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Our ideas of distributions

P-matrix Global believes that music distribution on both online and stores are the best way to go; and that’s why we are so much into it.

First we do believe on focusing on quality music over quantity.

  In other to make sure that our artiste are been heard right across the continent, P-matrix Global has hit a deal with number of international and local distributors worldwide, holding a global artiste roster, brought together under the banner of different genre of music. As we stand proud negotiating different sells and distributions for our artiste music globally.

Within the mainstream, much recording artistes have traditionally been subjected to P-matrix Global to broaden their consumer based; market their music albums and promote their music so it could be heard on streaming services, radio, and television stations. Of course that’s why P-matrix Global is here to publicists you; and assists your performers in gaining positive media coverage. As we arrange for your merchandise to be available via stores and other outlets across the globe.

Once again we welcome you to P-matrix Global Music website