The Killer Girl 😎By😎 Stella E. Powers

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Every time I look at the mirror. Before me is only pains left to see. A tittle part of my heart died in that desert. Now no matter how hard I try, I still can’t overcome my past because of you John. I have finally remembered your face again John. Now I will not rest until I Hunt you down.

In this picture is Stella E Powers. A Sole Novelist writer of P-matrix Global Entertainment ‘ and the writer behind this novel title’ The Killer Girl. Beside writing and acting, she’s also a singer.

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The Killer Girl 😎By😎Stella E. Powers, is brought to you by🙋 P-matrix Global Entertainment.


My name is Stella E. Powers, and i am a secret agent from the best agency, recognise as UTSA (United States’ Terrorism Secret Unit). Again’ I also operates as an Espy for my agency. Our agency goes after the big boys. We don’t go after the pathetic gangs that plans bank robbery. We go after the ones that target government officials, we go after drug cartel lords, and we also protect the world against their schemes. Since one year of my appointment with UTSA, I have completed a lot of mission’s successfully.

Three weeks ago, the file of a Drug Cartel named’ Hector Moreno, was reopened in our Unit. Hector Moreno has always been one of the big drug trade dealers in Mexico city, Colombia and in the United States. His grandfather was one of the original Mexican drug smugglers and Hector Moreno before long’ got involved in the family business. Hector soon raised to the prominence in the Cartel, and then swiftly he became internecine, so destructive and ready to do harm or injury to whosoever crossed his path. Again without delay, he fought and claimed rivals, both within and outside the Cartel.

Years later, Hector Moreno ordered an assassination that instigated what resorted to Mexican Drug War. The conflict between the Cartels resulted to over 45,000 deaths and 9000 kidnappings. And then before long’ Hector Moreno became a billionaire and one of the most powerful men in the world. However, the law still caught up with him years later when he was arrested and imprisoned. But Hector’ again manage to make himself comfortable in jail, through bribery and intimidation, until his eventual escape which involved the bribing of 52 people and cost him over a Million US dollars to engineer.

Huh, favour was not in his side for too long because he was arrested again two years later. However, it never still took him long before he made his second escape from a maximum security prison. Yes, Hector Moreno planned his escape by slipping through a hole under the shower in his cell and escaped through a mile long tunnel that led to a construction site on the outside. While Hector was still on the run, our United States government were offering 5 Million US Dollar reward for any information leading to his capture, but no one was able to capture the drug lord because he had visited India afterwards and had his face changed through surgery. And again hector heard of a company outside Boston which creates custom digitised voices for people who use device to help them speak. The company could use recording of anyone’s voice to recreate another voice for Hector Mareno on a computer for him to keep and use forever. When Hector Moreno Heard of the company in Boston, he contacted the founder, a speech pathologist named Joel Martin’ who explained to him that it would be possible to digitally reconstruct Hector’s voice with the voice of anyone he choses, as long as he can be able to bank the person’s voice. This meant recording the few thousand sentences that VocaliD has developed’ to capture all the phonemes in the English language. Hector agreed to try as he paid a certain Italian restaurant manager a huge amount of money to use his voice. After paying the Italian restaurant manager the money, he recorded several hundred sentences. Hector after the happening stayed calm for about two years’ somewhere in Paris. But about a year now, Hector Moreno came out of his hiding, becoming the Drug Lord Cartel again. And before long he connected with his son Jose’ bringing him to the business.

Jose’ on a certain day got drunk and told his girlfriend every dam secret about his father Hector Moreno and about the surgery. Jose girlfriend afterwards made a say to her friends. Unlucky for Jose, one of the girls happens to be the daughter of the United States government official, Senator Simon Peters. The same Senator who was about to be blackmailed by Hector Moreno, for an assistance to gain access anywhere within the US, for a successful delivery of his drug without problem. And that was just the period when through the Senator daughter, our secretive’ agency Unit, was able to get the information about Hector Moreno and his activities and decide to investigate him through the order coming from the Whitehall by the president of our United States of America.

Nine days ago, I was appointed to infiltrate Hector Moreno the same Drug Cartel Lord. And that too, through one of his best importers whose name is Antonio Alberto. Okay, I don’t need to explain this all over again’ because you already know this was because he was trying to blackmailed a government official.

Along with this investigation, our agency again suspects that a famous business tycoon named Michael Anderson is now involved in a terrorist organisation and their only way is in the Piper, through the assistance of Antonio Alberto, and the wanted him investigated too.

Firstly I’m asked to operate as an Espy to get some important information from Michael Anderson about Antonio Alberto before getting involved with Antonio Alberto, the lead to our main suspect and also our official target. Secondly our agency wanted me to find out more information about Michael Anderson with his involvement with terrorist group and his connection with Antonio Alberto who is our official target.

Being a secret agent is very exciting, but there’s one rule: YOU CANNOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE ENEMY. And now one of my big mission is to get close to Michael Anderson to find out all their plans on Senator Simon Peters, the government official who is about to be blackmailed by Hector Moreno to make his operations more successful.

Fuck! I have just broke the one rule of my agency few days ago, when I find out that Antonio Alberto is the same guy I fell in love with some years back in highschool, who before graduation relocated with his parent to Colombia. Few days ago, through Michael Anderson I was able to meet with Antonio Alberto again’ after a very long time, and on that same day’ our love was reborn. Now I’m thinking about the safety of Antonio Alberto, when I’m supposed to be thinking about my assigned mission on him and the others.

Again’ just yesterday, as I was trying to have a complete idea on how to manipulate and conduct myself towards this same state of affairs. I got a call from John Anderson, who for the past nine years I have being trying to forget the woe, torturing and dread he’s made my preoccupied awaken mind suffered like almost daily.

John Anderson had call to tell me that, he saw me with Michael Anderson, and that Michael Anderson is his closest cousin. He called to seek from me if we were already having sex. He called to asked who was better with the sex role, if it was him or his cousin Michael Anderson. He called to remind me how he raped and abused my body inside that desert of CA. And yes, he called to make my pains feel fresh and hurt even more. Do you know what hurts even more? That fucker couldn’t feel my pain but calls the contingency’ an alarm of justice.

John Anderson! Are you a criminal, a sinner, or a biblical purveyor of justice? Where you hired by someone’ to do all those crazy things you did to me, or was I just the unlucky victim in the wrong place at the right time? I just need some answers John, because right now, I cannot say for sure if whether or not you made the correct choice with your decision on me. And that too is because’ your decision have ruined and also turned me into a faceless being. It was just a year since I joined the secret agency I operates. And that was even when I started trying to feel a bit of myself again, even though I’m still not feeling free. And you Mother fucker, still showed up in my life again for the second time, just to reopen my wounds.

For the past nine years, I have being trying to face this mishap alone, thinking that I can handle it John. And since those years’ everyone want answers from me. The same answers I’m still not yet ready to give up till now. John, I’m talking about the happening that occurred on the 25 of December, precisely nine years ago. Fuck! That didn’t just happen to some girl or to anyone else’ John. It happens to me, the daughter of your childhood friend. Do you even know that up until now, I’m still trying to find myself. I’m still trying to tell myself that it all one big fucking dream. And none of it is really happening. Please wake me up John.

My name is Stella E. Powers, and I’m the only child of my parent. I am a Nigerian by nationality however, brought up in Washington DC, the Capital of the United States of America. And John Anderson’ was the Mexican stalker’ who all this years had left me mentally lame, raped, beaten, tortured and left for dead. It been nine years since that happening, yet the abuse’ and the mishap is still playing out in my head. I’m still very hurting because’ John still walks a free man. For so long I have being asking myself John, if you where hired to do all you’ve done to me or I was just the unlucky victim. But after nine years now, I can finally put together some of the words you said to me in that abandoned factory inside the desert of CA. And somehow I now I understand why you had to do all you’ve done to me. But that still isn’t an excuse John, because I’ll find you, and when I find you, I’ll kill you myself.

I am Stella E. Powers, The She Desperado. I now know who I am. And I know who you really are. Now, nothing else matters to me. It’s how we live our lives now huh. It’s the way you wanted it to be’ John. However, John; for all those time you kept me cuffed up, while I whimpered like a pup, watching pistol whipped to my head nonstop by you. That I’ll make sure I have you pay for it.

Nine years ago, just after my sixteen years birthday; father took I and mom from Washington to Mexico for Christmas. And on the 25th of December which was supposed to be the Christmas day. John called me on the phone, telling me that he had a Christmas suprise for mom and dad, and he wanted me to meet up with him in some store off town. Again John asked me not to tell mom or dad about it because the gift was supposed to be a surprise. I agreed with John. However, he never stopped at that. For yet again he told me he was going to send a driver to pick me up, but I must leave from our building and wait for the driver somewhere in the next street. I listened to him and did all he asked of me, because I trusted him as my daddy childhood friend. Never knowing it was all a setup to have me kidnapped on that same Christmas day.

Not too long after I got into the car sent by John to pick me. A man sitting next to me inside that same car, covered my nose with a White clothing. And that was the last thing I remembered before I blackout.

All this mishap had happened during the morning hours of Christmas Day. But when I came back to my rightful mind after I blackout, was towards evening on that same day.

The first time I opened my eyes, everything looks so deem Before me. But before long, I could finally see so clearly. And just then I tried to move, but got mentally broken when I learned that I was all tied up to the leg. And when I try to understand where I was. From the look of things, I could tell that the place was an abandoned factory. Just then I became so scared’ not knowing what to do. And before long again, I heard some footsteps from a distance, coming towards me. At that point I became even more restless, because within me I already knew, I’m into some big mess. And in my heart I cried saying, “On God, please help me”. And then suddenly I saw John coming directly toward me with a sly smile, holding gun on one of his hand and a big long wooden axe on his other hand as he dragged it on the floor. That fucker wasn’t a cop, but he was wearing uniform of a cop anyways. Even though John at that moment was still a long way off coming towards me, I was still so terrified. Yes’ I should be, because after what John did to me that moment, I still suffer with vertigo and more from the happening, up till this very moment.

Yes, up until now, I’m still unable to communicate about that happening. All I do is moan, groan and grunts, with no one listening because I’m unable to tell of the happening.

Before John let me walked out of that abandoned factory alive. He placed me on an Indian Oath, making me swear to him never to mention the happening to the authorities. And base on to the oath I took. If I mention him to the authorities and he by any chance got punished, I will die on the seventh day after judgement is passed on him. And that is why’ I have been silent about this all this while. And my silence has left me physically & mentally disabled even more than I already was suffering, while John has remain completely unlabeled and free, in the same world I lay & bled. My story is one of the stories that was never read. My body with very shallow breathe with anguish. John, you thought you had put me to death, are there any more victims still residing whom like me remain-ed in hiding? John, I was only 16 when you destroyed me. I was only 16  when you robbed me of all my life’s potential. Yes, you succeeded in me being nonessential and a psycho. And now like a She Desperado I will look for you. And when I find you, I’ll kill you. I may not be able to explain or mention you to the authorities’ John. But I will find you and kill you myself. Because you’ve robbed me of all that I could have been. Whom did you do that for John? Your wife which my grandmother gave to a billionaire Mafia, or this is about something else? But John, it was your wife that still walked up to my grandmother for that same favor, in order to get some money to save you from going to jail. And that was when after you got yourself drunk and had that little girl knocked down by your car. It a good thing that same little girl of seven years old never died John, but she will have to be on a wheelchair for the rest of her life because of that accident’ anyways.

John, if that same billionaire Mafia fell in love with your wife, had her to himself for years with a threat to kill you if she returns to you. How was that my fault too? John, if that same Mafia later use her to take the bullets that was made for him, how was that my fault too?***
What you did to me John, was it all about revenge? No John, you’ve taken too much from me. And now even I need some counterblow. Yes’ John! The date & Year you did that to me was December 25, nine years ago. Do you even know that I suffer daily in pain. Still I let no one stayed by my side because my pain is something I can’t explain or even mention to anyone. Daily my life feels divided and juggle, and that’s your designing John.
Now not until I get you executed, I would never be able to get you off my chest and allow my mind to rest.
After nine years now, you again make your face come to me as a torment. And when you called me on the phone after all this years, you laughed at me, mocking & ruining my life, my whole teenage life, with coverups of wrongs & harms and twists, to make appearances deceiving to cancel out the truth of my true identity, and early youthful skin and all you’ve robbed me of. John, I have suffered and suffered pain and damages for three years now over the wrongs, and harm you’ve done to me. Run John run. Run, John run. And that too is because if I get you, there’s no pardon for you and your hinge men who all got involved with that mishap in my life. You might have tangled web and weaved, just to cheat little ol me at that time. But now that I have become Stella E. Powers’ the She Desperado. Just as you’ve done to me in the past’ John. I will hold you down in that gate of pains and twinge you kept me suffering for years. And that too is because you are as wrong as wrong can get. John, before I strangle you’ metaphorically, philosophically, legally, and truthfully. I’ll make sure I make a series of an unfortunate events out of you.

I have finally remembered your face again, John. You lied to me on the 25th of December nine years ago and had me kidnapped. And after some hours, again you appeared to me and knocked me out with a lick to the back of my head, with the butt end of your pistol. You held me captive for at least 26(+) days all awhile’ all spinned…..
After I blackout in that car; you put me into a chopper and had me taken into a desert. And in that abandoned factory inside that desert, you had me rigged in the high desert of CA. You Kept me handcuffed by all 4’s up off the ground with no mattress or anything under me. The floor was somewhere down there
but I could not feel it or touch it not even with my butt. Again’ continually, consistently and constantly, you had me beaten in the back of my head
With the butt end of your pistol. And with bionic buffalo blows to my skull nonstop as you constantly raped me.

John, you raped and beat me
With severe vertigo going around in my head which began immediately with force of the blows. You tortured me, you robbed me from my life. You robbed me from my happiness for more than nine years now. All these years John, I have sought justice but found none because I was unable to speak out for me. You should be on death row for all you had done to me John. I know that because of the oath you’ve made me took. I can’t charged, or have you convicted. But I can do something else John. Yes, I can kill you myself. And do you know why? It because I deserve justice, true justice’ John.

There’s something though’ I’m till confused about. How did you get that Officer Uniform you wore on that day you had me kidnapped?***
Don’t bother about it John, because I am a survivor and will not stop until I see you & your officer’s uniform go down to the grave one way or the other. Yes, you are a cruel evil monster who deserves no sympathy or empathy, but I am Stella E. Powers, the She Desperado who will destroy you now that you’ve made me to once again get the vision of your face.***
Do you still remember John? Do you still recall when after you made me took that oath, how you left me for dead in that abandoned factory inside high desert. Did you even know that I stumbled and crawled around for five days before people in a pick-up truck found me & took me to homeless shelter where I didn’t have much memory of. I lay there John, in that homeless shelter bed for good nine days before I was able to even raise up or speak, even though still unable to tell the fact. I ate nothing all those days John. Should I tell you something else! You have no fucking right to exploit my life wrongly for your gain, and I will not let this go. I will not rest until this is turned around right. You cannot hold me victim for my grandmother’s wrong doings that was done on your wife which again it something your wife permitted at the beginning. And that too is because I am Celine and I deserve vengeance. One more thing John! My mom and dad died in a plane crashed about three weeks now. And again I have just found out that, they are not my real parents after all. I was adopted from the orphanage’ John. I don’t even know who my real family are. Now I have only myself John. Which mean that, I don’t have to take orders from anyone. See, we two now have more things in common John. Let’s see who will save you from my lot now…

To be Continued

The Killer Girl 😎By😎Stella E. Powers, was brought to you by P-matrix Global Entertainment.

Hey guys, my name is Stella E Powers, Founder of P-matrix Global Entertainment, alongside Patriot EC Akoma. And yes, I am the writer and author behind this book. Please stay update on this ebook because the complete version will be coming live on our online store soon. Thank you for visiting our website. We will be having more amazing Original ebook/novels like this on our online store for your good reading. I am Stella E Powers, and I love you

The Killer Girl 😎By😎Stella E. Powers, was brought to you by P-matrix Global Entertainment.

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