THE NIGHT STALKER🧔 by🧔Stella E Powers

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Before I and the Night stalker came into the picture, there were three military special agents already operating under the U.S military secret service division. A division notoriously acknowledged as the Section 1’44, but syndicated globally as World Terrorist Detachment {WTD}. And just like any other high risk operations taken by the Section 1’44; these same three military special agents where sent on an unusual mission to Syria’ to rescue some group of American hostages who were taken captive by some terrorist cluster acknowledged as the ISIS. An Islamic state militant group’ headed by a Syria fanatic bomber and exterminator name Abdul Ali. And just when they thought they’ve succeeded with their mission, something went wrong. And the mission that was supposed to be quick and easy, turned out to be bloody and lasted much more than expected.

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The Night Stalker🧔byStella E. Powers

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My name is Stella Walters. I am a black American and today’ I have chosen to write the story of my life, and it not basically because I have an interesting past to share with the world. But it because’ I am hoping that after this moment, I could finally close the secret library of misery’ embedded in my heart which I have built since I was little. And to add to my story, Walters’ isn’t supposed to be my last name but Da Vinci’ rather. However, I choose to answer my mom father’s last name because until tomorrow, I still can’t stop myself from feeling that mom could have still been alive if father had not cheated on her, which anger led to her dead on that same day. Oh, how I wish I had a past to remember that could make me smile! But no, I have experience only bad times which father before passing to the land beyond said’ was created by fate to help me know how good time would feel. I just turned 24 years barely five hours ago, but that isn’t what I am proud about, but rather’ I am proud to be the granddaughter of the late military special agent’ Joel Walters. A hero that was known by everyone as a great yesterday soldier for the universe, and a valuable gift for the United States of America. A soldier who loved his country, did his best for her, and died for her. And in order to stay within the vestige grandfather had built, fate favoured me with the presence of Colonel Miles Harrison’ as a godfather. A godfather’ who always reminds me of how brave my grandfather was’ and how I could be like him’ operating under the WTD as a special agent’ if I wanted. A godfather’ who is also a Colonel’ assigned to head the WTD military Unit, where my late grandfather Joel Walters died’ carrying out his duty as a military special agent. And today’ just like my late grandfather Joel Walters, I am a proud soldier, a Military Special Agent’ operating under the U.S military secret service detachment. A detachment active under the U.S military Defense intelligence group. A group generated 29 years ago by the U.S Government’ and as a secretive branch for the U.S Defense intelligence service. A secretive branch for the U.S Defense intelligence service with a Subdivision acknowledged as the Section 1’44′ however, syndicated globally as World Terrorist Detachment, but curtly branded as the WTD.

All we they three Military Special Agents of the WTD’ are exceptional military secretive special agents’ who are well trained in the field as more superior military personnel’s. We are expert in fighting against terrorism around the world, and our epicenter is tinted on taking on high risks or threats priority missions which other military Unit might not be able to complete or undertake.

We are unvarying soldiers on uniform. However, occasionally we frequently dress on our personal clothing’ to complicate our perpetrators thoughts when it time for them detecting us just before our mission is observed. And even though as soldiers’ we are constantly categorize as military special agents, but still we are nothing different from the cessation soldiers, except for the special training and features planted in us. Again’ our skills on field are largely exceptional because our undertakings and our missions are excessively dangerous and extremely chancy’ compare to the normal duties carry out by the cessation soldiers.

And just in case you are forgetting who I am; I am Stella Walters, and yes, we are soldiers with something in us that can’t be compromise. And that same thing is what makes us stand apart from the time-out inhabitants. And yes, each time we speak as soldiers’ there’s an honor attached to our voice; for a soldier’s word attracts the integrity and sacrifice for his country! And his voice speaks not only for himself’ but also for the assaulted and molested neutrals that can’t shield their selves from harassment. We are the American military special agents’ who are standing side by side with American Territorial Armies, fighting bravely against terrorism so your freedom and safety would last.

We are American soldiers who plinth resolutely on fighting enemies and revolutionaries you might not always see; fighting them from mountains high to valley low and from jungles drops to desert patrols.

We are the WTD Military Special Agents, active under the U.S military Defense intelligence group.

In the past and even now, The Section 1’44 of the WTD Operation Unit’ as hit so many skirmishes and in addition as apprehended numbers of revolutionary’ bringing them down to justice. Though sometimes there are seven field marshals or more in the WTD Operation Unit control room’ were I operate as a military special agent. However, during my earliest Operations with the WTD, I have been acquainted by our Unit’ that the Section 1’44 has never assigned above three Military Special Agents’ since it was created. And I was clearly made to understand during my training with the Section 1’44, that my line of duties after my training would be basically on carrying out high risk and threats priority missions across the globe. And that is why’ as it stands now, all I can say is that’ I have a lot to tell you guys about my operations’ carried out alongside my two other team’ whom together in the past we had completed our duties in the WTD as military special agents. Nevertheless before I begin I will similarly like to talk about some of the missions’ that was carried out by the previous three U.S Military Special Agents that operates within our Military Unit before us. Their names were Joel Walters, Paul Johnson and Harris James.

I came to know so much about these three WTD military special agents’ just fairly after I started operating under the Section 1’44 of the WTD as a Military Special Agent too. However, amongst them’ was also my late grandfather Joel Walters, whose story I am acquainted about’ since when I was little. Perhaps’ that is why somehow I find it appealing to use him as a means of completing the soldierly story about myself’ and the night stalker’ of which I’m about putting into words. However, before the ending of this story, I shall rejoin it with few other pages containing the summary of the other two military special agents. But right now, just as I had earlier said; I wish only’ to get started with my grandfather, Joel Walters, who is my family’ and also recognise as one of the WTD Military Special Agents, who before me had operated’ under the Section 1’44 of the WTD’ as a military special agent. The story am about sharing this moment is about his little daughter named Marissa’ who even in dead I still call mother. The same Marissa whose doctor notice some complication in her birth’ just barely an hour after she was born. And while my mom parent’ Joel Walters were still in the hospital, a wealthy family celebrated as the Leonardo Da Vinci family, brought their only son name Fernando into that same hospital who was finding it very difficult in breathing. The same Fernando who is my late father now.

Fernando at that time was only four years old when he was diagnose and conformed of lungs problem in that same hospital. A cheerful little kid he was at that time. Something unplanned happened few days later, when somehow my both families known as the Joel Walters family and the Leonardo Da Vinci family’ bump into each other in that same hospital. And then during their conversation, they somehow came to know that they were living in the same neighborhood, and this is where I wish to begin the story connecting my both families. The same story which began just after my parents Fernando and Marissa were discharged from the hospital. For it came to pass that before long, my both families, they Joel Walters and the Leonardo Da Vinci family became family friends’ visiting and inviting each other’s on family occasions and parties. And then’ few years later, Marissa grew into a beautiful little girl and became best of friends with Fernando. While growing up as children in that neighborhood, most people in that lane’ and at school’ are always acquainted’ of how defensive Fernando was toward his friend Marissa. And then’ Based on those observations, everyone around them starts recounting their love as that of Romeo and Juliet. And then at the age of sixteen, Fernando mom died of Alzheimer disease. And then again’ few years later, Fernando got admission into one of the best university in Washington DC. And like a year after Fernando got his admission into the University, Marissa also got an admission into that same university as with Fernando.

And it came to pass that during Marissa first year in the University’ she fell in love with Fernando. But then again’ she kept that secret only to herself. And because of that’ her love story with Fernando went mutely’ until her final year in the university. Conversely about a month to her graduation from the university’ just as usual Marissa went visiting Fernando. But on that day she went visiting Fernando, he was taking his bath and instead of her leaving’ she went sitting on the couch inside his room waiting for him. And within a minute everything went wrong’ when on his couch she saw his diary which all his undisclosed secrets from childhood were written with red pen. And just then, the cover of the diary interest Marissa attention as she decides to take a look at it. While scrutinizing the diary cover, unintentionally she opened it. And then suddenly’ the words written with red pen attracts her attention, and so she decides on reading one of the critiques written with the red pen. And then somehow in the process’ she ruined everything as she opened the next page of the diary and read where Fernando wrote how he’s been in love with her since his teenage age. And just around that same minute she was done reading that phase, she raised her head up at the sound of the cracking door’ just to behold Fernando showing up. Fernando was shocked to see his diary wide opened on her hands. And Marissa face on seeing him’ crammed like one kick on the teeth. At that point Fernando had no choice but choose to admit his love for her, believing that she already knew everything about it. Yes, It wasn’t difficult for them to accept each other and become couple after then’ because their feelings for each other’ as long been a muted desire which they have been hiding from each other since long time ago.
Roughly a year later’ while Marissa and Fernando was still in relationship as couple. My grandfather Leonardo Da Vinci’ was diagnosed with cancer. After Leonardo came back from the MRI, he hid it from the knowledge of his son Fernando, not wanting him to know that the doctor had told him that he had only but a short time to live. Leonardo makes sure that the secret remains only between his doctor and his family lawyer. The reason why he hid it from my father Fernando’ was just to see to it’ that his son doesn’t worry much of been an orphan’ so soon’ as fate might have it. And then shortly afterwards’ Leonardo visited his lawyer again making him revolutionize everything in his previous willpower which he had written to be attesting after his death. In the documents containing his new Willpower, he make his only son Fernando his next of king, handing over every of his assets to him. However, he made it comprehensible to the lawyer that after he had died of the cancer, the Leonardo group of Companies, as well as his entire possessions should be handed over to his son Fernando’ only on his twenty eight years birthday. On the contrary’ again Leonardo said that, in the main time, his assistance, Christopher Williams’ should remain the president of the gigantic company, handling everything.
Again conferring the story I learnt from our detachment about my other grandfather’ the Leonardo Da Vinci family. I was also told that, few days after Leonardo Da Vinci got done with the transfer of power of ownership with his lawyer to his son Fernando, he got a call from his doctor that something can still be done about his cancer since it has not yet intake him vastly. On the contrary’ the doctor said that’ the one hundredth guarantee of his survivor during the surgery can only be split based on fifty’ fifty. The moment Fernando got the call’ he quickly visited the hospital and arranged a date with the doctor for the surgery. But before the day of the surgery’ he decides on visiting some of his company branches outside the United States of America’ on a quick board business meeting. According to his doctor’s testimony, Leonardo last discussion with him was that his main reason of unifying those business meetings before his surgery was because he wanted to set things right for his son’ just in case something went wrong during the surgery, since his chance of survivor according to his doctor was based on the ground of fifty, fifty.

Before Leonardo explored on those business meetings were his industrial branches where. He decides on visiting Greece first, but on his way to Greece’ they plane he boarded was highjack by some terrorist cluster recognized as the ISIS. And that same aircraft highjack by those ISIS from Greece to Syria’ comprises of men, woman and children. They ISIS key player’ who sky-jacked the plane with his group’ later identify himself’ with a name called’ Ihtsham I’zaaz, to the Americas, while giving some reasons behind the skyjacking, saying it was centered on the releasing of a Syria head fanatic bomber, and exterminator name Abdul Ali from the U.S prison’ who was caught’ aligned to the information given by the Section 1’44 of the WTD’ while trying to plant a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles with his cluster. Again’ I was told that few days after the ISIS shows some proof of their identity to the American government, the same Syria militants who brand themselves as the ISIS’ release a propaganda video of Leonardo Da Vinci’ along side eleven other men, using them as a weapon of rebellious threats to the U.S government; threatening to slaughter Leonardo Da Vinci with the other hostages by the side of the seashore, if the U.S authorities does not release their leader’ Abdul Ali from prison within five days. Amongst the eleven men shown on that propaganda video’ were also two other U.S government senates. The propaganda video of Leonardo Da Vinci and the eleven other men which were released by the ISIS circulated social Medias promptly, especially on the YouTube and Facebook. Leonardo and the other eleven hostages were seen in the video’ all dressed on red jumpsuit, kneeling by the seashore with an ISIS flag next to their spokesman’ whose name was Ihtsham I’zaaz, whose face was all veiled will black clothing. During Ihtsham I’zaaz speech, he claims to the Americas been a father of three sons and a daughter. And then’ shortly after the America government saw the video, they speedily call for an instant senate resolution’ to resolve on what can be done on the Syria malicious threat to the abducted America’s citizens. And so during their discussion’ a suggestion was brought up by one of the council’ to again involve our detachment’ the Section 1’44 of the WTD. And just on time’ the WTD detachment were involved in the current situation. And at that point’ Abdul Ali’ who was the reason behind the malicious threat carried out on the American government’ was visited in prison for interrogation by Joel Walters, Paul Johnson and Harris James’ who at that time were the ones operating under the Section 1’44 as Military Special Agents. And while the interrogation against Abdul Ali was going on in prison; the three Military Special Agents’ got him tortured and hassles just to get the location of the other ISIS cluster of his’ in Syria who were behind the skyjacking. However, despite the torture carried out on Abdul Ali the ISIS leader, still he decline to give the contact of his cluster. And at that point the seven field marshals of the WTD Operation Unit control room, combined with it three military special agents, and together they directly cart out several researches on Abdul Ali profile. And in unison they made some interaction in Syria from a certain informant name Gary Hajid, based on finding out certain information regarding Abdul Ali family and their location as well. Shortly afterwards, and based on the order given by the American president to a U.S Captain in Syria! Abdul Ali wife, his two sons and two daughter were all abducted immediately by some U.S soldiers in Syria. The abduction was all a strategy’ arranged by the WTD our detachment to seek information from Abdul Ali, since he’s refuses to corporate with them, not minding even though they had him killed. And then about an hour after the capture of Abdul Ali family by the U.S military who based in Syria. A video call was showed to Abdul Ali in prison where his entire family was about to be executed. And at that instant’ the WTD military special agents threatened Abdul Ali once again in prison’ asking him to give them the location of his ISIS cluster in Syria who have concealed those American hostages or his entire family will be assassinated. The whole happenings were all a mere threat though, but Abdul Ali who thought that they were serious about it, started insulting the Americans calling them some dirty names. However, before long’ he was put to silent when a rod was used on every part of his body. And then within some periods and with so much games played on Abdul Ali, he finally gave the name of a region where those ISIS militants could be found. However, the address he gave to the WTD was a wrong one though. And then the WTD’ and the U.S government’ who where unacquainted that the address given by Abdul Ali to them’ was a wrong one’ instantly send their three special agents, Joel Walters, Paul Johnson and Harris James to Syria’ for the rescuing of the twelve hostages who were about to be slayed. But before they got to Syria, sadly enough’ their informant named Gary Hajid who gives information regarding the location of Abdul Ali family, missed his track and got captured by the ISIS militants who were working for Abdul Ali. How they came to know that Gary Hajid’ was an informant to our detachment’ that remains a mystery to our detachment’ until today. And When the WTD three military special agents finally got to Syria, they went in search of Abdul Ali cluster region’ focused on the report given to them by Abdul Ali. The three special agents later face the fact when they finally got there’ that the information regarding the location given to them by Abdul Ali’ was all lies all along. The moment they got acquainted with Abdul Ali lies; they try to leave from that region immediately. But while leaving, it was very much unknown to them that Abdul Ali ISIS cluster had not only captured, tortured and slayed Gary Hajid their Syria informant, but as likewise acquired information from him before his death that they will be visiting that savanna on that same day, and that too had also happened when the ISIS’ had threatened to look for his family and slay them if he doesn’t feed them with the answers the needed. And when our military special agents finally got to that savanna; it was very much unknown to them that Abdul Ali ISIS clusters had already came in their numbers to that same savanna and was long waiting for them even before their arriver. And just when our military special agents’ thought that the ISIS militant can’t be found around that savanna, the ISIS militant showed up from behind and started shooting at them like crazy. The WTD special agents fought back like a real soldiers, killing the ISIS in their numbers. But somehow during the shootout’ one of our WTD special agent’ whose name was Harris James, got shot and was critically wounded. However, only him tried to made it home alive amongst his team; but then again’ he lost his both legs during the combat with the ISIS.

Paul Johnson, who fought very well during the combat’ also got badly burned with fire by Abdul Ali ISIS cluster and was finally shot on the head. And when Joel Walters thought that all his team were death; he captured one of the ISIS clusters and ran away with him. And after he ran away adopting one of the militant, he tortured him and made him tell of their camp location. And after getting the location’ Joel Walters contacted some of the U.S military in Syria for an immediate backup. And then at nightfall, the U.S military in Syria got late in arriving; and just then, Joel Walter’s ran out of patient and got into the ISIS camp all alone’ thinking that they U.S army might never come. All he wanted was to free the rest U.S hostages in that ISIS terrorist camp and as well get even with his partners who got shot during the combat with the ISIS militant. But in the process Joel Walters got seen by the ISIS militant’ and there was an open fire between him and them. And yes, not too long from when Joel Walters got into the ISIS camp, the U.S soldiers arrived and join the fight. And during the gun shot’ lot of Abdul Ali ISIS clusters were killed, while some of the U.S soldiers died in the process too. Afterwards, some of the American hostages in the ISIS prison Camp who were captured and maltreated for a very long time were all freed by the Americas. Amongst those prisoners’ where many as well whom even our American government’ were never acquainted of their capturing. But lucky for them, our soldiers and Joel Walters got them all released during the shootout, though some of them died in the period of the shootout while running away, however, many returned home alive.
Sadly enough though, my other grandfather Leonardo Da Vinci’ and the other eleven hostages’ that were displayed on the media by those ISIS militant’ were actually kept separately from those other long time kept hostages. And because of that’ they where never found by the U.S army, and by Joel Walters’ our WTD military special agent. Oh’ I almost forgot to mention even this to you, that Joel Walters died in the rain while sacrificing his life for the other soldiers and the American hostages that he freed earlier alongside with those soldiers. Joel Walters’ died far away from home’ alongside our Syria based American soldiers’ that he knew. And when he died’ his blood ran and mingled with that of the death ISIS, the ones who shot him causing his blood shed.

Tactlessly the worse came to be as the five days given approaches and the ISIS fantasy could not be granted by the U.S government.

The ISIS got so irritated and kept their word, Slathering Leonardo Da Vinci to death by the seashore, alongside with the eleven other hostages.

Years later’ after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. Fernando got to the age’ assigned by his father and took possession of the company.

Few months after he took over the company; the business corporation grew even larger globally’ because of the new ideas he brought into the company. And before anyone could say hey, money started coming in a very large amount than expected. And of course, just as some people sometimes say’ money can be perceived by girls even from a distance. This came to be as girls started running after Fernando who tries resisting them for a while, but at the ending fell into their trap’ as money changed him automatically. And just before Fernando could understand the game, he already become a humanizing jerk.

Although’ in all Fernando secret affairs, he never let Marissa gets to know of it. For even been crazy and chaotic with girls, his love and desire for Marissa had never changed. However, on a certain Val day, his walls fell apart as Marissa visited him in his father’s mansion and saw him having sexual intercourse with her best friend Nancy. The pains of what she sighted’ punch her so hard on the chest that she got lost in anger and beat both of them so hard with the Valentine flowers she bought for Fernando, while having the flowers smash to smithereens all over the position she saw them committing that sin. Marissa couldn’t take the hurting and so she broke up with Fernando instantly. And On her way driving back home’ so filled with fury in her heart’ she got a call about the death of her mother who got involved in a car crash. They whole thing came as shock to Marissa’ and she lost control while driving and had a car crash too.

Okay guys, just as I had earlier said, My name is Stella Walters, and yes, don’t forget too that my story started with my late grandfather Joel Walters, and then the other two military special agents also got involved just as I earlier said I will bring them into the picture. But then again, just as I started my story with Joel Walters, again I will like to end this story with him also.

Yes, Many years ago, as a military soldier’ Joel Walters was selected to joined the WTD while still in his prime age. Together with his team’ he had fought so many battles; but today he’s gone. He was injured and killed while fighting with Abdul Ali ISIS militants. His body was ridden with bullets; nobody could know for sure what he had to endure while his blood spurts on that desolate ground! Nobody knows just how much it hurts. Did he in the last flash of his strife’ felt like he had misused his life while fighting for a senseless hostility? Or did he while breathing his last, felt proud like he’s done the right thing’ fighting to protect his people and the American dream. Joel Walters’ was a soldier who stood alone with a gun in his hand, fighting for peace, fighting for freedom. The last soldier on that path that held him while his blood spurs on that Syria desolate ground had said that, the last few lines of the words he heard Joel Walters whispered to him was; “I’m a soldier great and strong”. “For the lives of rebels and the ISIS militant I have executed and snuffed, I never felt wrong”. “The pains and cries I gave to revolutionaries’ got me a name”. I am bold and brave, my name is Joel Walters”. The last soldier on the run’ who held him under the rain while he was bleeding so badly, said Joel Walters had earlier said those words to him while he was holding him in his arms. The same last soldier on the run whose name was Alexandra Patriot’ similarly told our detachment that’ Joel Walters also told him to leave shortly after then’ just when the shooting coming from those Islamic state militant commence yet again’ in a more deadly tactic.

And just as I have said earlier, Joel Walters was known by everyone as a great yesterday soldier for the universe, and a valuable gift for the U.S. He loved his country, did his best for her, and died for her.

Even without knowing my late grandfather Joel Walters, I love and respect him a lot. And that is why I don’t regret ever bearing his last name’ Walters.

Okay guys: I wish to write a few pages now’ about my late mom Marissa’ and what happened about that car crash many years ago before I was born. I am talking about that same car crash that finally took her life in the hospital. It hurts me a lot that I never get to know her, and now I can only blame father regarding this, for it is his mistake only. Yes, if he had never cheated on mom with her best friend Nancy, and yes, if he had never been that humanizing jerk, perhaps mom would have still been alive today. Somehow I know’ you might be wondering how I came into the picture’ since Father Fernando and mom Marissa were never married at that time. It okay guys, for that’s why I have decided to write this few pages about mom’ where I can easily break in, to tell of my birth. And Yes, the story of my birth took place after father Fernando’ had taken over the Leonardo group of company’ as his inheritance from my late grandfather, Leonardo Da Vinci. When mother Marissa had went visiting father on that Val day, even she was never acquainted with the knowledge that she was pregnant with me. She had only went to father’ to have fun with him’ just like any other Val Day. But after her breakup with father’ and After she received that call about her mom’s involvement in a car crash, even she had to face the same fate that same day. And in that same hospital were she was taken by some good Samaritans, after some tests carried out on her, the doctor confirm her pregnant with a child. And yes, that same child today’ is no one else but me. Sadly though’ the story never ended there. For shortly after my father came to that same hospital my mom was hospitalised, they doctor had told him alongside my mom’s relatives that’ my mother Marissa’ had not only had a brain damage due to the accident, but has also had a terminal ill diagnosis, alongside a broken spinal cord’ and can never be able to sit or walk again.The doctor’s advice to my family at that point’ was for an euthanasia process’ to be carried on my mother’ and that too’ after the help her give birth to me through surgery when I’m due for delivery. The euthanasia process the doctor advised on my mother; that he has also describes as physician-assisted suicide (PAS). In another words’ PAS also means’ a doctor knowingly helping someone end their life. The doctor also try to bring my relatives to an understanding saying to them that, if active euthanasia is not carried out on my mom, she’s likely going to spend the rest of her life on that bed’ experiencing persistent and unending suffering. But by euthanasia’ he said, he can easily end her life by painless means’ as he instantly gave an example of an injection of a lethal drug which may be used. However, at first’ neither my mom’s relatives or my father accepted for that active euthanasia to be carried out on my mother. But about a year after the doctor helped my mom gave birth to me through surgery, my mom’s relatives gave in to the doctor’s advice’ and had the euthanasia done on my mom Marissa. My mom died afterwards, and I never get to know her. The only memory I have of my mom, is only that of her pictures’ which I have always kept with a code’ very save in my heart. After the death of my mom, I stayed with my relatives for a long time. My father Fernando’ was allowed to see me whenever he wanted; however, despite every of his effort, he still couldn’t gain costudy of me, until when like his father Leonardo’ he also died of cancer when I was just thirteen. My godfather Miles Harrison’ came into the picture shortly afterwards. And base on this point only, I wish to begin by saying, sorry’ but I will have to stop my story right here’ but however, with an intersection; and hopefully to continue in the next series. Though before this break’ I will love to ask but a few questions, to know your thoughts regarding my unspoken words. And my questions are as follow.

Who are the new special agents that will interchange the decease WTD special agents? I guess you already know that one of them is me, Stella Walters; but what do you think could be their fate has military special agent under the WTD? And yes, what is the fate of the special agent Harris James’ the only survivor of his team’ who loss his both legs during the combat? Who is the night stalker that stands for this story? Don’t think you’ve known a thing about me just yet. Now only time will define my story’ as I tell of it series by series…

To be continued…

Thank you very much for listening the story behind THE NIGHT STALKER.

This story as just began

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