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P-matrix Global Entertainment contract engagement Seminar Session

Ever since P–matrix Global Entertainment went into partnership with the three vast commercial tycoons from the U.S, Austria and Asia; it has gotten itself engage into an exclusive recording contract with diverse Artistes, to market the artiste’s recording in return for Royalties on selling price of the recording or working with the artiste based on promotion or buying off the right of the artiste album and paying the artiste in full after negotiation. But if the negotiation between the artiste and our management is based on contract, p-matrix wish to let public know that   sometimes such Contracts may repeatedly extend over short or long duration and may or may not refer to specific recordings. P-matrix Global after a conventional cash, proceed for the signing of the artiste and the artiste’s thriving will receive a royalty for sales after expenses where recouped.  And yes, with the release of the artiste first album, our large scale of Music multinational firm has an alternative to pay an additional $190,000 in exchange for 30 percent of the net incomes from all touring, endorsement, merchandise and fan-club fees. P-matrix Global at that climax will hit the highest point as they obtain the right to approve the artiste’s tour schedules and the payment of certain tour and merchandise sales employees hired by the artiste’s.  Our large-scale of music firm will at that peak offers the artiste a 30 percent cut of our labels album profits.

Here in P-matrix Global Entertainment; we have diverse multiplicities of music contract, which I will be listing below.

P-matrix Global head office which is located in Los Angeles, California feels fulfilled to say that based on the opinion and support coming from our three vast commercial business partners and shareholders in our company; alongside the two co-founders and other members of board of directors which during the board meeting decide on giving opportunity to African artiste; we now can be able to enroll some number of talented African artistes into this contract folio listed below which for few years now has been available to only our international artistes.

Each of this music contracts function in different way from each other; and again each of the music contracts below as its own worth and percentage tag, respectively.

P-matrix Global Entertainment Contract


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  1. Network Fabric Contract
  2. International Concert Contract
  3. Union Music Contract
  4. None Stop Concert Contract
  5. Universal Music Contract

Visit our branches located around your region, and summit your music today; to see if your music intersect our global search.

Now p-matrix global in partnership with the three commercial international business tycoons is saying, come to us with your dream and watch us transform your dream into an ever green career.

We are just right here for you; standing tall 24/7 in the gap, in the best position to invest on you and change your career into a big reality.

Is your music album already completed, or what you need is just a sponsorship; get your appointment form to sit one on one with the chief director or the president of p-matrix global, and stand the chance on enrolling in those contracts above.

With this opportunity we welcome you to p-matrix contract page.

Come to us with your talent, and around the table we will sit and bring out the best in you through concert first-class music and the best of our Contract

All you need to do right now is connecting with us today or get an appointment form with the president of p-matrix global or the chief director. Or better still mail your music to us through our FastLink Process for a quick response within 7 to 21 days.

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