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Welcome To MaskLegion Music Page

Welcome To MaskLegion Music Page
We are A Sub-Label Under P-matrix Global Entertainment
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MaskLegion Music House is a musical company first generated and managed by a Chinese fellow name Mr. Bojing Chung-Ho in Asia around 1990. Ever since the creation of MaskLegion music House, the record label as influence the world by not just marketing and distribution but chiefly by music shows. In order to find new talent MaskLegion Music as gained widespread acknowledgment because of it none stop music concert in its entire music variety.

MaskLegion Music in late 2017 was purchased by P-matrix Global Entertainment, and now standing tall as a sub-label under P-matrix Global Entertainment. If you are a singer or wish to be a music backup; if you are a dancer, an upcoming creative music artistes, or a worthy instrumentalist who is good in playing any kind of instrument; just mail us your music audio or display your talent on a short video performance and email it to us.

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We are MaskLegion Music House; along with our parent company P-matrix Global Entertainment, we market various genres of music from every ends of the world. However our epic center is generally tinted on musical concert.

MaskLegion Music House or Label, believes that one of the entertaining ways of reaching it audience is through a sound music concert. And that’s why besides music marketing we stand so strong on global music gig; and at the same time assist with cool chances for other music promoters or agents across the globe that has good music from talented artiste to present to our music house. MaskLegion Music is just seeking for artistes who are willing to give their totality to music to keep amused the heart of their music fans and interest the world. With such artiste around the company, we will market and develop you or your music band through promotion in every of your new release, through thousands of flyers and club CDs, global celebrity interviews, worldwide music distribution, radio promotion and more.

Right from the time MaskLegion Music House was acquired by P-matrix Global Entertainment; our corporation has gotten lot of upcoming artiste and superstars taking part in our special recording contracts; though undeniably Contracts at times might be stunted or extended over protracted periods; and may or may not refer to specific recordings.

Presently MaskLegion Music is welcoming you home for all your musical needs. MaskLegion Music was first generated in 1990 by Bojing Chung-Ho in line for his fondness and craving for music and entertainment. Ever since P-matrix Global obtained MaskLegion Music, our music corporation has being offering several music contracts and our music gig engagement as also increased

 We have been working hard to make stronger our musical leading light guarantee, which includes good music and concert performance that will exceed our fans desires.

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Feel free to call our hotlines or send us your mails today, to learn more about what our Connoisseurs can do to assist you. Connect with us today, to go on live musical concert around the world. We are a musical publishing company with our roster at the moment consisting of bands and single independent artiste. We promote and arrange a steady musical show for both our upcoming artiste and already made artiste, to make the world discover their talent and feel their sound of music through good concert. Feel at ease now with MaskLegion Music House, as we show your talent to the world. We are here to make the world discover the genius in you.

Actually in order to craft a stress-free ground of communication for our local artistes. Our musical corporation P-matrix Global Entertainment has also resolve to make the president of the company all accessible from the month of August 2018, not just for it international artistes but also for it local artiste. In another way it also means that, local artistes can get to sit one on one with the President of MaskLegion Music, from time to time to discuss about their music project and their fantasy for music sponsorship. And the president of the corporation will later bring it before the officials and it business administrators for consideration