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Standing tall

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Stand tall with P-matrix Global as we increase our visibility reaching music distributors from around the world just for you; and in addition connecting with heavy representative, agents and press just for you.

Our collective stand is all about licensing your music out, as well as acquiring new artistes and catalogs for our publishing company.

The artiste administrators of our cooperation with two other officials will universally present your music to P-matrix Global decision makers and try to negotiate deals for your music to be distributed and sold in more countries all over the world.

After each of the convention, P-matrix Global management will arrange a milieu report of all the meetings and submissions the company as made on behalf of the artiste’s they represent. And mail it to the artistes and bands within two weeks of the convention. Only you can approve any deal made by the chief executives. Their representation is non-exclusive …


So far P-matrix Global has did a great job in promoting and bringing into it universal business empire a new generation of innovative high profile artiste; as well as upcoming independent artiste, singers of all genre/ dancers and instrumentalist.

Sign up your new single now as an artiste or band or promote your music with us and we will get you on.

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