A Little Too Late📝by📝LovelyLoopyKari

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Ginny’s parents died saving her from a rogue attack, her brother along with the rest of the pack blame her for killing them. If she wouldn’t have gone on a run that day, if she wouldn’t have needed help, they’d still be here. She becomes hated and ridiculed by her pack she soon turns to drinking and self harm to cope with her pain. She can’t wait to find her mate so he can save her from this hell hole. But what if he can’t, what if he’s the new Alpha and doesn’t want to make the pack turn against him by accepting her. He wants things to cool off before he accepts her so he sleeps a rounds only breaking Ginny’s heart more. When he finally gets up the courage to accept her, it’s too late, she’s gone…

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 Chapter 1 
by LovelyLoopyKari

**Ginny 7
** Teddy 9
“Ginny!” My brother Teddy called after me. I giggled running through the woods barefooted as he tried catching up to me. The only reason I was running away from my brother was because I stole his game he was playing. He chased me around the house for a few minutes and just when he thought he had me cornered, I ran outside and into the woods. My parents cleverly locked the doors in our houses due to recent rogue attacks so I had to jump out a window. It was this awesomely cool flip thing I did and no one but my brother saw it and there was no way he was going to admit it was amazing.
“Ginny, we’re not supposed to be out here.” He called just as I looked behind me to see where my brother was. I smiled and turned around when he wasn’t close to me but I stopped when I saw a gigantic Black wolf growling at me. I backed up clutching the game tightly in my hand, trying to calm myself.
“Gin?” Teddy asked coming up beside me. He took in my fearful expression and turned around instantly. Teddy grabbed my hand, gripping it tightly. The wolf growled at us but stayed where it was. “Run!” Teddy shouted pulling me along as we weaved in and out of the trees. I felt the hot breath of the wolf running up my leg as he snapped at it.
A new wolf was running towards us, but this was one I recognized as my mom. My mom jumped over us and onto the wolf. We stopped running to help her but she barked at us and Teddy pulled me along with him, “Come on!” He shouted.
We heard a whimper and I looking behind me but I wish I didn’t. A different wolf I didn’t recognize jumped on top of her freeing the wolf my mom was holding down. I watched as the wolf on top of my mom snapped at my mom and her howls of agony cut off. My dad passed us going to his mate, my mom. He took down one wolf alone but was losing to the wolf who killed my mom. I saw the wolf eyes glow red as he too ended my fathers life.
“Ginny!” Teddy cried dodging a wolf from the side, I screamed when the wolf tackled me to the ground. His warm breath hit my face and blood lust was clear on his face. Tears ran down my face for my parents. The last thing I was going to see was their death. I closed my eyes ready to die as the wolf clamped down on my neck.
The wolf’s breath and teeth were gone but the pain was still there. I screamed in agony and Teddy was soon by my side holding my hand. “Ginny? Ginny please, you’re all I have left. Don’t leave me. GInny?”
“Teddy, it hurts.” I cried.
“Don’t move her.” I heard the Alpha tell him, “She might have broken her neck.”
“What about the scratches?” Teddy asked worriedly.
“I don’t know son.” he told him gravely. Scratches? All I could feel was a giant hole in my neck. My skin burned and fire was running through my veins. I screamed again and Teddy gripped my hand tighter.
“Ginny?!” was the last thing I heard him yell before darkness overtook me.

To be continued

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