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I’m Not Who I Am🤦 by 🤦Lovefter

I’m Not Who I Am🤦 by 🤦Lovefter

Story Highlights!

She is known to be the youngest agent to ever enter the agency. Just at the age of fifteen, she has been trained to defuse bombs, fight unarmed, and target pressure points of the body. She never had a permanent life, always moving from one state to another, she never had the chance to make real friends, to be able to experience being a real teenager and so. She is now given a task to guard the heir of the Trojan Companies. Little did she know that this guy was the school’s most popular playboy. Dang it.
Hi, I’m Ariel. No scratch that I’m Elanor. Nope pardon me I’m Louise. Just kidding! I’m Alice…or wait, I think I’m Taylor or maybe Jessica.
Welcome to my world. I don’t really know what name I should stick in because I have a hella lot of identities but anyway let’s just say that maybe accepting this mission isn’t going to do any good when it comes to my feelings, at all.
Enter Jessica, a strong, fearless, brave agent at the young age of seventeen. When she lands on a mission to be the bodyguard of the heir of the Trojan Companies, the top company in the country, but the problem is: Her feelings got out of hand, well that’s how she puts it.
Enter Wade, the most attractive guy she has ever seen but comes along with the biggest ego. With the tough and confusing walls (and mood swings) he have, will a strong and courageous girl be able to get through past them? Or is it the other way around?
A girl who just loves accidents and sarcasm plus a boy who just hates action drama and courageous girls is a total mayhem!

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by Lovefter
Hi, I’m Ariel. No scratch that I’m Elanor. Nope pardon me I’m Louise. Just kidding! I’m Alice…or wait, I think I’m Taylor or maybe Jessica.
You’re probably wondering what my real name is. I, too am not so sure about my name since I was always undercover but let me introduce myself to you. Okay folks, my real name is Jessica Parker. I should really start with a brief timeline of my life.
Fast forward from the day I was out of the uterus of my mother to six years old. Being the clueless, defenseless and weak self that I was, my dad decided to teach me karate up until I was nine years old earning the brown belt title. I took a break from karate that year then mom comes in. She taught me taekwondo. It was a little cooler than karate absorbing the fact that I am more, uh how do I say this? impressive? Or much more better than karate. Up ’til now I still do taekwondo earning me a third dan black belt title. Now don’t ask me how the bloody mud sauce I reach up until that rank but believe me when I say it was hard. At the age of fifteen, they thought that I was ready to enter their world. Let me say words related to their world. Missions, guns, bombs, secrets, investigation, punch, kicks, bruises, hard core training, bad guys, apple-holes, hostages and many more.
Their agency is called ILY Agency. Ha ha funny, as corny as it sounds but it has a different meaning. It means International Labor Youth Agency. With that, I was trained to kick butts, punch faces, shoot guns, defuse bombs and at the same time balancing it with studies.
I’ve been to missions several times and they either end up okay or you’re gonna need a hella back-up.
Buzz. Buzz.
Ugh. The Marimba ringtone ringed my ears as I concluded it probably hit six o’clock am. It’s school again. I don’t have any missions right now but I really want to have because that means I will get out of this apple-hole of a school. Getting a new mission usually require the agents to move to another place or if you’re lucky, to another country.
Sighing, I groggily walked my way towards the bathroom and took a warm shower. I decided to wear a white sweater with jeans paired with my worn out Chuck Taylor’s.
“Ugh, here she goes again feeling cool,”
“She’s so annoying!”
“I know right! It’s like that outfit is so last season,”
“She has no fashion sense, what a loser,”
I rolled my eyes. This has been a usual day for me. I’ve covered up my identity as Vanessa so the criminals couldn’t trace me or worst, find me. The day went on like this pretty much to my annoyance. I can’t fight back thinking it would blow my cover so I remain silent instead.
I quickly ran up to my room and locked myself up. I glanced the whole room. This is temporary, there was never a permanent in my world. Sighing, I was about to lay down my bed not until,
“Honey! I’m home!” my mom yelled from downstairs. I could sense the excitement in her voice. What could possible make her that excited? Because of my ever dearly curiosity, I slid my way downstairs and saw her smiling like she lost her mind.
“What is it now?” I asked with annoyance in my voice. She would probably smile like that if we got a new mis-
“There’s a new assignment for you, didn’t they inform you?” she asked, her eyebrows scrunching. I just shook my head.
“Well, they’ll just tell you tomorrow.”
We ate dinner silently. The silence sounded deafening, well this was an awkward family dinner.


“Where will the assignment take us?” I asked and hoped it would be Seoul, or Canada, or Vegas.
“To California!” She replied happily. Bruh, of all places, why is it California?! There are lots of rich kids there! And the rich kids I meant are those spoiled brats that morph to bullies! I grunted as numerous things approach my mind.
The next day came and by that time I was done packing, there wasn’t that much to bring anyway.
I took a long relaxing shower because I knew this was a long day. After deciding to wear a purple knitted sweater over my black tank top and jeans, the glided my way downstairs.
I was shocked with the people I saw. T’was the head of the ILY is here! That should mean that the mission would be a bit heavy.
“Oh hello Jessica! It’s been a while since the last time I saw you!” He exclaimed and gave me a quick hug.
“Not to sound rude, but what are you doing here?” I asked scratching my head.
“It’s just that its been a while since I personally come up to the agents and tell their missions,” I just shrugged. Okay then.
“Okay, your mission is to look after the heir of the Trojan Companies which is your mom’s friend’s son,” I simply looked at him. I thought I was going to a burning building and defuse a bomb or something, I expected a big one.
“In short, be a bodyguard?” I ask with a blank space.
“You’re the best one yet! You’re the only agent who has the same age as him plus they also help us at times we are at downfall, in fact they are the 14% shareholders of this agency,” Wow. They must be stinkin’ rich.
I didn’t say anything because I still can’t over the fact that I had to be a bodyguard. Well that’s new. Never in my mission life have I ever encountered being a bodyguard. I would just usually defuse a bomb or retrieve stolen things from the evil ones.
“The Dark Age Agency is keeping tabs in him which is not good,” The Dark Age Agency? That agency is the counter agency of ILY and with that they could probably use him and his money and also cost his life. I nod agreeing to the mission
“Good. Now let’s start the makeover,” the head of the ILY head said. What makeover? I am not a barbie doll!
“I’m not a barbie doll,” I said chuckling with my eyebrows scrunch in annoyance but they all looked serious. Oops wrong move. Its just that it isn’t common that some people are going to do your makeover. I usually do it myself. I stopped chuckling then asked “Seriously?” raising my eyebrow at him. They both nodded. I sighed as a sign that I had no choice. We stopped over a place for me to have a makeover. Two familiar faces flashed my view as we stopped at an old abandoned factory.
“Hi! I’m Mark,” the guy introduced himself.
“And I’m Martha,” the girl said.
“Yeah I know you Martha,” And she handed me a brown envelope.
Personal Profile
First Name: Elizabeth
Last Name: Jones
Nickname: Liz
Birthday: 04 / 08 / 1997
Parents Names: Mary Jones & Mark Jones
Color: Orange
Food: Hamburgers
Drink: Water
Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Hang out Place: None


Weekend Activity: Study Calculus
Subject: English
Likes: Books and Pop Quizzes
Dislikes: Dumb and Arrogant people
School Reputation: School’s Biggest Nerd
Personality: Shy type
What is this? Some sort of slambook? And that was just the first page. There were more than I thought. Wait. What?! The School’s Biggest Nerd? Uh I’m not sure if I can handle it but there’s always a first for everything right?
With my scrunch my eyebrows and I didn’t notice that the two was still watching. If looks could melt me I could’ve melt a long time ago.
I checked the guy’s profile.
Personal Profile
First Name: Wade
Last Name: Johnson
Nickname: None
Birthday: 06 / 12 / 1997
Parent’s Name: Daniella Johnson & Peter Johnson
Color: Blue
Food: Pizza
Drink: Carbonated Drinks
Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
Hang-out place: The Diner
Personality: Sweet but Arrogant and Childish
School Reputation: Casanova, Rick Kid, Popular, Playboy
Subject: Math
Likes: People with sense of humor
Dislikes: Clingy girls
Weaknesses: Real Beauty of Girls ( pretty inside and out)
“So?” Mark asked. This is it. Take it or Leave it. A bodyguard couldn’t be that bad right? So I nodded in agreement.
“Let’s get this thing started!” Martha said excitedly rubbing her hands. They made me sit down and just relax and not worry. I just closed my eyes for a few minutes then I heard voices.
“She looks like a total nerd! Yay! It worked!” Mark said. A total nerd? Does that mean I’m done with the make up and haircut? I slowly opened my eyes and saw the figure in front of me. Is this really me? My hair before that was just below my waist is now lying behind my back, the strawberry blonde before and now it was dyed in chocolate brown. What have they done. I felt something inside my mouth then opened it. Oh my gosh. They put on retainers! Nah It’s cool. They saw me wide eyed surprised with the makeover so they were smiling like complete idiots. I was about to get off my seat and head outside but a hand was on my shoulder pressing me to sit down.
“Nah ah ah. We’re not yet done!” Martha warned me. I saw her get some clothes and threw at me.
“From now on, Elizabeth, You must wear these kind of clothes,” She said as a matter-of-fact. Making me wear these? They will make me look fat! I don’t like wearing baggy clothes and over sized shirts especially with sweatpants. I then shook my head.
“You have to!” Mark said pleadingly. I then rolled my eyes in defeat then went to the fitting room to wear it. After I’m done, I went outside for them to judge my look.
“There’s one more missing,” Martha said with her fingers under her chin thinking. Mark got up to get something then put it on my eyes.
“There we go! Perfect Ideal Nerd!” Mark exclaimed. I looked in the mirror and saw a girl standing there. Chocolate colored eyes covered my huge square rim glasses. Jet Black hair that falls behind my back. These thick and baggy clothes make me look like a loser and fat. I turned around then faced them. I raised an eyebrow. I observed the design of the sweater I am wearing and it says: “Whatever! Don’t Care!” I rolled my eyes at this.


“Now now, the techno department installed an instant info device somewhere in the place of the screws. Its where you look at someone and press the button on the right and shows instant info about every person at school or at the sidewalk!” Well that’s cool. I should never take this off! Except when I take a bath, and sleep and when I train.
“Are we all done?” I asked suddenly feeling giddy.
“Now we head out to go to Cali! Your mom and dad will follow as soon as they finish their investigation,” Martha exclaimed putting her hands up in the air. We now headed out to the car leading us to the airport. I had a peaceful flight. Now we landed on the San Francisco Airport. After undergoing some security stuff, we dropped by to my new house. I scrutinized the house. The cream colored walls along with the brown roof complemented the modern look, the trees were in shapes and by shapes like the swirls, like the spade and many more that are lined up at the side and there’s a fountain roundabout. Amazing! I went inside as soon as we arrived to my room and fell flat on my bed. How relaxing. Looking around, the room was quite nice because the walls were covered by blue walls that felt like the ocean and the wood cravings on my bed and desk made it look historical but awesome.
I changed my clothes and went downstairs to eat dinner with the family.
“You changed a lot honey!” My mom was surprised. She didn’t expect me to look like this. I nodded smiling.
“We already enrolled you to your new school, Underwood High,” Martha said.
“And?” I questioned raising my eyebrow.
“School already started and you go tomorrow but before you go mission crazy, we were invited to dinner and meet the son tomorrow afternoon with their family,” Mark said.
“Okay, Sounds cool” I said. What will the son look like? Is he also like a nerd who studies or just another arrogant guy?
After we’re all done eating, my mom started to clean up and told me to rest for tomorrow’s school.
Buzz. Buzz.
I quickly jolted. I thought there was someone calling me in my phone. Ugh remind me to change the ringtone. Holy. It’s the first day yay. I jumped out of my bed then headed towards the bathroom and took a long relaxing shower. After that I went in the closet and chose my clothes.
I chose a grey sweater paired with joggers and grey converses. I grabbed my school bag then went downstairs.
“Morning Mom,” I greeted with no sign of energy.
“Breakfast is ready honey!” she exclaimed happily and cheerfully. I grabbed my omelet sandwich then bid my goodbye to mom and headed towards the door. I saw the driver waiting for me as I went inside my Audi.
Talk about blending in.
As I pass by around the school, it looks like it’s big that I might get lost here. As I walk towards the school entrance, I could feel them burning holes behind my back with all the staring so looked down heading towards the office. But I managed to bump into someone or something even, then I fell on the ground butt first.
“Ahh..Ouch man,” I said irritated rubbing my butt repeatedly.
“You should watch where you’re going nerd!” He said teasingly. I looked up and saw the most gorgeous blue orbs that was staring right back at me. I gulped. This is a gorgeous and handsome guy
“You should watch where you’re going loser!” I exclaimed. It had slip through my mouth before I could stop it and everyone as in everyone looked at me in disbelief. I gulped, oops, Wrong move. He then stepped closer and I took a step back.


“Who’s the loser?” He asked raising his eyebrow. I didn’t hesitate to answer but my mouth had the mind of its own.
“You.” came out of my mouth bluntly without my permission narrowing my eyes at him. I should slap my mouth later.
“Be careful with whom you mess with New Girl. See ya later,” he said giving me a wink. What the fudge cakes. I rolled my eyes. Damn this stupid noisy mouth!
“Good Morning. I’m here to get my schedule,” I was greeted by a smiling secretary and handed me my schedule with a late pass.
“Oh your Elizabeth right? The new girl?”
“Yep, thanks,”
I was about to go to the hallway but a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards an empty room. There I saw the guy awhile ago with his friends. I then sat down and put my feet up on the table. I think this is going to be fun.
“Any problem?” I asked raising an eyebrow at each of them.
“Looks like the nerd has sass,” The other guy said.
“Who are you people?” I asked narrowing my eyes.
“I’m James,” The guy who said I had sass replied.
“I’m Anthony,” The guy who has grey eyes responded.
“I’m Mark,” The blonde guy replied.
“I’m Wade,” The guy whom I called loser earlier spoke up.
“Elizabeth,” I said.
“You think you could just get away from what you did?” Wade said with irritation and anger.
“Um…Yes?” I said unsurely.
“Well No,” James replied bluntly.
“And here’s what you get.” Mark said making a move to slap me in the face. You know I’m used to these things so my free hand grabbed his hand with all my force which he can’t attack.
“Didn’t your parents ever taught you about not hitting girls?” I questioned. And this angered them more.
“What do I get? A prize?” I asked chuckling. Mark looked flushed because he didn’t expect me to defend myself. They became angrier. James tried to hold my wrists to prevent myself from defending their attacks but my other hand stopped him. They were surprised with what I did and took a step back.
“If I were you, I wouldn’t mess with Elizabeth Jones,” I said smirking. Wade then stepped forward about to make a grab but I punched him first. I heard ooooohhhh from the other boys. I saw Wade’s lip bleeding. He made another move but I just relaxed and move a bit backwards resulting his punch in the air.
“Who are you?” They asked in unison.
“Like what I said, I’m Elizabeth Jones, keep this a secret or else,” I said smiling raising my fist up. The other guy was steaming mad so he made a sudden move to uppercut me but I uppercut-ted him first. Mark then made a Hook punch but I grabbed his hand and threw it away from my face. James then making a Twist Punch but I ducked and just sat down. I saw them exhausted with all the tries they’ve got.
“If this goes out…y’all are dead,” I warned as I muster up my signature glare with a matching pointing finger pointing at every each one of them.
“I’m late. See ya later!” I said making a salute at them and winked. I ran through the hallways and managed to find my classroom. I knocked.
“Is there something you need?” the teacher asked.
“I’m sorry I’m late, I’m new and I got a little lost around here,” I replied and handed her my late pass.


“Elizabeth Jones,” I finished for him and he was quite surprised.
“Go and take a seat,” I looked around to for vacant spots but only two spots were left and it was at the back. I headed towards the seat and seated. I grabbed my notebook and pen from my bag and copied the notes from the board. I heard a knock.
“It seems like Mr. Wade is late again,” the teacher said as if happening on a daily basis.
“Sorry sir,” he replied looking around then his gaze fell on me and we locked gazes. “I had business to take care of,” he simply glared at me and I glared back at him.
“Well then, have a seat first and let’s continue the discussion,” he said motioning him to sit down. I looked around and no seat was left but the seat beside me. Oh no no no. He passed by me giving me a glare but of course I won’t let it slip so I also gave him my signature glare.
“We almost forgot, mind if you introduce yourself Elizabeth?” the teacher asked so I stood up.
“Hi. I’m Elizabeth Jones. You could ask me questions,” I said plainly and bluntly.
“How old are you?”
“Sports like Football and Hockey uhhh wait! U-ummm Books! Reading books I mean,” Well that was a quick slip up.
“Favorite thing in the world?”
“Pocket pis– oops um….Books yeah, Books haha,” And another one. Great.
School passed by in a blur and it was already the last bell. I grabbed my things left then put it in my locker. I put some emergency stuff in my locker like a MV200 pistol hidden at the corner covered by my extra clothes and a poison hidden inside my grooming kit.
“Well well well, look who we have here. The nerd who thinks she’s so strong to beat up four guys,” A familiar voice said. I startled and slammed the locker door shut. I saw a figure leaning near my locker. I just ignored them and went outside the school.
I felt like I’ve been followed so I went to a place like the alley.
“Show yourselves,” I screamed waiting for our response.
“So this pretty lady knew we tagged along eh?” the guy said. I thought it was the boys from school but it turned out to be not. Uh-oh. They showed themselves one by one so all in all they were eight including the leader.
“What do you want?” I questioned.
“We just want to hang out with you a little more,” the leader replied. They started to go near me but of course I wouldn’t let them win so I waited for their attack. The blonde goon made the first move to grab me and trap me but I was too flexible that I kicked his balls straight and full of force.
“Sh*t!” he hissed holding his crotch. Another one grabbed me but I gave him an uppercut with all force that made him scream in pain. Now the leader attacked. He made a straight punch but I ducked it and gave him a jab and made a combo move of kicking his balls an punching his face. That made him fall as in fall down and become unconscious. They all screamed at each other with fear and ran away.
“That’s what you get losers!” I shouted making them hear it. I heard a clap as a familiar figure appear in front of me.
“Didn’t expect you to finish them but congrats! You have earned my respect!” he said cheerfully.
“What do you mean congrats?” I hissed. I looked at my watch and it was 6:47 pm already. Oh no! I’m gonna be late for the dinner!
I ignored him and just passed by him and ran towards home.
“Why are you late young lady?” my mom asked. Moms will always be moms.
“Um…I had school works to finish you know the first day things,” I said hoping that it was convincing and my eyes widened at the sight of blood in my hands, I kept them behind my back and smiled at her.
“Oh. How responsible of you!” my mom said with appreciation while pinching my cheeks.
“Stop it mom.” I said feeling uncomfortable that I can’t stop her because there are blood all over my hands.
“Go upstairs and wash up we still have a dinner to attend to,” my mom said in a hurry.
I ran upstairs and took a quick bath and headed towards my closet. I grabbed a black sweater paired up with denim shorts and black boots. Jessica Parker mode on. I grabbed a pocket pistol and inserted it in my boots in case of emergencies.
Author’s note
Hi guys! So I edited the scenes in this chapter I’m very sorry! This is my first time writing a story so I’m heartily sorry for the grammatical errors. I’ll probably update the few chapters too. Sorry :[
So how was Elizabeth on action? Not so Elizabeth right? Who are those guys whom Wade called for?


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