Wild Things | Remus Lupin  By🔖GryffindorGlader

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Nora Weasley expected many things from her final year at Hogwarts- parties, studying, placing bets on how the new Defence professor would leave at the end of the year.
She didn’t expect said Professor to be a familiar face or to find herself wishing she’d never have to see him leave.
prisoner of Azkaban –
golden trio era , Professor lupin
the Harry Potter universe and storyline belongs completely to jk rowling. However my own personal plot, characters and story line ARE MINE.

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Chapter one: surprise encounter

I am the third eldest. Bill was born in late 1970, Charlie in 1972, and then came me, in 1976. Oh, and Percy, yes Percy and I are the first set of twins in our family. Then there’s Fred and George in 1978, Ron in 1980 and lastly Ginny, in 1981. I was the only girl for a while, Bill and Charlie were my best friends before I got to Hogwarts, Percy was like an unwilling ride-a-long.
Growing up, I was the messer and the irresponsible child, the one that taught Fred and George how to make fireworks and set them off in Percy’s bed. I sent them things from Zonko’s that I got off Bill or Charlie in my first and second year, since I couldn’t get them myself until I was a third year, and when I was a third year, I’d slip them nose biting tea cups and one of my personal favourites, Dungbombs. Fred and George are more pranksters than me, I just like to cause trouble. I am serious about a few things though; getting enough N.E.W.T’s to become an Auror, making sure Percy gets his head out of his arse, and of course Quidditch.
I’ve been playing Quidditch with the Gryffindor team since I could try out and I am now a very proud Chaser. Oliver, The captain of the team and one of my closest friends has been on the team with me since the beginning. When the school year started the only things on my mind were N.E.W.T’s and Quidditch.
My last chance to win the Quidditch cup. Oliver has been writing to me about his plans for practice and tryouts. It was a teeny bit annoying but I whole heartedly agree that this year, I’m in it to win it. I can picture the looks on the others faces as Oliver briefs them on this years plan, I’m sure he’s written at least once to the others throughout the summer.
Percy is head boy this year and all summer in Egypt, he’s been nagging at me, saying things like: ‘Now that I’m head boy, I’ll have no problem giving you detention if I catch you out of bed again, sister or not ‘ and ‘You can’t go prancing around the castle, waving your wand and pretending that people aren’t doing exams. It’s vital that you stay focused this year’
A load of codswallop, mind you. I don’t prance around the castle by way, I walk like any other student, and now that I’ve gotten my Apparation liscense I’ll be scaring the bejesus out of everyone, on a daily basis.
Before you ask, I don’t know why I’m interesting enough for you to read about my life, I’m not like Ron, who’s best friend is the chosen one, and who goes on adventures every other day, and I’m certainly not like Fred and George who’s minds are a brilliantly and scary place. I am Nora, and the only thing that has ever set me apart has been my knack for getting in trouble. So let me get this straight, whatever you’re about to read; It must be pretty amazing.
“Nora, there’s really no point getting new robes for you, You won’t mind staying in those for the year do you?” Said Mum, busy looking over the twins and Ginny’s school list. I thought back to my Gryffindor robes, fraying at the hems and hovering just above my ankles.
“No problem, I’m sure I can fix them up with a quick charm” I assured her, There’s really no need to spend extra money after all. We were currently in Diagon Alley, Ron and Hermione were wandering around looking for Harry, and dad was in the leaky cauldron at the bar, no doubt reading the daily prophet.
“Thank you dear. Now let’s see, Percy and you can get the few books and things you need, I’ll bring Ginny to get her robes fixed and Fred and George can buy some ink and quills” announced mum, fiddling with her purse and handing money to Fred and George, warning them that it was only for ink, and not some silly pranking supplies.
“Alright, don’t be too long” Said mum, grabbing Ginnys hand and waddling off through the crowd. I turned to walk away the other direction but Percy grabbed my arm.

“Hold on” he said, fishing his booklist out of his pocket and reading over it briefly.
” Look, I’ll get the books, you get everything else?” I offered, hoping to get a while on my own. Percy hesitated but nodded finally
.” Okay, but don’t get into any trouble, Nora” he warned before strutting off down the cobble stoned streets.
“Don’t get into any trouble, Nora ” I mimicked under my breath as I took off on my own towards Flourish and Botts with a list in my hand and a skip in my step.
“Two of everything please” I said, pushing the list towards the employee, who held it and nodded, tottering off to get the school books. I took this time to wander around the shop, gazing at the many books on the tall shelves. People bustled around me, books floated above me and chatter and laughter rang in my ears.
“Here you go, miss” announced the worker, handing a huge stack of books to me. I managed to slip him the proper amount of money while fumbling to steady the books, and he briefly thanked me and sped off, leaving me to carry the large stack.
I took a step forward and felt myself crash into someone— the books flew out of my hands and landed on the foor with a thud at my feet. I hurried to pick them up and a set of hands flew out to help me.
I stood up to see a man, older than myself, around early thirties late twenties, with caramel eyes and brown hair, he was wearing tattered robes, and a long set of scars ran across half of his face.
“Sorry” I said, arranging the books in my hands as he held the last one.
“It’s alright, Arithmacy?” He said, glancing at the book in his hands, before handing it back to me.
“Yes, but I prefer defense against the dark arts myself” I said, with a smile, The man seemed amused.
“I do too” he said, opening his mouth to say more as I took the book off him gently, his fingers grazing mine.
“Sorry Mr Lupin… uhm you were looking for this” an awkward looking employee interrupted, holding a rather large purple book in his hands.
“Ah yes, thank you” said the man, Mr Lupin, taking the book from the mans hand, gratefully.
“Potions” I noted. Lupin smiled and gazed at the cover.
“It has a handy potion I want to look into to” he explained, with a small twinkle in his eye.
“Well, good luck with that potion” I said, glancing at my books and sending him a half smile.
“And good luck with your Arithmancy” he replied before we went out separate ways. I couldn’t help but glance behind me at his tall figure turning and strolling out to the sunny streets.
My brother was standing outside the shop.
“What took you so long” said Percy, not looking for an answer, he was carrying a bag full of supplies and looked quite bored.
” I ran into someone, literally” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Come along then Nora, they’re already in the Leaky cauldron” he stated, huffing and taking off leaving me standing there with a glare on my face.
“Not going to help your twin out then?” I called, Percy didn’t even look behind him, already lost in the crowd of shoppers. “Bloody brilliant” I muttered, placing my chin on the top of the tower of the books to keep them steady, and took off after him, mumbling apologies as I bumped into people.
“You know there’s a handy spell for that” came a familiar voice, I looked to my right where Mr Lupin was coming out of a shop for potion ingredients.

“I’m not that good with charms, I’d probably set them on fire” I stated, Lupin started to laugh but then trailed off as he saw I was serious.
“Alright, here” he chuckled, he pointed his wand at the stack of books and they soared out of my hands and floated above me. When I took a step forward, they followed right after.
“Thanks” I grinned, poking a book in amusement. “Again” I added, briefly laughing, my face blushing. Lupin smiled and held out a hand to me,
“Remus” he said kindly. With my now free hands, I shook his hand gently with a smile.
“Nora” I said. “I have to go, my family’s waiting. It was nice to meet you… Remus” I said hesitantly.
Remus nodded, “And you, Nora” And for the second time that day, I walked away from the handsome stranger who now had a name, a smile inching it’s way on my face, as I glanced behind me.
I made it to the leaky cauldron to see Harry and Hermione in the midst of the family, a welcome sight.
“Harry! Hermione!” I grinned, rushing towards them, I hugged Hermione first, and then Harry. “Did you really blow up your aunt?” I asked, unable to help the smirk tugging at the corners of my mouth.
Harry chuckled and went a bit red.” Er—yeah I did” he nodded.
“Oh Merlin. That’s brilliant!” I laughed, slapping him on the shoulder, Hermione sniffed and sent me a pointed look. Oh, that’s right. I’m supposed to act more mature. “—That’s very immature of you, Harry, very bad.” I said, sending him a fake angry look which made Hermione roll her eyes, and Ron snigger.
I spent the rest of the evening showing the twins how to charm Percy’s shoes to stick to the floor and talking to Dad about the Sirius Black scandal. “These people, like Black, are dangerous. And with you going to be an Auror-” I cut Dad off.
“Dad, I’ll be careful. You know it’s my dream, I’m not going to give it up because it’s proving to be actually
worthwhile ” I said, resting my hand on his shoulder. He sighed tiredly, and patted my hand.
“I know, you were never one to quit, Nor” he said, sending me a smile.
Dinner was a very enjoyable affair, we had three tables joined together and ate five whole courses. “How are we going to Kings Cross tomorrow, Dad?” Asked Fred as we dug into a heavenly chocolate pudding.
“The ministry’s providing a couple of cars” said Dad, casually.
Everyone looked up at him.
“Why?” said Percy curiously.
“It’s because of you, Perce,” said George seriously. “And there’ll be little flags on the hoods, with HB on them—”
“—for Humongous Bighead,” said Fred.
Everyone except Percy and Mum snorted into their pudding.
“Why are the Ministry providing cars, Father?” Percy asked again, in a dignified voice. I held back an eye roll, and busied myself with messing with my pudding.
“Well, as we haven’t gotten one anymore, and I work there, they’re doing me a favour” said Dad, shrugging casually, his ears went red just like Rons does, giving him away.
Mum nodded and went on about how it was good, all the work he was doing.
“—Ron and Nora haven’t packed their new things yet, they’ve just dumped them on my bed” stated Percy’s snarky as ever.
“You’d better go pack them properly, Ron, Nora, we won’t have much time in the morning” called Mum, I sent Ron a look and we both turned to scowl at Percy in unison.

📢a note:
Firstly, thank you for clicking on wild things, whether you’re returning, heard about it, or simply decided to give it a go, I’m very glad you did. This story has grown far bigger than I ever imagined, and I’m very honoured to have written this for all of you. It’s not merely mine anymore, it is all of yours now.
a disclaimer:
I started this story when I was fourteen. possibly thirteen. (It was a long time ago which is why I do not remember).
Since I was so young, I obviously lacked the brain (and maturity) that I do now, and decided to write a student x teacher story.
If I could go back, I probably would change the first chunk of these chapters. While the OC, Nora, IS of age and IS consenting, however, I am very aware of what sort of situation I wrote and that people may not be comfortable with that content. And that is perfectly okay! I’m not even all together comfy with it and I wrote it!
Which is why I’m writing this little note. I fell in love with this story a couple years after I published the first few chapters and that love led me to continue writing it. I can honestly say that the whole professor/student thing does NOT impact any relationship they have after Hogwarts and from then on, it is pretty normal. If you’d like to skip to those chapters be my guest! (ch.36 around)
(My writing is probably a lot better anyway afterwards!)
Also, there is little smut, my loves, I am ‘robbing’ you (I’m sorry), I cannot for the life of me go into proper details.
a thank you:
Finally, I would like to do what the above says. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To you, reader, first time or second time or fifth time; thank you! Each and every single one of you live in my heart and inspire me to come back to this story and pour everything into it. You guys have kept this light going and I’m truly, very grateful!
much love, hopefully you’ll stick around,

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