers and I. I’m the youngest of 3. My 2 older brothers Connor and Nick are 3 and 4 years older than me. Connor is a MMA fighter and is getting back from Dallas to promote his new wine and Nick is a neurosurgeon who is also getting back from Dallas from a conference.
On our drive home which is about an hour and a half my dad tells me about what he’s been up to with his new found passion of golf and how he found a new indoor golf club that he loves. He also tells me about how my aunt wants us all over for dinner tomorrow because she wants to me to meet someone but I don’t think much of it.
I’m just happy to be able to see my family after a few weeks of only talking to them on the phone.
When I got home I couldn’t be more happy. My dad still lives in my childhood home. He can’t seem to let it go and I’m glad he didn’t. I have so many memories here. I go into my room where my dad has yet to change anything. The purple walls, the white decorations, my sheets, all the photos on the wall. I’ve moved a lot for work but no where seemed to feel like home.
My dad says he’s going to start dinner and that I should take a shower and a nap because my flight was delayed twice and I could barley keep my eyes open.
After my shower I go to my room to lay down and I was then woken up by my two older brothers jumping on me. I guess I was asleep longer than I thought.
We all go to the kitchen and eat dinner. My aunt left shortly after having dinner with us because it was getting late and she wanted to prep for dinner tomorrow. She was talking about it a lot at dinner, I guess she was just excited to have dinner at her house like old times again.
After dinner we all cleaned up and decided that it was late so we just all got ready for bed.
—————-The next day—————
I woke up earlier than normal and thought I might as well go get my dad’s and brothers’ favourite donuts for breakfast since it’s been so long since we had them and they usually sell out by 9am.
I get ready and leave the house by 7 and get the donuts.
When I got back all of them were up and are more than happy to see that I got them breakfast. Connor was more than happy to eat half the box since his next fight isn’t for another 3 months. The rest of the day we just went to my aunts house and help her with preparing for dinner since she said we were having her friends family over for dinner as well.
It was around 3 when my aunt told my brother and I to get ready for dinner and to wear something nice. My dad of course doesn’t care and says he’s too old to dress up and impress anyone so we kiss them goodbye and go get ready.
I decided to wear a black turtleneck long sleeve dress since it was winter here.
My brothers are ready and we head back to my aunts house which is about an hour away.
When we get there I guess her friends got there early because there were more cars there than before.
We walk in an I was immediately welcomed by the smell of food and love. I always loved when my aunt cooked it was a sense of home. It reminded me of when life was easy and when I had no worries in the world.
We go say hi to everyone and help my aunt setup for dinner.
My aunt walks into the dinning room and places 3 more plates down and I look around counting the heads in the living room and asked her why she added 3 more plates. She says her friend has 3 children who are also coming in a bit because they were stuck in traffic.
A few moments later the doorbell rings.

To be continued

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