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What P-matrix Global can do for you

Since P-matrix Global went into partnership with the Australia Company, the Asia Corporation and the American tycoon, the artiste administrators of the corporation has been working with two other officials to obtain licensing deals and more music distributions for the artistes they represent.

Adjacent to Mr. Bryan Williams the President of P-matrix Global; Caleb Cooper and Emanuel Carter, who are comprehensively recognized as artiste administrators of P-matrix Global, will send two other officials to personally submit your music at individual meetings to VIPs and more distributors for an advance for you.

Once your music is been accepted by P-matrix Global, you’ll receive a full report of all meetings and submissions from our management. In addition to that, digital stations will play and chart your music from the 4 corners of the world. So what are you waiting for? Why not connect with us today. We are P-matrix Global, searching for the artiste in you.