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We are P-matrix Global Entertainment: we are the airway to your music career.
Come to us with your talent, and around the table we will sit  And bring out the best in you through music concert and the best of our music contracts.

P-matrix Global Entertainment is a musical company which started in early 2012 in Nigeria as a miniature music company. Subsequently the company incorporated in partnership with an American Tycoon, Asia Company and the Australian Company who in three stands in as P-matrix Global personify business partners and shareholders. After that P-matrix Global was instantly moved to the United of America opening its head office in Los Angeles, California. After that experience the miniature music company became a large corporation with mass musical artistes and bands under it. And yes, the entirety of this realization and attainment came to be since the company’s partnership with those three large-scale business partners logged above; and today P-matrix Global as influence the world by not just marketing and distribution of good music, but chiefly by music concerts. And now in order to find new talent P-matrix Global as gained widespread acknowledgment has it grew so immensely in it music concert, talent search and music contracts. And that’s why we are today’s world musical company that volunteers free music listening to fans and free radio promotion for our music artistes and bands who’s music hit hearts globally. Based on these facts, we are now given cool opportunities for other music promoters across the globe that has good music to submit to our executives and board of directors as a guru or mentor of the music artiste the wish to represent. P-matrix aim is to use such a medium to search for new talents, so if you are a singer or wish to be a music backup; if you are a dancer, an upcoming creative music artistes, or a worthy instrumentalist who is good in playing any kind of instrument; just mail us your music audio or display your talent on a short video performance and email it to us.

Why not try our music house today; We got all you need to create a star in you

Here in P-matrix Global, we market various genres of music from every ends of the world; because we believe that one of the entertaining ways of reaching our audience is through a sound music concert. And that’s why besides music marketing we stand so strong on global music gig; and at the same time assist with cool chances for other music promoters or agents across the globe that has good music from talented artiste to present to our music house. We are just seeking for artistes who are willing to give their totality to music to keep amused the heart of their music fans and interest the world. With such artiste around the company, we will market and develop you or your music band through promotion in every of your new release, through thousands of flyers and club CD’s, global celebrity interviews, worldwide music distribution, radio promotion and more.

Adjacent to music and entertainment, we are likewise into books marketing distribution and promotions; we buy and promote nice novels, poems, short stories and nice articles. If you are a writer, then feel free to contact us today for your big sell. Here in P-matrix global we make sure every of our writers earns large from our company as we promote you on different variety and styles, creating an original newfangled innovative fresh appearance in marketing and distribution of your manuscripts and calligraphist write-ups. Check our other blogs and pages to know what we can do for you as a writer. And if you just an artiste then knows that you are just at the right place.

You can now sell either your full music album, EP, or single music tracks with us today

The moment you sell your EP or your Single Music Tracks under P-matrix Global Entertainment; we instantly gets your music placed in over 35 stores all over the world, where music are sold.

You will as well be given a trimestral pay check from both downloads and corporal sales every month, which will yield you over 2000 dollars. P-matrix Global has come to support you and get all of these done for you at no cost; as so long as you music with us.

As a musical artiste, we can help you to accomplish and harden the impact of whatever you or your band has the talent to do. And we can as well afford direction with regard to songwriting, production, engineering and as well mixing of coordinate music projects for unsigned artistes across the globe whose music gets approve by our management.

Visit our Music Contract page for more information of what we can do for you; visit our about us page to know more about our functions, our offices, studios and competence around the world. Visit our contact page to know how to reach us within America, Canada and Africa.  Don’t be left out, visit our other pages to get more tidings, info and evidence of our notifications.

 We are an international music company with our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, however since July 2018; we’ve had P-matrix Global outlet office to be placed in Nigeria, since it where it was first founded. And in that same country Nigeria we’ve also gained Membership Affiliation with most of Nigeria music markets, promoters and music agents as we go in hunt for new talented local artistes in Africa. And I must say that’s our recent huge Pronto achievements so far within Africa. And now we hope for nothing but the very best from our African artistes as we get them featured in music collaboration with some of our international music artistes around the globe.


Here in P-matrix Global Entertainment, we rely so much on music concert; because we see it as the best way to reach fans. That’s why our music artistes are constantly engage by their managers in gig more regularly. First we do rely on targeting quality music, after which we use those artiste to reach the world all-inclusively.

In other to ensure that our artiste music concert are been held right across many region, we’ve sign number of artistes on music concert deal; and we are still ready to sign more music deal with both international and local artistes worldwide. So that we can daily stand proud negotiating diverse music concert with our music artiste globally. And that’s why today, most artistes do depend on P-matrix Global to broaden their music concert arena so they could be heard more frequently and make new fans. P-matrix Global is here to publicists both upcoming and already made artistes in gaining positive regeneration through sound music concert.

p-matrix global: come now let’s music