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About MaskLegion Music

About MaskLegion Music

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maskLegion Music & p-matrix global entertainment

When you think of Music, think of MaskLegion Music…a pleasant-sounding Record Label purchased under P-matrix Global Entertainment to action dynamically as a sub-label under P-matrix Global it parent company; owned and founded by WleyPatriot E.C Akoma and Stella Polaris. MaskLegion Music was first founded in early 1990 by an Asia fellow name Bojing Chung-Ho. And in the year 2017 P-matrix Global Entertainment known as an outsize production and concert company in partnership already with the Australian Company and the American Tycoon, resolve on purchasing a record label that will outshine as a sub-label under its parent company, P-matrix Global Entertainment.

Just then MaskLegion Music came into the picture and was acquired as a sub-label under P-matrix Global, fairly after some expenditure was accredited to Bojing Chung-Ho it previous vendor. Bojing Chung-Ho at that minute lost his right over MaskLegion Music, nevertheless reared in as a partner, maintaining a trivial portion in the company as a business shareholder. Before MaskLegion was acquired by P-matrix Global, it was consisting of endowed artistes and bands, and now standing as a sub-label under P-matrix Global, those same artiste are prepared to work firm for P-matrix Global, by creating new songs and most importantly, performing live concerts and show. P-matrix Global Entertainment in partnership with the Austria Company, American Tycoon and now with the Asia Company through Bojing Chung-Ho we are now doing our best in given the world our top independent musical record from our artistes, most especially through live concert which is why we’ve been distinguished as one of the world’s chief music concert company. And now that we are finally in Africa in search for new talent, we hope for nothing but the very best from especially those African upcoming artistes who are ready to attest their musical talent. P-matrix Global Entertainment is long waiting for the artiste in you. We need your talent and you as an artiste need us. So why not join MaskLegion Music, a sub-label under P-matrix Global; join our team today by simply mailing us your song or visiting any of our offices that’s close to you. We welcome both upcoming artistes and superstars into our family unit.

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