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Michelle Morgan works at the top secret SSOST ( Secret Society Of Smart Teens) She and her best friend, Jordan, are called to Miami for, after years of training, their first mission. They are to uncover a teen bomber who has been making friends with the wrong people, and bombing several SSOST sites. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem. Michelle used to live in Miami and all her old bullies, haters, and enemies are still there, in the same high school which she is to attend. Will Michelle finally stand up to them? Or will they rip open the half healed wounds of the past, putting the safety of the mission-and her-in danger?

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Chapter 1: The Mission (trailer in the media 🙂

by Sabrinachick248

Dedicated to nuhdes

I walked over to Jordan, my fellow spy and best friend, trying not to laugh too hard at the sight of him hanging upside down by a rope.
“Well, well, well.” I say, walking in. “It looks like poor little Jordy isn’t so good at avoiding booby-traps after all.
“I–um–I was distracted! See um, Candice stopped by to watch me train, and she and a few other girls started giggling and chatting and then, I lost focus and…”
“And you fell into a booty trap. You know what? I think Melvin set them here ON PURPOSE to see if we were ready to finally go on our first mission! ” I examined my nails, waiting for an apology.
“Look, Ellie,” he said, using my childhood nickname to melt my heart. “I’m sorry. It was a mistake and I will try not to let it happen again.”
Then he gave me his irritating, yet some how endearing, lopsided smile.
I rolled my eyes in irritation and started walking away.
“And, um, Michelle?” I turned and looked into his green eyes.
“Can you please help me down from here?”
I’m Michelle Morgan. I’m sixteen. When I was 12 years old, I skipped three grades after taking the IQ test.
Then just before I started high school, someone came to our house talking about some secret organization for smart kids and how they wanted to recruit me and Jordan. Both of our over eager parents, happily agreed, shipping us off to the Secret Society of Smart Teens (SSOST) for short.
They teach us hacking and coding and encrypting. I know ten different languages and am on a college level in all my studies.
There are three branches of SSOST. The Orchid, Hydrangea, and…Blackthorne. Blackthorne was the sort of legendary branch, where all the famous male spies have come from. James Bond went there. We are the Hydrangea branch. A mix of boys and girls. Blackthorne is all boys and Orchid is all girls.
The ruler of it all is Dr. GQ he lives somewhere totally top secret.
Melvin is the head supervisor of Hydrangea and he is not to be messed with.
So when he pulled Jordan and I aside, after dinner I knew something was up.
“Michelle, Jordan. I think you two are ready for your first mission.” He said in his usual crisp, perfect English.
My eyes widened and Jordan’s mouth dropped open.
“Your plane will be here tomorrow at ten am sharp so be ready. Shirley, my assistant will send you the details.”
He looked straight at me sending a jolt through me as his gray eyes met my blue ones. “And Mr. Cove, close your mouth before an insect gets in.” Jordan’s mouth shut with a snap. Then Melvin turned around, adjusting his suit jacket as he walked out of the dining hall.


Chapter 2: The Flight

by Sabrinachick248
Dedicated to thaiminhtrangnhi
I was awoken at five am sharp by Mrs. Beetle the girl sector housekeeper. As usual, I rolled over, trying to get more sleep.
“Michelle, if you don’t get up right now I swear I’ll pour an ice bucket on you!” She threatened.
I shot up from the bed, having already experienced it before. Candice and her little clique smirked.
“I guess little Shelly is afraid of water.” Candice mocked me in a baby voice. To put in bluntly she was a bitch. She was 17 and a the beauty queen of the of the Hydrangea branch. All her missions were successful and most boys had a crush on her. Candice was conceited, and her little flock of girls that followed her every where she went.
I also took an intense disliking to her on sight. Nothing to do with the fact that she’d been hanging all over my best friend from day one.
She always picked on me because she had a crush on Jordan and I was his best friend. I don’t know why all girls automatically go on the offensive if their crush has a female best friend…never mind that I had a crush on him.
Even so I hated when she called me Shelly. That was the worst nickname for the name Michelle.
“That’s not my name.” I growl, putting on the official black spy uniform. I put on a stretch black Hydrangea shirt, slipping a black leather jacket on.
Next were the custom made leather pants. I loved how they clung to me, snug and fit.
I slipped my feet into some high heeled black boots, I brushed my long black hair out, twisting it into a high pony tail.
I went to my mirror about to put on some eye liner to show Candice who’s boss, when I remembered that I didn’t know how.
I looked around for my best friend Clarissa. I couldn’t find her so I went to the bathroom cause just then because I really had to pee. I knocked on the door. “Clarissa Mane is in this bathroom.” She said in a firm voice.
Oh well, in that case. I barged into the bathroom. As expected she was at the mirror brushing her hair.
“Hey!” She exclaimed. “Why would you barge in like that?”
“Well you did leave the door unlocked.”
She lowered her eye lids, as if to say that was besides the point.
“Do my makeup Clar!” I pouted at her.
She gave in, lining my eyes and giving me mascara. She began to rub some stuff on my face that I assumed was foundation. “Oh, no. I am not letting you put that thing on my face.” She ignored my protests and finished the job, stepping back to view her handiwork.
Goodness. Give Clar an inch and she’ll demand a mile.
Then she took out the lip gloss.
“No, No, No. You know how I feel about putting things on my mouth.” I warned her.
“Come on! Just this once! Please…” She begged pushing out her bottom lip a little.
Let stop for a little, so I can explain. When I was about four I tried on my mom’s Juicy lip gloss, to go to a Fourth of July party. I was the perfect example of happy-go-lucky. It was hot out and mosquitoes were every where. I was having fun running through the lawn, so I really didn’t notice anything unorthodox until a boy yelled “Mommy, Mommy, that girl over there has bees all over her mouth!” So you can guess what happened next. I screamed and started running around. The bees got agitated and stung me all over my mouth. It hurt like hell and my whole mouth was inflamed.
Every since then I haven’t put anything on my mouth. Ever. So when Clarissa asked me to put on lip gloss you can imagine how i felt.
“Come on! What’s the worst that could happen?”

She complained, putting her hands on her hips. “We aren’t in bee season, you’ll be INDOORS all day, it’s not like you’re the only girl in this branch that wears lip gloss. Like, why would the bees choose you out of the 455 females who wear lip gloss?”

“Well, we could walk past the indoor bee farm…” I said struggling to make up an excuse for me not to wear it.
“Really, Michelle? ” She lowered her eyelids at me in plain irritation.
I sighed and leaned against the counter.
Finally realising that she would get no where like this she tried a different tactic.
“Okay, Ell, have I ever steered you wrong?”
“Well there was this time–” I began
“Oh! Wow! Speaking of time, I’m late for pills and poisons class.”
She left her brush on the sink, dashing out the door.
Less than a minute later though, her head popped back in.
“Oh, and about that lip gloss. One word: bae.”
I groaned in frustration; she was right. How could I show up in front of Drew, my impossible bae, with no lip gloss? I looked at the pink tube and it seemed to taunt “I know you want it, so come and get it.”
Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and quickly smeared the gooey mess on my lips.
Surprisingly, the world didn’t stop moving, a huge meteor shower didn’t hit the earth or some crazy junk like that. It actually felt good but in a foreign way.
Now, there may be some of you who don’t know what an impossible bae is. And those of you who actually know or just googled it right now may be wondering “How the heck can she have a bae, but still be crushing on her bff?”
Well an impossible bae is like a celebrity crush. You can fantasize all you want about them and they will never know. They will never even for a moment stop and think about you. Yet you still hang onto false hope, still wish and yearn for that person. Drew is my imposssbile bae.
I walked through the hallways and because I was late, they were deserted. I was sort of glad for that.
About halfway to class it hit me. I was about to walk in late to Fighting 101, with makeup, likpstick, and my full spy outfit.
Just then my iPhone buzzed. It was Clarissa.
Clar: you must be getting nervous right now, wearing that lipgloss
I quickly replied, wondering who let her use her phone; How did you guess?
Clar: Girl, I know you. I know you would do almost anything for bae. Also I know you don’t like foundation and lip gloss
So why would you make me do it, I jabbed out a reply filling the blanks with emojis
Clar: One day you’ll thank me
She sent a link.
I clicked on this link and couldn’t help but crack up. They could really dance, but I was just so shocked that they were making all of this fuss about lip gloss.
The song ended as I was approached the classroom door. I took a deep breathe let it out and went in.
The whole classroom stopped what they were doing to stare at me. Bae stopped in mid swing at his quivering opponent.
“I haven’t seen you wear lip gloss in like…over a decade.” Jordan said a bit too loudly and the whole classroom burst into laughter.
My ears burned in embarrassment; I couldn’t even deny it because it was true.

When I breezed past Jordan with an icy glare, he gave me a puzzled look.

I walked up to bae, crossing my arms.
“Sorry, I’m late. I had some stuff to take care of.”
Drew’s eyes narrowed in irritation and he arched a brow. “Well, thank you so much for gracing us with your presence. Ms.Morgan, I sincerely applaud you on interupting the class’s learning process.”
His eyes pinned me like a tack to the ground. Oh snap.
“Drop and give me fifty!” He ordered.
Oh, and did I mention bae was my teacher?
“Lift them legs! Higher! Higher!” He bellowed, blowing a shrill whistle. The whole class (especially the girls) groaned.
“Okay 40 squats ready, begin!” He blew that damn whistle again, making me seriously wonder why he was bae in the first place.
Drew wiped perspiration of his brow and went to do his own exercises. In the corner of the room was a metal contraption, us girls like to call…the ladder. He took off his shirt revealing toned abs and huge biceps. I blinked, stopping in the middle of a squat just to watch. He took a long pole hooked it in one of the rungs and began going up to another rung and another until he got to the top. Then he would come back down. I liked the way his muscles tensed and released and the sensual way sweat dripped down.
That’s why he was bae.
Finally, when class was over it was time for breakfast. I was almost out the door when Drew said “Michelle, can I see you at my desk?”
I stopped and slowly turned around.
Crap. I was probably in trouble.
He walked up to me and clapped me on the shoulder, and I jumped, not expecting it.
“Morgan, you have potential. I can see it. You may be a bit of a bookworm and a sap, but I can still see that you have grit and are gonna be a real importance one day.”
I opened and closed my mouth like a fish out of water. Now I really wasn’t expecting that.
He crossed his arms and smiled down at me. Wow. That was surprising. I walked to breakfast, my step a little lighter and my spirit a lot higher. Drew was quite a few years older than me so I kept impossible fantasies…fantasy.
Breakfast was usual. I took out the iPhone that the facility provides us with and asked Siri a question “Siri, I have a mission today, what should I eat?”
“Michelle, you should eat a light breakfast, there is a 95% chance you’ll be flying. I recommend buttered toast and some fruit. No junk food.”
“Okay, thank you Siri.”
I got the toast and an apple. Then I walked across the lunch room to our the little table by the window, that Clarissa, Jordan, and I usually sat at.
“Hey girl!” Clarissa said, pulling me out a seat. I sat down only to jump up again as Shirley walked in a manila folder in her hand. As was custom we all had to stand when Shirley came into the room.
She ignored Candice, who had her hands held out for the folder and stopped in front of me and Jordan. “Michelle, Jordan please come with me. I am to debrief you on your mission.”
Me and Jordan exchanged a glance and Clar gave me a ‘Why the heck didn’t you tell me?!’ look.
I merely shrugged, earning an evil glare from her which meant ‘You’re dead when you get back’.
Shirley walked us to the private jet on the roof.
“You’re mission is simple. Find an undercover teen bomber and bring him to us. He is classified as highly dangerous, and because of that you will undergo special training before hand. You will have to blend in with the crowd at high school, and make friends; get in on the most exclusive clubs.
This is a very important mission, and so you will be each given code names and special gear. The rest you need to know is in that folder. Don’t get caught in the law and at NO COSTS must you reveal that you are a spy.” Shirley warned, her steps brisk and even.
We got in the helicopter and buckled up.
I shakily opened the folder, and read.
Agent Micky _aka Michelle_
Agent Dan _aka Jordan_
You will be arriving in Miami in less than 7 hours. You will live with your former parents and be reacquainted with old friends. When asked where you were either
1. Say you went to go live with your aunt Gertrude
2. Say you ran away
3. Don’t answer
You must find out the name of this bomber in three weeks or less. This bomber has been bombing several SSOST sites for months now and he must be stopped. He works for Mask (Monkshood Association of Skilled Killers).
When you find him use this burner phone and call the emergency contacts. We only have a few facts on him. Brown eye color. Curly hair. Smart. Tall person.
I closed the file, having read enough, and handed it to Jordan.
So we were going back to my old town. I used to get bullied a lot at that school because I was a nerd. They would always find someway to get under my skin. Well they were gonna be in for big a surprise once they found out how much little Shelly has grown up.
I closed my eyes and leaned back on the headrest, settling in for the long haul.
Author’s Note
Hello my fellow wattpaders! Sorry for the long wait, I have been super busy with school. So tell me, how did you like this chapter? Was it up to your standards? Five stars? Four ? I wish you guys a wonderful weekend and I hope you guys finally pluck up the courage to stand up to school bullies like Michelle may or may not do in the next update. See you soon guys. Oh and that’s Drew in the media. Isn’t he just gorgeous?

To be continued

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