So Into You👁️ by 👁️ayee4bieber

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Natasha ‘Nat’ Bromley thought falling in love would be easy, she never once imagined that being in love would be so heartbreaking. Was this love truly worth fighting for? Did true love really conquer all? Her life would change forever all because she fell in love with Harry Easton.

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by ayee4bieber

Story begins here
I first met him in my first year of university, we had been acquainted through friends but never did I think that I would fall in love with him so hard that it would consume me. I never knew it would be possible to love someone as much as I loved him and how my life would turn upside down, I didn’t expect the depth of my feelings to be this much, it was a whirlwind. If you had told me at the beginning that this was what would happen, I would’ve laughed in your face, but as they say, everything happens for a reason, and I guess that I did find my reason eventually. Falling in love wasn’t supposed to be this hard, I look back and not for one second do I regret falling in love with Harry Easton.


by ayee4bieber

I wake up at 7 am today. Usually, I like to sleep in till nine before I get my day going. Most people would reach for coffee, but I’ve never been a fan, that shit is nasty. I don’t know how people drink it, I’m more of a smoothie kind of girl.
It’s the first day of my last year at university and to say I’m nervous is one hell of an understatement. If things go according to plan, then I’ll be graduating this year.
I’m Natasha Bromley, but my friend’s call me Nat. I’m 21 and turning 22 in a few weeks. I’m also majoring in Marketing, Branding, and Advertising at the University of Gloucestershire.
To say that university has been crazy is putting it lightly. I was a wild one first, and second year. I was out every weekend, and if dancing was involved then I was there, the funny thing is I don’t drink at all, but I was definitely the life of the party!
Now, I’ve calmed down and maybe go out once or twice a month. I currently live with my two best friends Niamh and Iris, we’ve been friends since boarding school, and we decided to go to the same university because why not, we’ve been inseparable. They put up with my craziness because Lord knows I can be a handful, they have my back, and I have theirs, as it should be.
I get out of bed and pull an oversized t-shirt on. I don’t think Niamh or Iris would fancy seeing me topless first thing in the morning. I head over to the kitchen to make a smoothie and bump into Iris.
“You’re up early,” I say
“It’s weird. I can’t sleep past 7 for some reason on the first day of class, and it’s like my body clock just says ‘Bitch get up'”
“Yeah, same, Niamh up yet?”
“Nah, she got in pretty late from Dean’s, so she’s probably still asleep.”
“Well, she’s gonna hate me cuz I’m about to make a smoothie, and it’s about to be noisy.”
Iris shrugs and reaches into the cabinet, grabbing two bowls; she smirks at me because she knows I’m not going to say no to her. I sigh and grab the ingredients out of the freezer along with some granola from the pantry.
” What time is your first class?” I ask as I start dumping the frozen berries into the blender
“Not till noon.”
“Fuck I hate you, mine’s at 9. Good thing we live walking distance from campus, because I don’t think I’d be able to function if I had to commute.”
“Tell me about it.”
I plug in the blender and turn it on, not even 10 seconds later Niamh steps out of her room and glares at me.
“Sorry, babe,” I say apologetically, not sorry, though.
“Why does this have to happen this early, though?”
I shrug
“Iris and I are up early and for some reason, and we’re hungry.”
She rolls her eyes and hops onto the stool beside Iris while I empty the contents into a bowl.
“Want some?”
She shakes her head.
“Nah, I’ll have some coffee instead.”
“So how’s Dean? Is he still talking about marriage?” I snicker at her, Niamh and Dean have been dating since our first year, Iris and I thought they would have moved in together by now, but she said she wanted to be with us girls and honestly I didn’t mind if she decided to live with him. I like Dean, he’s a great guy who loves her unconditionally, treats her well and makes her happy. If he didn’t, we would’ve had a problem.

“Not anymore, I told him to chill a bit. I’m just tryna graduate over here, you know?”
“Fair enough, what time do you have class? Wanna hit the gym around 4ish? I’m done at 2:30, but I have to fill a few forms after for that project I was telling you about. I’m not going to even bother asking this one because we both know what her answer is going to be”
I say, pointing my head towards Iris, she throws a scrunched piece of paper at me.
“That works for me. I only have the one seminar today at 11, and then I’m meeting up with Dean and Harry for lunch.”
I nod and smile a little when she mentions Harry. A little background on Harry, he’s Dean’s cousin, they live together and they’re pretty close and inseparable too. I’ve always thought he was attractive. I don’t know him that well though, we’ve only ever hung out in a group setting and briefly chat when we see each other, and he’s always been nice.
“Okay, sounds like a plan then.”
I finish up my smoothie bowl, rinse the bowl, and put it into the dishwasher.
“I’m gonna shower and head out if I want to make it in time for this class,” I say to them as I head back to my room.
It’s not like it takes me forever to get ready, but I hate rushing myself, amongst the three of us, I’m the most punctual, if we’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time then best believe we’re going to be on time. I grab my towel and head into the shower. I brush my teeth while the water gets hot, I debate washing my hair but decide against because 1.
My hair is hella curly, and 2. It will take forever to get dry, and I’d rather not start the school year with wet hair. I put my hair into a bun and hop in the shower, as I shave my legs, I go over my schedule for the day mentally, my first class is Advanced Market Research. I’m quite happy that this year our classes a lot smaller which makes it easier to concentrate.
I get overwhelmed when a lot is going on around me, the only downside is there will probably be a lot of group work, and well we know how shitty those can be. I finish up and head back into my room just as I’m about to walk in; Iris says from the living room, “Hope you didn’t use up all the hot water!”
“Of course not, I don’t take forever, unlike you. It’s like you’re changing your skin when you’re in there.”
“Oh, shut up!”
I snicker and close the door behind me. Grabbing the lotion, I sit at my vanity and put some on, I can’t go a day without lotion, it baffles me that some people don’t put on lotion after a shower, could never be me! Next is skincare, when it comes to my skin. I don’t play, I had horrible acne as a teen and was very self-conscious now I’ve found a routine that works for me and my skin has never been better.
When I’m done, I open my closet, and as I’m debating what to wear my phone rings. I pick it up and see that my mom is calling, of course. It’s kinda our tradition; she calls me on the first day of classes to wish me luck, she’s done that every year since I was old enough to know what the hell was going on. “Hey, mama!” I say as I put it on speaker so I can look at what to wear
“Hey Nat, surprised your up” I roll my eyes, she always sasses me for sleeping in
“Yeah, well my first class is in like 45 minutes, so I have to be”
“Are you ready for the final year?”
“Ready as ever, although I’ll be even more ready when I find something to wear.”
“What are your options?”
I pull out a plaid skirt and sleeveless black top but also a white one as well.

“Well, I have this plaid mini skirt that I just bought, I’m thinking about pairing it with a black or white sleeveless top. What do you think? Black or white?”
“Hmm….Go with the black, wait! What color is the skirt?”
“It’s grey with pink stripes.”
“Go with the white; then, it will look much better.”
“Thanks! Where’s daddy?”
“He just downstairs fixing himself some breakfast, we’re going to drop off your brother at school and then stopping by at Nan’s for dinner.”
“Ah, nice, nice, say hi to her for me; she’s still cross that I didn’t come by before I came back to school.”
“Will do, I’ll let you get ready. Good luck today, you’re almost there. I know you’ll do great this year, you always do!”
“Thanks, Mama, love you.”
“Love you too.”
I put down my phone and lay my outfit on my bed, what to do with my hair? I figure it’s easier to have it in a high ponytail, less hassle if there’s one thing I hate, it’s having my hair in my face. It irks me so much, the only time I have my hair down is if I decide to go all out and that’s very rare, think weddings or something.
I grab some underwear and then get dressed. I look at myself in the mirror, my mum was right the white looks so much better and fits snug. I don’t have big boobs so that works for me if I could get away with not wearing a bra every day then I would, I’m all for free the nipple, but then I have one of my nipples pierced.
Well, I’m not here for people staring at my chest because that cheeky bugger doesn’t know how to behave, and I’d rather keep that a mystery. I do one more look over and then spray a bit of perfume, make my bed, and head to the living room to ask the girls for their opinions.
“Okay, what do y’all think?”
“Ooh, I love it!” Iris says
“You look, fab babe,” Niamh adds.
“You don’t think it’s too much?”
“Nah!” they both say
“Thanks! I thought maybe those thigh highs I got from Aldo?”
I say, pointing to the shoes I recently got against our shoe rack.
“Yes! It completes the look! Look at you, making an effort,” Iris says.
“Hey! I do make an effort. I just like to be comfortable; comfort is key after all. Besides, it’s way better than when I used to live in hoodies in boarding school,” I say, scowling at her. I had a hoodie phase okay, I hardly made an effort before, it’s always been comfort over everything, but after some ragging from the girls and some aunts with very annoying opinions. I decided to start being more ‘ladylike’ as they say.
I like my style now, all through the summer I’m in dresses or shorts, but once we’re back to school, I’m all business casual, and it works perfectly for me. I grab my shoes and then sit to put them on.
“Anyway, I should probably head out. I wanna stop by the cafe and grab that heavenly banana bread they have, starting my day right with them carbs, you know.”
“Those things are like crack, though,” Niamh says as she hobbles over to grab her charger.
“What’s wrong with you?” Her cheeks flush.
“Well, Dean tried to…”
“Nah, I don’t want to hear it, too early for that shit” The girls and I aren’t shy to talk about our sex lives, Iris is a sharer, she goes into explicit detail and half the time I’m legit trying to figure out how someone who comes off so reserved is so freaky. Still, then again, it’s always the quiet ones.

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