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Colonel Patriot EC Akoma, and Victoria Hogan; they are one of the key members of our 009 African movie series. And this is their Dream for African continent Authors

Colonel Patriot EC Akoma, below is his Dream for every African continent Writers and international relatively Writers.

    Since few years now, 009 Corporation Africa’ has been doing amazingly beautiful in reaching talent across the globe. And now’ in order to reach for more talent even within Africa, 009 as placed Colonel Patriot EC Akoma, and Victoria Hogan in the 009 movie series, to be in charge of handling books from amazing writers, within Africa’ and abroad, reporting to our management. The same books which after clearance’ could also take part in our 009 movie series. And below is what Colonel Patriot and Victoria  has put together to say regarding this article…
Victoria Hogan

Just like any aspect in book publishing company, 009 corporation, has morphed with time. If you have taken your time to search for more updates about our company, 009 Corporation Africa, then we are sure that you are already acquainted that our Corporation is basically out in converting good novels into our 009 movies; including going into music contract with talented Artistes for the best of hit song for our movies. 009′ main Street search, is to pick up talent from every ends, including Authors with amazing novels. And that is why both I Colonel Patriot EC Akoma and Victoria Hogan, have taken it upon ourselves to help every African talent in realising their dreams

Right now’ it doesn’t matter any part of Africa you are! Just reach me through our African email on: musicglobal87@yahoo.com or call our African hotline on: +2347061627427.
For in order to maintain the international legendary confidentiality of our company, we have employed people that will help in our African and international setup. And yes, hopefully’ this will enable us tap into our Authors infrastructure, and utilize their services with our 009 Corporation. I and Victoria are now in a capacity to develop Authors everywhere within Africa and overseas, bringing them before our management.

Get your novel heard! 009 is now conducting talent Search to identify potential Writers into our 009 movie series.