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My family👩‍👩‍👧‍👧by sunnythagoat👩‍❤️‍👩 is brought to you by 009 Corporation.

Chapter one

by sunnythagoat

” I think I’m ready mom. ” I said .
” Ready for what ? ” my mother Kim asked me while still eating .
” To adopt a child .” I said .
She stop what she was doing and stared at me for a second then went back to eating .
” Child don’t play with me like that . You don’t even like kids . Not to add you don’t like people in general ” she said .
She was right about that because I don’t really fool with people like that . A lot of people call me mean but I’m not I’m just blunt .
” You right but I have been doing some thinking and I really want this to happen . ” I said
My mom got up from her chair and came and hug me .
” I’m so proud of you . You are 20 years old and so successful in life right now . So if you want to do it just know you have my support .” my mom said with tears in her eyes .
” Thanks mom I really appreciate you ” I said .
” Let me go call your bald head ass dad and tell him ” she said
” But you like it though . Stop playing on my daddy top . ” I said while laughing.
” Don’t nobody want your daddy. ” she said knowing she was lying .
My dad had cheated on my mom when I was younger so they just co parent . But from five months ago they have been getting close .
I walked outside and got in my yellow jeep I just recently bought two months ago . I turned my car on and made my way to the the adoption center .
Let me introduce myself my name is Janasia Harris but I don’t tell people my first name so they just call me Nae . I’m 20 years old and I’m nonchalant asf . I’m also a homebody .
15 minutes later I made it to the adoption center . I walked in trying to find where I could sign in at . But before I could take another step a girl came up to me .
” How may I assist you Nae ?” she asked .
Y’all may be wondering how she know me but I’m famous . That’s one reason I’m a homebody my fans be going crazy .
” Um yea I would like to adopt a kid today.” I said
” Follow me this way . ” she said leading the way .
I followed her into this room with a bunch of little baby’s who were the age of 1 to 4 . I looked at all the babies and they were so cute but one baby caught my eye . The baby was so cute . The only thing is she dressed like nobody care about her .
” Aye why she dressed like that?” I asked the girl .
” She actually just got here we was about to clean her and everything. ” she said .
But I didn’t believe that because all these people in here and ain’t nobody did it .
” Don’t worry about it I got it . Where do I sign the paper ?” I ask .
She pulled some paper out and gave me a pen to sign with .
” Let me get the paper with her information on it .” she said .
She came back and had two pieces of paper . But when she started reading she had a sad look .
” The baby don’t even have a name . That means you can name her . ” she said .
I shook my head . That don’t make no sense . But I know one thing I’m gone give this baby the world .
” She was born on May 16 . She just turned 3 months today . ” She said .
” Aww my Birthday May 17 .” I said
I just know this baby turning me soft because I have never said some aww before .
20 minutes later we was done they was checking my background and stuff like that which I respect . Can’t just give kids to anybody .
” What would you like to name her ?” she said .
” Mariah Leann Harris .” I said
She wrote it down and type it in her computer .
Me and babygirl left and went to the mall to get her some clothes for tonight and for tomorrow . Tomorrow we gone go shopping with my bestfriend .
If you are wondering I have a girl bestfriend .
I didn’t want to stay in the mall to long to where somebody noticed me so we was in there for about 10 minutes .
On the way back home I stop at subway and got me some food . I also stop at the store to get bottles and formula for the baby .
We made it back in like 10 minutes. I put my food up the first thing I wanted to do was get her cleaned up .
20 minutes later I was done and she looked so beautiful I had to take a picture .
” Look at me mamas.” I said .
She started laughing.
I fix her bottle and warm my food up and sat on the couch with her in my arms . I wanted to feed her first so that’s what I did . She started dosing off so I took the bottle out her mouth and sat it on the table .
I kept her in my arms while I ate and watch TV .
I got done eating so I got up with her still in my hand threw my garbage in the trash can .
I went to my room and laid her in the middle with pillows all around her . I had a 6 bedroom house and stayed by myself.
I took my shower with door open just incase something happen I wanted to be caution . I got out and did all the things I usually would do .
I walked in my room remove the pillows . Picked her up and walked to the kitchen . I made sure every light was off .
When I knew every light was off I went back to bed. I laid down and put Mariah on my chest. We was out like a light.
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Chapter two

Three months later .
November 16 , 2019 .
” Hey mommas . ” I said smiling at Riah .
It’s been three months and I’m in love with Mariah . Today makes her 6 months . My mom and dad are in love with her too . They don’t even call to check on me it’s always about her .
They wanted Mariah for two days so I was getting her ready .
” Ba ba .” Riah babbled .
” Say momma .” I said .
I have been trying to get her to say momma . But she just say the same thing over and over again .
” Let me take a picture of my baby .” I said . She was in her car seat .
We walked out the house I made sure to lock my door cause I be forgetting .
15 minutes later we made it to my momma house .
I got both of us out the car and knocked on the door . And almost instantly my mom open the door and grabbed the car seat .
My momma sat her car seat down and got her out of it .
” Hey grandma baby . ” said my mom .
” Well dang momma I’ll see you later. ” I said .
I left out the house and seen my dad was pulling in . He got out the car and hugged me .
” My granddaughter in there ? ” he said .
” Hey dad I’m doing pretty good what about you . But nah she up in there .” I said while both of us was laughing .
I said my byes and was off to meet my bestfriend at the mall .
I made it to the mall and was about to call my bestfriend when I got a knock on the door . I looked and it was her so I got out the car .
” You can’t be doing that .” I said .
” Oh yeah I forgot you carry guns around .” She replied .
That’s true I do carry guns around because folks be going crazy nowadays.
And you will never know who got undercover animosity toward you .
” Girl shut up and come on . ” I said .
We walked up in the mall and decided to go shopping then we gone eat at the food court . I mostly got stuff for Riah but I also got me some stuff . We got done shopping in like 30 minutes now we are heading to the food court .
My favorite place at the food court is the Chinese place . I always get me a full plate of some spicy and sour chicken . After we got our food we sat down at the table to eat and talk .
” How my niece doing ?” Pooh ask me . Pooh real name is Kayla but we just call her Pooh .
” Good she just turned 6 months today .” I said smiling ear from ear I love talking about Mariah . I feel like that’s my biggest flex .
” Aww I miss her you got to let me babysit . But there is some people I want you to meet . ” she said .
I looked at her funny because she know I don’t like talking to other people .
” Before you say no it’s the boy I told you about . I wanted to make sure he was just not around temporary before you met him .” She said .
” Alright .” I said .
” And also he got two homeboys they cool too . ” She said .
” Ight we can do it tomorrow . ” I said .
She shook her head yea .
After we got through doing everything we both went home . I went home took my bath and just laid in the bed watched Law and Order SVU .
If I’m not with Riah , my mom , dad , or Kayla I’m by myself . I’m not complaining though because it’s a choice .
Short chapter .
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( Kayla )

Chapter 3
November 17 , 2019 .
” Let me get up and go meet these people ” I said .
I went in the bathroom and did my morning routine . After I did that I went to my closet to pick something to wear .
” I need to go to the mall and get some chill clothes cause this not it .” I said .
After 5 minutes I decided on a outfit .
I walked outside making sure to lock my door and all of that stuff .
I made it to her house in 10 minutes . Going the speed limit I would of made it in 20 minutes so I drove like i was in GTA .
I walked to her door and knocked because I left my key she gave me . 10 seconds later she came to the door .
” That’s why you shouldn’t leave your key .” Pooh said .
” Girl shut up and let me in .” I said .
She let me in and I walked to the living room . Before I could even walk in fully somebody said something to me .
” Wassam my name is Draco but you can call me Tre .” a boy came up and said .
” Dang Tre let her sit down first .” Pooh said .
” I wish yo bald headed ass will stop talking to me .” he said stank facing Pooh .
” Anyways the one over there is my boyfriend shooter , the one who is mugging you is Saint and this is my best friend Nae .” Pooh said introducing them .
” You got a problem ?” I ask Saint cause he was mugging me hard .
He just kept on mugging me not saying nothing .
Tre came and sat down beside me smiling ear from ear .
” He don’t really talk to people and he is rude as fuck .” said Tre whispering in my ear .
” Well he done met his match but anyways why you so close ion like that .” I said while mugging him .
” You my best friend what you talking about .” Tre said .
” Boy you ain’t even known her for 5 minutes talking about some best friend .” said Pooh .
” I said what I said . Now best friend lets go get something to eat .” Tre said .
I thought about it cause I am hungry . I could eat some pizza with wings .
” Y’all know I love me some pizza with wings .” said Tre .
” Me too .” I said while we stared at each other for 10 seconds then bust out laughing .
” Come on lets go then .” Tre said while standing up .
” Y’all want something ?” I asked them .
They told me what they wanted and me and Tre walked out the door . When I say they I mean Pooh and Shooter .
” Let me drive I always wanted to drive a Jeep .” said Tre .
I looked at him for a second before throwing him my keys . Let him wreck my shit it’s gone be me and him . We both got in and he took his phone out.
” Y’all my bestfriend let me drive her car .” He said being extra .
I flip the camera off ” Get that camera out my face .” I said while laughing .
The rest of the ride was filled with jokes and laughs .
We made it back and I gave them their stuff they ask for .
” Bestfriend I knew you looked familiar. ” said Tre .
” What you talking about ?” I asked confuse .
” You’re famous for singing and some other things . ” said Tre .
” Yep that’s me but y’all I’m about to leave see y’all when I see y’all .” I said .
I went to hug Pooh but Tre jumped in front of me hugging me first .
” Boy let me hug my best friend . ” said Pooh .
I hugged Pooh and dapped shooter up . Saint looking at me and mugged .
” When his face get stuck I’m gone be laughing .” I said while walking out the door .
I got in the car and drove home . Can’t wait to get my baby tomorrow .
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( Shooter )

Chapter 4
November 21 , 2019 . ( 4 days later )
” Riah stop licking me .” I said to Riah who was laying on my face trying to to lick me .
Me and Riah was just chilling in the house bored we needed something to do . I was about to go in the kitchen but decided to get on instagram .
I clicked on Tre Instagram story and he put on there that he was hungry . So I decided to get him something to eat .
Over the past four days we grew close . He just don’t know I got a baby .
I got me and Riah ready now we was heading to the car . I buckled her in and got in myself .
We headed toward pizza hut . I had got two boxes of pizza and 40 wings because I didn’t know who all was over there .
I had to wait for thirty minutes but I didn’t mind because I was getting all of it for free .
After it was done me and Riah left to go to Tre house . I wanted to surprise him but how I’m gone get Riah and the pizza in at the same time .
10 minutes later we got there and I got out and went to grab Riah .
I decided not to risk dropping the food I’ll come back and get it .
I walked to the door and knocked . A girl who looked my age came to door but when she seen me she started screaming .
” OH MY GOD IT’S YOU ” she said before passing out .
Tre came rushing to her and picked her up but once he seen me he dropped her and came to hug me .
” Hey bestfriend I didn’t know you was coming today .” He said while smiling .
” What the hell Tre .” I said while going to the livingroom putting Riah car seat on the ground .
I seen him dragging her to the couch . While he was doing that I went and got the food .
” Bestfriend I got you some food .” I said .
He turned around and just stared at me .
” Can put the food down ?” He said .
I put the food down and he ran to me picking me up spinning me around .
” Thank you bestfriend . You must looked at my story ? ” he asked while putting me down .
” Yea and I didn’t know who all was over here so I bought a lot . ” I said walking to Riah .
I took her out her car seat and sat her in my lap .
” Now bestfriend who baby you done stole .” Tre asked .
” Boy this my baby .” I said while laughing at what he said .
He looked at the baby for a moment then gasped . He ran to me and started whispering in my ear .
” Why you didn’t tell me you slept with Saint ?” He asked .
” What you talking about ?” I asked genuinely confuse .
” You can’t tell me they don’t look alike .” He said .
I looked at Saint and then Riah and seen some similarities .
” I didn’t know you was ever pregnant .” Said the girl who passed out .
” I wasn’t I had adopted her .” I said making Tre look at me confuse .
But before he could say something Saint came from downstairs .
He looked at me and mugged me but as soon as he saw Riah he scrunch his face up .
” Can I see her .” Asked Tre .
” Yea but she not friendly .” I said .
I gave Riah to him and she started mugging him instantly .
” Let me go get my phone out the car .” I said while laughing .
I came back and seen Tre was sitting by Saint who couldn’t stop staring at Riah .
I guess she got tired of Tre cause she started reaching for Saint .
” He mean he don’t like nobody stay with uncle Tre .” He said talking to Riah .
But surprisingly Saint grabbed her and had her standing up on his leg .
He bounced her up and down and she just thought it was the most funniest thing ever . And for the first time I seen him smile .
He stood up with Riah and signaled for me to follow him . So I got up and followed him to a room . When we got in there he just was staring at me .
” Before you say anything I haven’t pop no baby out of me , Mariah was adopted . ” I said .
He walked up to me and snatch my phone up out of my hand .
” Fuck wrong with you ?” I asked him .
But he didn’t answer me he just type something on my phone . I don’t even have a password on my phone .
He gave it back to me and I seen he put his number in .
” We gone get a DNA test just incase .” he said scaring the hell up out of me .
” Ight big bruh.” I said .
” This why I don’t talk to dumb bitches like you . ” he said .
” First off my name is Nae so next time you fix yo mouth to say something to me say my damn name .” I said mad cause one thing I can’t stand is the b word .
I grabbed Riah from him and he was about to say something .
” I wish yo ass would say something to me . Better be glad Riah up in here .” I said .
I walked downstairs and put Riah back in her car seat .
” Aye I’ll see y’all later .” I said without hugging anybody .
If it wasn’t for Riah being in there I would have shot his mute ass .
We left and went home for the day .
Done made a player mad .
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Chapter 5
November 22 , 2019 .
I heard my phone dinging . I looked at it and seen it was Saint .
He was asking for my location so I sent it to him . We suppose to be getting a DNA test today .
I feel like a baby momma .
Me and Riah was just sitting in the living room watching Spongebob .
15 minutes later I heard somebody knocking at the door .
I picked Riah up and open the door expecting it to be Saint but instead it was my ex .
Now me and my ex cool cause we didn’t break up because one of us cheated . In order for him to follow his dream he had to to move far away and I don’t do long distant relationships .
So we decided to be friends . I don’t want to keep somebody from making they dream come true .
He even got a new girlfriend . Which I’m not mad at because when I’m away from you for a long time I start losing feeling .
” Hey .” said Cameron as I open the door for him to walk in .
” Hey .” I said closing the door back up .
” Is that Riah ?” he asked .
” Yep my lil baby right here .” I said while kissing her on her cheek .
” Riah you got to be special to make a gangster soft .” he said trying to be funny .
” Boy you know I’m still Big gangster . I’m just a big gangster with a lil gangster now .” I said making him laugh .
” Can I hold her ?” he ask .
” Yeah she don’t like everybody .” I said .
He grabbed her and sat down with her . I expected her to mug him or start crying but instead she just laid down on his chest and watch TV .
” You know everybody is not mean like you right .” he ask .
But before I could answer I heard somebody making a beat on my door .
I open the door and seen Tre dumb ass smiling like he just got caught doing something . Saint was behind him just mugging like his usual self .
” Hey bestfriend . ” he said while hugging me and walking in the house.
I looked at Saint and he just stared at me .
” You must want to have a staring contest ? ” I said .
He still didn’t say nothing . I was about to sat something else till Tre said something .
” Bestie who is this nigga holding my niece ?” he ask .
” wtf ” I heard Saint say under his breath .
Oh now he want to talk . Before I could talk my stuff he push me out the way a little bit and walked in the house .
I seen him walk up to Cameron and take Riah out his hands .
” Bestfriend you got some explaining to do .” said Tre .
” Tre this is my ex Cameron , and Cameron this is -” but I got cut off by Tre .
” Her one and only boy bestfriend and Riah favorite uncle .” Tre said while mugging him .
I couldn’t do nothing but laugh though.
Cameron got up and walked towards me .
” Well I’m about to go I’ll see you later .” he said while giving me a side hug .

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