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My gain as an author with 009 Corporation of ATU

My gain as an author with 009  Corporation of ATU
  1. As An Artiste or An Author!

See what you stand to gain, with 009 Corporation.

Novelist and script writers come from many backgrounds, but sadly’ most of them struggle to get their first novel published, and this is where the Stella Powers 009 Movie’ comes into the picture with a very big opportunity for every writer’ mostly for those who are still struggling to get their first novel publish.
Our big movie picture house’ is presenting every writer around the globe with an opportunity of having their novel or script used in our big African picture filming house. Our company is at the moment based on searching for skillful smashing writers around the world’ whose novel or script will be used in carrying out our African 009 screening project in our diverse filming departmental channels we’ve established.
You can now make your first millions of dollars with 009 Corporation movies All you need to do is sign a movie contract with us’ and we will take care of the rest. You stand to gain a lot with this contract! Remember, no matter how talented you are, your writing skill is just not enough! You still need a company like Stella Powers’ to screen your write-up into a good movie.
If you are a writer’ looking for an exclusive opportunity to raise into the big business market! 009′ is come to you with an outstanding opportunity that will not only get you easily published but hit you quickly into our big filming picture house. This opportunity does not have restriction, it given to every writer around the world. To get started into the big picture, just mail us your novel or script today.
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