The American Bad Girls {EPISODE 6#} 💃Author💃 Stella E Powers


The American Bad Girls {EPISODE 6#} 💃Author💃 Stella E Powers

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Episode 6 of 15



Everyone knows the American bad girls… they were five in numbers, calling their nature a night life roller coaster. They flirt with anyone, care less and know how to get men down without having to say please. They kissed cigarette and weeds into their mouth and made it an addiction into their veins. They drink lots of alcohol and sex like silly daughters of jezebel. Their past dirty life experience brought them together. Everyone gets very careful at them, knowing that if the American bad girls gets upset’ everyone around will get wounded. All five of them are bad girls, rocking miniskirts, skinny jeans with stiletto high heels, strapless tops with their hairs hanging loose, just to make senses roll. They call themselves the American bad girls, and their nature made them they stepping lines of everyday Headlines Newspapers. They are not ready to sit in their rooms staying good all alone. And that was why they decide to party and shoot guns until their cost is paid…

2 reviews for The American Bad Girls {EPISODE 6#} 💃Author💃 Stella E Powers

  1. Anna Kendrick

    Are always this amazing with your write-up Stella? Uh… I love this book.

  2. Fatima Silva

    O my goodness, what an amazing writer. I am recommending this novel to everyone.

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