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Ever since P-matrix Global went into partnership with the Australia company, Asia company and the american tycoon, we have instantly become one amongst the best in the  world. And today even in Africa P-matrix Global is been

appreciated because of it partnership with these three international business tycoons; which stands tall providing second  to none service  to their customers. P-matrix Global has a wide variety of instruments, music sheets and eBooks . & most importantly we are proud of our online music store.

P-matrix Global is working very hard to bring in talented artistes and superstars into it gigantic company as the face and future of music and entertainment worldwide. Our universal company as giving it promises to work very closely with their artistes every step of the way by providing them with all the required tools and promotion they need, that will help them in becoming the center of hilarity in the future.

P-matrix Global is a business ground where customers can sign up and purchase our products online like music and eBooks; but most importantly our public figure is epicenter on music and entertainment. As we give our artistes range of professional directors entertainment lawyers and talent mangers who will assist them with their career
P-matrix Global is a large Music companies that has stand tall since its creation in 2012 for the success of all it artistes. Since the first goal of most new-fangled artiste or band is to get signed for contract into a record label as soon as possible; P-matrix Global went into partnership straightforward with it international commercial shareholders to gain more musical artistes, and not just foreign artistes but also local music artiste within Africa.
P-matrix Global as made it possible for artistes worldwide who are in need of an opportunity to join it music family. All you need to do is visit our contact page and mail us your music; and yes, don’t forget to add your personal info. You can also make your music available to us through our Private Music Agents, whose contacts you can find on one of our pages as Agent Search Page. Please be careful of scam, any Agent whose contact is not on our Agent Search Page, please do not respond.

P-matrix Global is generated on the ground OF OFFERING contract to any solemn talented artiste
WE CONVEY complete recording to our Large music multinational Company

And yes, for artistes without a recording history, we habitually involved in selecting recording studios producers, additional musicians and songs to be recorded by them. We sometimes supervise the output of recording sessions. But in the case of an already established artiste, we customarily get less involved in the recording process.

Our contract engagement

Ever since the establishment of P-matrix Global, it has gotten itself Engage into an exclusive recording contract
With diverse Artistes to market the artiste’s recording in return for Royalties on selling price of the recording.
And yes sometimes Contracts repeatedly may extend over short or
Long durations and may or may not refer to specific recordings.

P-matrix Global after a conventional cash, proceed for the signing of the artiste
And the artiste’s thriving will receive a royalty for sales after expenses where recouped.
And yes, with the release of the artiste first album, our large scale of Music multinational firm has
An alternative to pay an additional $190,000 in exchange for 30 percent of the net incomes from
All touring, endorsement, merchandise and fan-club fees

P-matrix Global at that climax hit the highest point as they obtain the right to approve the artiste’s tour schedules
And the payment of certain tour and merchandise sales employees hired by the artiste’s.
Our large-scale of music firm will at that peak offers the artiste a 30 percent cut of our labels album profits.

Our nature

We are P-matrix Global Entertainment with an update of artiste roster that takes account of
Broad array of both local artistes and international superstars
P-matrix Global is a premier music labels that represent music from every genre.

once again we say welcome home, as we sit together as one family…