Image of’ Stella E Powers! Founder of, Stella E Powers Foundation.

My name is Stella E Powers and I am a Nigerian. Before I engage you with my article, I wish only to begin by saying, our African Children are failed by a system which is extremely cruel and unfair to them (The Government). And so I thought of a change, of a way to help our African lost children grow in love and confident that can aid them in finding freedom. And just then I learnt that the best I can do is to give them a home, and show them love that can build them a self-image. By creating a healthy relationship between them and the universe, where they can be able to express themselves without fear of been criticized, made fun of, talked down to or disrespected. And that was how Stella E Powers Foundation’ was established.

Chichi (Kid from our foundation)

Stella E Powers Foundation ‘ is a total devoted African orphanage’ I got established in 2018′ for the care of our African lost children, primarily acknowledge as orphans, who for some various reasons cannot be cared for by their biological families.

Some of our African Children, brought under our Care, have routinely suffer violence, abuse and neglect before found by us. However, around 90 percent of children cared for at Stella E Powers Foundation, are kids whose parents have abandoned, kids whose parents are deceased, or kid who at a very tender age’ find themselves in a abusive home.

And how Entertainment find itself a place’ in Stella E Powers Foundation, even that, I wish to explain in this article. Of course, over the years’ I thought of a way of creating some source of income that could help in raising some funds we can use in helping our kids, youth, students, people suffering from health condition and so on, in our foundation. And just then I thought of entertainment. Something like music and acting of movies. And yes’ to be realistic, both music and movie has always been my passion. And so I decide on using my passion’ to create a better place for our African lost children and people in serious need of help. Though I have recorded some number of music tracks, but at the same time we will be working on some movies too. Of course, if you continue to read our articles’ you will be notified about every of our upcoming events.