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Stella E Powers, President and Founder of P-matrix Global Entertainment, Dreams Of Winning The Oscar For Best Actress as she plans on using one of her script for movie 2024. What Do You Think Of Her as a Script Writer/Author? Somehow you most Have read some of her books like the American Bad Girls, The Night Stalker, Wrong Decision, The Writers Voice, and many more. Now is about her Acting Skills. Do you think that just as she’s good with her Write up, she’s going to be good too in her acting skills?

Stella .E. Powers is a singer, a Writer of many Books/Scripts and now making move to be an actress in 2024. Stella .E Powers ongoing film career titled Saving Africa, from the look of things is going to get off to a rocky start for African Movies very soon, since she’s decide to start from home.
Fans can bear witness to this because of how determined she is to learn her craft and her dream of one day winning film’s biggest honour – an Oscar, to be specific.

21 movies are already enlisted on P-matrix Global Entertainment 2024 calendar which she will be featured in. And amongst those movies are JOHN PORTMAN, SAVING AFRICA and DARK SECRET WITHIN AFRICAN.

Hold your breathe tight, Stella E Powers Will soon be on the big screen.

Stella E Powers’ just wish to do something different from what African as never dreamt to offer. And that is why in one of her movie title’JOHN PORTMAN, she wished to feature Jackie Chan. The script in respect to the movie is something that is so outstanding…


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