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Is a music market place

For every music lovers around the world

Since the creation of P-matrix Global, it as live to tell the tales universally as a bazaar where buyers and sellers connect across the globe with millions of items obtainable and thousands of sellers.

Our market place is a foremost sport from new releases and hard to find gems.

We build our marketplace easy for sellers to list their inventory; and buyers are knowledgeable to specify the exact version they want.

Our great music cooperation, is on a mission to fabricate it largest and it most comprehends music catalog and souk; It all for our worship and devotion for music.

And yes, our receipt of reality is getting us pretty closer to our operation each day.

Come to us with your dream and live with a career

This is why we are call P-matrix Global Entertainment

Your musical family

When you think of music, think of P-matrix Global; we are your express way to entertainment. We are your number one musical company and your song reality. We are the company that is come to bring out the music in you.

Our universal talent search

Discussing music project with P-matrix Global Entertainment.

We are musical company that offers free music to fans and radio promotion for our musicians and bands.

We assist with cool opportunities for other music artistes across the globe that has good music to present to P-matrix Global.

We can help a musical artiste anywhere in the world to accomplish and harden the impact of what an artiste or band has the talent to do.

We can as well afford direction with regard to songwriting, production, and engineering and as well coordinate music projects for unsigned artiste across the globe.

And yes we can do that just for you…

P-matrix Global Entertainment universal talent search… come to us with your talent and leave with a career…

We are seeking for artistes who are prepared to work unbreakable for themselves but also to benefit our music world.We will develop you or your band, through our technique promotion and releases, which consist of thousands of flyers, CDS, marketing, radio promotion and world distribution shackles.

music and entertainment

We are everywhere in the globe

p-matrix global entertainment, African music talent search

We are everywhere in the globe even in Africa, looking for any upcoming artistes who are ready to hit the musical industry with their pleasant-sounding talent. Of course we are searching for you for a music contract. We are also searching for those who want to be backup singers for our artistes across the globe, which means that even though you are not creative in composing music but have a nice singing voice, you can as well be enroll into P-matrix Global as a backup singer for our musical artistes. We are P-matrix Global, a U.S base music company searching for those who are good at playing instrument, searching for a stage backup dancer’s music artiste and more; and yes we are searching for you.

Are you a talented upcoming artiste?

If yes, then we have good news for you; and the good news is that even though you don’t have a music contract with us, we can still make you our artiste, putting you on our artiste roster and getting you involve in different concert across the globe. As we promote your music in over 50 different channels across the globe.

Don’t stay in the dark; your locality can’t stop you from sharing your music with us; for we just may perhaps help you.

Do you seek for were to record your music you can achieves that also by going to our recording studios in all the countries it located

around the world.…

Due to the daily hundreds’ of music send to P-matrix Global email box; our music cooperation is finding it very difficult to make a quick approves to our yet to be artistes. For this very reasons also, our cooperation as created a promoting department, tagged as FASTLINK TEAM PROMOTERS

Before any music will reach to P-matrix Global supervision or decision-makers it will first outshine through FastLink team promoters department for it first screening. This same resolution was voted on the 26th of September 2017, during the Board meeting held between the three company shareholders and the board members.

And now

P-matrix Global board of directors and decision-makers wish to inform every upcoming and high profile artiste which music has been accepted by P-matrix Global Entertainment Music through management FastLink Team Promoters; that once your music is been accredited by our fast link team promoters; even then you should be sure that it will be approve at once by the members of our board of management alongside with the cooperation shareholders in Australia, Asia and the U.S, with whom partnership is been recognized respectively.

P-matrix Global Entertainment, is ready for it African talent search

P-matrix Global as decided to spread it wings not only internationally but also locally to represent  entirely Africa music; as we go in search for more new African talent; after which we will send our best search artistes to our management abroad. And our music company abroad will gladly start converting those artistes into a global performing artiste.

 Once again be informed that in order to reach our management without difficulty, you must first pass through our online FastLink promoters; whose emails are right on our contact page. P-matrix Global international and local auto selection music managers, can only trust to listen your music after it has been VDT by our online promoter’s layout.

Do you wish for your music to be listened by P-matrix Global within 7 to 21days?

Then it very simple


Just visit our team FastLink promoters on Facebook for your screening and music

 And if your music hits our company demand after screening

Then our FastLink promoters will email you our FastLink form

Our management will then be expecting you to fill and mail it back to

P-matrix Global Auto section music managers email within 48 hours

Most times only after P-matrix Global Auto section music managers screen your music will it reach the board of directors for the final decision

All decisions about your music will be taken place by the board of directors within 7 to 21 days.

And the artiste gets an immediate call or email from committee if his or her music gets accepted.

Do you have a good music?

Are you looking for a place to call your musical home?

Welcome then to P-matrix Global Entertainment

If you are within Africa and not know how to reach our management in the U.S; then you can now reach our management through our local offices in Africa  as the connect you with our FastLink promoters