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This Page Talks About Our partnership and our Search for new talent

All this you can easily achieved with p-matrix global

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Here in P-matrix Global Entertainment, we provide our artistes’ with media hype, which assist performers in gaining positive media coverage. We also arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets.

Ever from the time which P-matrix Global went into a business deal with it Australia, China and America business partners, our legacy as not just been celebrated as a wide-reaching music company; but also as one amongst the leading music label worldwide; and when in the ending we decide on reaching some African Artistes, P-matrix at that peak became the African eye for it African artiste. And today our Musical Cooperation is working very hard to bring in talented upcoming artistes and superstars into it Cooperation as the face and future of music entertainment worldwide. As we toddle with our artiste every step of the way by providing them every necessary tool to record in the company’s international studios and also give them a full artistic promotion worldwide.

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Remember that When you get your music submitted through our fastlink team promoters; such music use to be listening by auto music selection managers every Wednesdays on business meetings; and brought before decision makers and board of directors every Fridays where business meetings are held. In that meeting, final decisions will be taken concerning the artistes music; and he or she will be acquainted if their music will be place on a record contract with P-matrix Global or a marketing department. And if the music has no issue; P-matrix Global will immediately refer it to the company’s promotion department for a saver landing and for fast media coverage.

This article is just for those that submit their music through management FastLink

P-matrix Global is a home for every serious talented upcoming and real gem artistes, who are looking for a place to call home. Our ultimate goal is to bring the joy of music back through a new music and unique beautiful concepts. We are currently seeking for real talented artistes to sign into our label. We are as well looking for good music to market globally on our music marketing stores.

If you want your music to be listen through the normal email or CD submission platform, then be sure that it will take a while. But once it gets approved by our fastlink team promoters then you should be expecting to hear from us any time from 14 to 21days.

 This very article is written for only those artistes submitting their music through our normal platform.

 Remember each artistes whose music is been marketed by P-matrix Global is entitled to a yearly royalties for five years. This percentages is call A.U.K.R {artistes up keeping royalties}

after having your success with your music career with P-matrix Global; we get you on stage to music around the world; so come music with us…

P-matrix Global is focus on raw talent and determination of an artiste. Once that is seen in you; our company will lead you step by step, to help you uncover your artistic self-realization and expression.

Our company is embodies in different genre of music, with a goal of using both its local and intentional artiste to reach the world and get people entertain.

P-matrix Global is a publishing, promotion, recording and marketing music company Founded in 2012; but gained it ground universally after going into commercial contract with the Australia Company, China conglomerate and the American tycoon.

P-matrix is currently working with some of its international sign artiste for it concert. The company is also working with some list of international artiste it as previously marketed and also some list of artiste on which music we currently promoting and giving a media coverage.

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