The Big Black Dracula Wolf😲By😲 Stella E Powers

Story Highlight!

🙂What is that loud threating thunder voice all about?

😎It’s just 2:33pm and there’s so much darkness everywhere.

🤔Why is the sun so clouded with darkness?

🙄Look over there, it a dragon descending it fire on people.

🤔I thought dragon no longer exist, then why this one, huh?

😲O my God, what i’m i seeing! Look it not a dragon, it a big black Dracula Wolf.

🤔What the hell is it doing in this planet of ours?

And when do Dracula Wolf start bringing out fire like dragon from their mouth?

A big black Dracula Wolf’ bigger than storylines building.


🤐Oh my God it killing everyone, someone please call the corps.


🤐Thank God the military are here.

Oh no, the big black Dracula wolf is killing the militaries as well.

Now who can save us.

Our city is doom, it like is everyone on his own now.

Is those scientists that brought this curse upon us.

And now the big black Dracula Wolf is back for vengeance

😲What the fuck! You must be kidding me.

How can you say it the scientists that brought this curse upon us!

And now the big black Wolfgang is back for vengeance.


🤐I am sorry Stella! But i think it has now gotten to the point where you must know the truth.

😲The truth! What truth?

🤐Stella, the big black Dracula wolf is your father.

😲Did i hear you correctly?

Why do you say the big black Dracula Wolf is my father?

Are you even listening to yourself?

🤐Hey Stella, you calm down already.

You and i know that your father has been missing for the past seven years.

That man is your father, and i can prove it to you too.

I have always suspected that this experiment was going to go wrong.

But i never thought it could be this bad. Believe me, that big black Wolf is your father.

😲Take back those words or i swear, i will kill you myself before the big black wolf gets to you.

Again, Paxton Wyatt, promises to let writers books take part in the company’s MEGA HOLLYWOOD TALENT SEARCH.

  • THE BIG BLACK DRACULA WOLF by Stella E. Powers, is brought to you by👍 P-matrix Global Entertainment 

Chapter 1

My name is Stella E. Powers. People always tells me that i am sweet, smart and beautiful.

However, now that you’ve seen my picture, i believe that, you can give your judgment about me been beautiful or not.

And yes, concerning been smart and sweet, hold your peace first, until after reading my story in complete.

Oh yeah! I say so because’ i believe it the only time you can give your true judgment about me without mistake.

And yes, i will like to begin my story by saying, I am an all American, American, living with my family in Los Angeles.

Oh no! I almost forgot to mention to you that, i am the only child’ born of my parent, Joe and Celina.

And yes, i am a lady with a similar family lineage history from both my mom and dad.

Powers’ is my last name, and it comes from the linage of my father’s.

It an ancestral name that as long been used as a surname by every household member of’ Powers.

And that has been happening from one generation to another.

Of course, this has been happening for so many decades now.


My ancestral forefather’s from my both parent has a similar lineage history too.

And their biography as long been walled in the pride of ancestral historical livelihood.

My parent from both side, as long been respected and acknowledge as honorable family.

And that too is not because of their fame, or position in the government house.

But because the household lineage of my both parent has a record that has been respected for decades

as hero’s who has fought and given their lives, protecting the honor surrounding the US Flag.

In our family’ is where you can find almost all family members whose occupation is based on serving our country

as a US Military or an FBI. This very profession has long been in my lineage, but my father was different though.

Yes, he was a scientist, who has been doing research for many years, wanting to know more about the future.

However, he loves working along, until one faithful day some corrupt Chinese corrupt politicians and business tycoons learned about him

and wanted to use him for their dirty jobs. My dad who never hides anything from my mom and i’ resolves to tell us about it.

And then, three days later’ he went missing. We had no clue on where to begin our search since my dad never gave us much details about them.

And now, after seven years. The whole city is on the run! The big black Dracula Wolf who was said to be my father, is back for vengeance’ they said.

But is he my dad for real? If yes, what as those scientists really done to him in the last seven years we have been searching for him.

  • THE BIG BLACK DRACULA WOLF by Stella E. Powers, was brought to you by P-matrix Global Entertainment.

And now in order to know the full story of the people living in Los Angeles; they city that was visited by the big black wolf.

Please, stay update to read this complete story, and yes, thank you for been one of our fans.

Please, do leave your comment as well. I will love to know your judgement concerning this novel.

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Hey guys, my name is Stella E Powers, Founder of P-matrix Global Entertainment, alongside Patriot EC Akoma. And yes, I am the writer and author behind this book. Please stay update on this ebook because the complete version will be coming live on our online store soon. Thank you for visiting our website. We will be having more amazing Original ebook/novels like this on our online store for your good reading. I am Stella E Powers, and I love you!


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