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We are calling on you to come shine with us globally

We the board of management from P-matrix Global Entertainment, ask you to come shine with us globally

P-matrix Global is a musical company located in Australia, America and Asia and now in Africa Nigeria precisely.

Our musical company is known to be a large cooperation with mass musical artistes and bands under it. Once again our musical corporation is proud of all it branches in it three different continent even the forth one that’s now operating in Africa, Nigeria precisely.

P-matrix Global was founded in the year 2012 with an aim to search for new talents, like artiste, dancers, backup singers and instrumentalist. But today, because of our new business partners in Australia, Asia and America, our business corporation proud not just for it achievement; but also because of the new talent it as found from it new selected international artistes in the foreign country as well as Africa where it as placed Stella Polaris Akomasin, as the new local chief director in charge of all it local branches in Africa, with every departmental branches in Africa reporting to her; while she report to the board of management abroad.

You can sell your EP or single music tracks with us today

The moment you sell your EP or your Single Music Tracks under P-matrix Global; we instantly get your music placed in over 35 stores all over the world, where music are sold.

You will as well be given a trimestral pay check from both downloads and corporal sales every month, which will yield you over 2000 dollars-matrix Global has come to support you and get all of these done for you at no cost; as so long as you music with us

. Your music in the movie

P-matrix Global has some numbers of companies that specialize in getting your music in the movies and used for TV and commercials. We will send each of our music superintendent, a copy of your CD to be placed in their song bank. Send in 1 copy of your CDhttp://p-matrixglobal.com/contact/ to P-matrix Global  for our review.