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In this article we will be engaging you with few things about our sole actress, Stella E. Powers, secret codes of her novels and her forthcoming coming movie title SAVING AFRICA.

Somehow Stella E. Powers Entertainment as manage to achieve one of it purpose’ by screening out skilled actors and  actresses for our African movies project. Click on this link to get more information

Stella .E. Powers Movie Scene Pre-acting practical guidance.

Stella E. Powers, operate as a military special agent’ under Military Intelligence Investigation Unit curtly acknowledge as MIIU, with a Secretive Section known as the  Section M20. So far a Silicone masked face’ as been created for Stella E Powers, basically for our MIIU movie series title SAVING AFRICA. Stella .E. Powers is not just a Script writer and one amongst the Top actresses under Military Intelligence Investigation Unit , curtly known as MIIU in our forth coming movies title’ SAVING AFRICA, but she’s also a Director and Producer with an amazing acting character. And

(2)    The Stella E. Powers’ series focuses on a fictional African Secret Service Military Agents of three, created in 2018 by writer Stella E. Powers, who has written so many novels to be featured  in different movies.

Since Stella E. Powers found her dream line of Section 1’44 Movie series in 2018, she has kept writing none stop Novels and Script in it number for her dream land movie project for ATU. So far Stella E. Powers has bring into her company some numbers of actors and actresses to star in the ATU movie.

Stella E. Powers in each of her play bares her name, and at the same time she has also written many authorised novels or novelisations. One of the African novel she’s written title Dark Secret within Africa, was written around June 2021 just after her birthday. Stella E. Powers primary and secondary  dream has since then been centered on bringing every of her novel into a movie series.

Stella E. Powers, she’s the active President and chief executive officer (CEO) of Stella E. Powers Entertainment. And again, she Holds a user name, Military Special Agent Stella Powers, in ATU movie series, while Patriot E.C Akoma, always holds his Position in ATU as a Colonel Usman Abdirahman, who is  also an active member of his team of 12.

And now Picture of Patriot EC Akoma, active Actor in ATU of the Section 1’44.

Colonel Usman Abdirahman, in the ATU Movie Series is an active Colonel, popularly address as Commander by his team of 12…

Special  Agent Stella E Powers, She’s a secretive Military Special Agent under the Section 1’44 of ATU.

Stella E. Powers Entertainment’ is set up as music record label and African movie series establishment, hopefully to break out within the music industry and Hollywood movies.  Stella E Powers Entertainment’ Movie series, for a while now has manage to undertake major agreement with African movie/ Hollywood, for the best writers book conversation into movie shooting, as a means of total contract into our company. And base on the fact that we still wish to operate too’ in the Hollywood movies, we are also giving every writer will an opportunity of free subscription of their books, for  the renovating of their novel/script into our ATU movie, base on the negotiation we have with Hollywood and our African movie project management. However, before you can gain this opportunity as a writer, your write-up will first of all catch the interest of our Directors and producers. And for that to happen, we are now working with top Book publishing companies in different continents to single out top writers. So as an individual, Stella E. Powers Entertainment’ is saying to you, to feel free to send us your write-ups through Info_my_script@yahoo.com

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