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Getting started with our Corporation💎 and our filming project💼

Getting started with our Corporation💎 and our filming project💼

Hello everyone, again we are here to present to you, the CEO of 009 Corporation Africa. Ms. Stella E Powers’

Perhaps’ you might also wish to hear from one of our Board Members, Mr. Ali Bashir Abdirahman! Listen to what he has to say in this article…

Here in 009 Corporation, we’re not here just in search of new talent in Both writers and amazing music artistes! Ok let’s start with the music industry, yes, our main search for talent regarding Music artiste, is based on a Music Concert Contract. Yes, regarding Music, we aren’t based on buying music albums only. But rather we are more on signing up the Artistes into a major music concert contract.

Okay, Ms. Stella E Powers’ continued with the following conversation as she said! And yes, your role in this, is just based on gig moments from one country to another. 009 Corporation takes care of everything, from the concert to your personal care affairs during the gig. All you need to do is sign up that contract paper and let 009 Corporation do the rest.

And as a writer! If you think your book/novel is good enough to be transformed into Hollywood movies! All you need to do is mail it into our mailbox. We promise to get back to you once your package is good enough.

If your book interest us, we will give you a free sponsorship into our 009 Movie. And that will happen only after a short paper agreement sighing is carried out between the writer and our management.

Don’t worry about it! The paper work contains only the agreement of the percentage for the company. The writer hold’s the lion share. And your book goes into movie.

And now, Celine Ernesto T, continued as she says...

Celine Ernesto T! Shareholder in 009 Corporation, and COO. Says…

Our companies are located in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan with it Foundation located in Africa.

Again with our outlet located in Nigeria, South Africa and few other AFrican countries to represent every of our African projects. It is a great delight to our management in  America’ to wish every of it Africa Music/Writers and Authors a good, good luck, as they visit our website and office. With this, we draw the line by saying love, love, love from 009 Corporation…

Don’t forget that 009 Corporation is set up as an continental business Corporation around the world’ to connect with both authors and talented Artistes for our music concert project. And also we derive joy in visiting different music uploading website to connect with amazing music artistes around the world

009 Corporation 🌷