Exclusive Interview with Stella E. Powers

Journalist Steve Martin on an exclusive interview with Stella E. Powers.

Pop, RNB and Gospel singer, Stella E. Powers, have hit the music industry with her none stop styles, lyrics and voice. They young talented’ music artiste, is not just into music, but as also created a brand for herself in the movie industry, as the Youngest Movie Director/Producer and script writer in her movie company, acknowledged as M-07 Production studio. Stella E. Powers, have also gone as far as writing the script and novels for her M-07 Production studio, were she as stood as an elegant actress. And today, I feel funate having this special opening of interview with her.

Exclusive interview with Stella E. Powers.

Exclusive interview

Hello Stella E. Powers. It such a big opportunity to have you grant me ten minutes of your time for this interview.

Pleasure all mine. And yes, thank you for sharing your time with me too.

Maybe you would love to share your music experience with us in the music industry. Your ups and downs and your love for music as well. I mean, what can ever stop you from singing?

What can ever stop me from singing? Hahaha (laughing) singing is not like some everyday job I have to resume in some office. Though is like a career on my own path, but I see it more as my passion. I love singing because it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel better, and sometimes, just like the scripts and novels I have written and is writing for my forth coming movie production. Music’ just like those script and novels’ takes me to any planet or sphere I wish to be. Music helps me journey into any emotion or places that delights my heart. So you tell me why I should stop singing, when music makes me feel this beautiful. And yes concerning my ups and downs in the music industry, I really can’t say I haven’t experienced any of those. Of course, even that have happened during my earliest moment in the industry, but God have been faithful. And yes, sharing my experience in the music industry with you guys, will take like one thousand of your your pages while publishing this, so is better we don’t get at that. Hahaha. However, I will love to summarize that’s same question by saying, my experience in the music industry’ feels good because, I love what I do. Though sometimes, things may not be always smooth and easy as planned, but it okay because’ the beauty of what you love doing, is when you love what you do. And I love what I do.

Time is not much on our side right now, but I’m hoping you could still tell us briefly about your forth coming movie production.

Of course, even that will happen by 2023. Though by 2023 I’m going to be doing more music concert, but still I will make time for movie production to happen. Of course, besides music, I also love acting, so why not let it flow. 2023 will be all about Entertainment moments for my career. And yes’ I am ready for all of that too.

Stella E. Powers, From your record and profile, we can tell that you are one of our Hottest Canadian base’ concert Artiste. But I’m a bit confused sometimes when it comes to your outfit, because you so much love dressing like some Isia goddess. Are you in anyway related to Isia?

Of course not. I just love dressing in such outfit because it makes me feel good. I am an African, Nigerian precisely. Though I spent much of my time in adventure, because I love to travel. Ahm Isia is one of the places I have spent much time during my adventure, perhaps it why I have adopt to their way of dressing. Though Canada is now my reality of base, but still’ I will never forget where I come from, Africa.

Would you like to let the people here in Canada or perhaps your fans around the world’ know little about the beauty of Africa, your country? Perhaps you would like to share your African experience with us.

It not a new thing for most people around the world to know that, Africa has long been known for its beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and of course, a wealth of reserves hidden beneath its soil. From the strongest stone in the world, the exquisite diamond, gold and platinum, to tanzanite – Africa’s has it all. Though my nature of career, or should I say my life style as made it such that I love traveling to see new places. But that doesn’t change a thing about the love I have for my Africa. I love Canada’ because it has helped my career as a music artiste, but I shall never forget my home, my root, my identity, my culture, my people my land of birth.

Thank you so much for your time, Stella E. Powers, and for sharing your experience with us.

You are welcome. And yes ‘ it my pleasure to have you around too. So thank you’ as well.

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