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Stella .E. Powers and Celine Ernesto T! Top shareholders at 009. They have a unique way of bringing African Movies into light.

009 Movie scene in action shots

009 Ongoing movie review

Special agent’ Stella .E. Powers, is now reaching out not only to the talent we’re hoping to find within Africa, but also to every international sole exclusive writers. We are hoping to discover more talent within Africa too for a distinct African filming Contract with them.

Here in 009 Corporation Africa, we are your express way to entertainment. We are your Music reality and the universal company that is come to bring out Africa best movies sence in Union with our Hollywood movies. Discussing authors project, focusing our attention on talent, cultivating the creativity in artiste recording ability, and standing side by side with them to oversee the entire production process’ is what we do. Join our 009 production company’ to enjoy the true reality of Movie entertainment.