His Light, Her Darkness📝 By📝FoggyCloudyWords

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You are mine!” He roars. “I will do whatever it takes to make you know that. Whether it means I lock you up in a prison and throw away the key.”
Footsteps come rushing into the dining room, and I turn to see multiple men–guards I suppose, flanking one another. Each of their hands rest on things within their jackets. Which i can only guess are guns. What else would they be?
He waves them off and stalks towards me, standing behind my chair. I try to turn my head to look behind me, at him, but his hands move to the sides of my face, stopping me.
“I can give you the world Mia. I am no fool. I know that love takes time, and I will give you as much as it takes. But you are mine.” He says so calmly.
When Mia Jones, a College student from Australia with a mysterious past is offered the opportunity to work as a translator for a man she had never heard of in New York City, she had assumed it would be a normal job, little did she know it would be the end of her freedom.
Matteo Giovanni is the most feared Mafia leader in New York, and the whole country, heir to the Italian Mafia, he is used to getting what he wants. And when he sees Mia walk into his office for a job interview, he knows he wants her.
She is his light, and he is her darkness. Will Mia ever be able to escape Matteo and the Mafia, or will she fall in love before she can stop herself?
Within this story there is coarse language and explicit themes.


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His Light, Her Darkness
by FoggyCloudyWords

Chapter 1: The Job

I can feel myself falling asleep.
This lecture has been going on for at least three hours by now, and the professor shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He’s rambling on and on and on, I’m trying so hard, so damn hard to not just listen with my eyes closed, but I know at the sound of the professor’s snappy voice that I have succumbed to sleep, only to be woken up by his words.
“Uttråkade jag dig? Är du för bra för min klass?” (Did I bore you? Are you too good for my class?) He yells towards the back of the theatre, forcing out of my daze.
“Ja!” (Yes) I say automatically, only just realising after I let the word slip, what he was asking me. “Nej, ledsen, jag menar, jag är bara trött.” (No, sorry, I mean, I’m just tired.) I scramble for my words. Swedish was one of my first languages I learnt, yet I still find it difficult, especially when I’ve just woken up from a quick nap.
I feel everyone’s burning gaze on me and i take that as my que to pack up and leave. Gathering my things, i hurry from the room, my face burning in embarrassment. I really shouldn’t go. Mother is paying for all of this but I wasn’t lying when I answered yes, I already know everything that professor is teaching.
I sound so stuck up, but i’m not going to lie, i am very good at languages, and i know much more than he lets on.
As I leave the classroom, I hear footsteps following hurriedly behind me, and as I leave the theatre, I turn around to find a man following me. He’s tall, definitely over 6’5, and his chocolate brown hair compliments his tan skin. One again, I cannot lie when I say he is very handsome, which leaves me questioning as to why he is following me.
“Excuse me!” He calls for my attention as I carry on down the halls just wanting to get home. Luckily for him I’m not rude, and stop turning to face him. “Hello Miss, i am very sorry to disturb you, but i just couldn’t help but notice how well you speak Swedish.”
I feel my face blush. Not many people compliment me on how well I can speak a language, and no one is ever this good looking at that.
“Thank you.” I reply. “I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new to the course?” I ask, trying to distract from how utterly awkward I am, and the fact that I am literally drooling over this guy.
“Well i’m actually scouting, looking for a translator, especially someone who can speak Swedish, i was wondering if you’d be interested in coming in for an interview?” The man’s deep voice is husky, and holds a slight Italian accent to it, though it’s hidden expertly well.
Wow, a hot guy is asking me to come in for a job interview to do the one and only thing i’m truly passionate about! Could this day get any stranger?
I do need a job actually, I’ve been trying everywhere but New York just does not seem to be my lucky city. It makes me miss home, and living in Australia.
I lived in Sydney for most of my life with my Mum, while my Dad lived all over the world, always working. He was essentially not a part of my life, though I still love him very much. We talk fairly often on the phone, and Skype. He sends me gifts all the time, so despite not having seen him in person for years, we are still very close. I used to get sad that I never saw him, but he was just protecting mum and I, and I respect that.
“Oh really?” I ask. “That would actually be great!” This could be a great opportunity to build up my portfolio. I may only be eighteen, but I need to get all the experience I can. “Sei italiano per caso?” (Are you Italian by any chance?) I ask, intrigued in his background, and hoping we can find some common ground so it’s not so awkward.
“Sì, lo sono, sei perfetto per questo lavoro, dovrei solo chiedere al mio capo di assumerti sul posto!” (Yes I am, you are perfect for this job, I should just ask my boss to hire you on the spot!) He laughs. “Seriously, are you Italian, because you speak it perfectly!”
I feel myself blushing even more, if that’s possible. “Thank you, and yes, i was born there, but lived there only for less than a year before moving away.”
“No wonder! What is your name Bella?”
Did he just call me beautiful? I am melting!
“Mia, and you?” I ask.
“Dante.” He smiles, holding out his hand, and I take it, expecting a handshake, but instead he brings my hand to his lips and kisses it! Oh my gosh!
I am officially deceased.
I watch as he pulls out a business card from the inside of his suit, jacket pocket. I swear as he does so though, I can see the flash of metal hidden beneath. I shake it off and give him a smile.
“Here is my boss’s card, I will schedule an appointment for tomorrow at nine?”
I nod, barely listening to his words. “Sounds good.”
“The address is just on the card and so is my number if you need any more information.”
“Thank you so much for this opportunity!” I beam at him.
He just smiles. “It is my pleasure Mia. I may see you tomorrow.” He purrs.
I nod my head a little too eagerly and give him one last wave before turning around again and cursing myself for being so darn weird. I learnt as many languages that i could so i can understand everything, yet i still can’t understand basic social cues, what’s wrong with me?
As I hurry away, I can’t help but notice that ahead of me are five men in black suits scattered around the outdoor campus. I catch the eye of one of them who seems to be talking into an earpiece and watching me intently.
I quickly scurry past him, hurrying to the car park and getting into my car, turning the ignition. My eyes one again catch the few men getting into multiple black SUVs, and I promptly drive away, getting onto the highway and far away from them. I am just being paranoid.
I make it home to my small apartment within the heart of New York city. Parking my car in the garage I get into the lift and press level eighteen, feeling relieved as it begins moving upwards. I swear I had seen one of those black cars following me, what the hell!
I’m sure i am just being crazy, i mean no one has any real reason to follow me, plus there are loads of black cars, i probably just was watching another random car which happened to be going in my direction.
Once I unlock the door to my apartment, I drop my things onto the couch and hurry to the window. I almost drop dead when I see three black cars parked at the bottom of my building, all in a line. I watch as all the men step out of the cars and head into the apartment complex.
Oh god.

⚽ Chapter 2: The Men In Suits

by FoggyCloudyWords
I had been sitting hidden under blankets upon blankets in my bedroom, anxiously eating a bar of chocolate while watching Netflix for the past twenty minutes.
Yes, I know I’m a paranoid little baby.
But why else would those men be coming into the apartment complex? Chewing on my nails, I almost fall off of my bed, accidentally dropping my laptop on the ground when I hear a firm knock on my door.
Oh god, oh god, this is bad, very very bad.
I literally know no one in New York, besides Alice who I befriended one drunken night at a club. But she would be working now…
I stand on shaky legs as I approach my front door, and it’s times like these I wish I had one of those peep holes to see who is on the other side. Taking a deep breath, I open the door to be greeted by my worst fear.
Stood in front of me is one of the men dressed in the black suit. He wears sunglasses despite being inside, and I stare at the earpiece in his ear. The man easily towers over me, and if he were to tackle me, id have no chance in fighting back.
“Hello?” I say hesitantly, just wanting to slam this door in his face.
“Miss Jones?” The man asks, confirming my identity. I give him a curt nod before he holds his hand out towards me. I stare at it expectantly until I realise he’s waiting for me to shake it. My hand extends.
“My name is Luca and I am a part of your security detail.”
That’s when I absolutely lost my shit.
“Get the hell out of here!” I scream, not caring about making a scene.
The man just looks down at me, not even fazed.
“Did you not hear me? Leave! Take the rest of your men with you, and go give someone else a heart attack!”
“Miss Jones, we are under strict orders–we are not permitted to leave you alone.”
I shake my head seething in anger. This is ridiculous! I cannot believe this man, I cannot believe he thinks he can do this! I was worried that someone had discovered me!
Huffing I purse my lips in a tight line. “Fine, but don’t expect to be watching me for long, I will make sure that you are gone before the morning!”
I then slam the door on Lucas face and bang my head on it, groaning.
Taking my phone from my pocket, I instantly dile the number to the person who is responsible for this. After three rings, they pick up.
“What the hell! I told you no security, not ever!” I screech into the phone before he even has a chance to say anything. “Dad, please, I just want a normal life, I don’t need any of these guards watching over me.” My voice slowly starts to calm down, but I still feel a burning fire within me.
“Honey, Sai che non posso (You know i can’t).” He says, his gruff voice trying to sympathise with me.
Even when he’s half way across the world he still thinks he can control my life!
“Do not start to speak to me in Italian, that won’t work, not this time. Even in Australia you had these stupid men following me, you said no more.”
“Mia, let me explain–”
“The reason I have my men protecting you is because I’m in New York.”
I choke on air. What? He’s actually in New York, we are in the same city?
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I ask.
I hear a tired sigh on the other end. “I only just arrived, and you know I cannot tell you these sorts of things in advance. But as I was saying, I want to see you Mia. I miss you.”
I can feel myself tearing up. I will finally get to see Dad after so long. This feels surreal.
“When?” I whisper into the phone, feeling as though he may just start laughing and telling me it’s just a joke. But i know he won’t, he wouldn’t do that.
“Dinner tomorrow night at seven; my new restaurant, i’ll send you the address.”
“I’ll be there.” I say. I had heard of his new restaurant that was opening up in the high end of New York. Dad owns a multi-billion dollar company with hotels, restaurants, casinos, while he also has to deal with things such as the mafia.
I know, crazy right! I should think it’s strange, but I’ve always known about my family heritage. I am proud of it, maybe not all the killing and violence, but I myself am my father’s daughter. I am a Marino, meant-to-be heir to the Italian Mafia.
Even crazier!
But I have always been adamant that I do not want to be in charge of the family business, and that is why someone else is taking over for me. I do not know who, but I couldn’t care less. I am making my own life, I am content with just being normal.
Of course I am lucky enough to have the chance to be normal at all as my mother and I moved to Australia when I was young, changing our names due to my father’s wish that we stay out of it all. But I always knew I would be a part of it one way or another.
That’s why I’ve been training. In defence mostly, and I must say I am quite skilled, same with a gun. Yet I hope to never use those skills, not while I am attempting to live normally.
And so that explains why my father has so much security on me. If anyone were to see him with me, they may just be trying to get to him through me… Luckily most people don’t even know my father has a daughter; me. Not even most of those in the Italian Mafia, so I’ve been pretty safe my whole life.
Anyway, I confirmed the details with Dad and we hung up. I can’t believe tomorrow night I will be seeing him! And who knows, maybe i’ll get the job and be able to tell him the good news!
That night I went to bed thinking of how my life is just coming together. Nothing could possibly ruin this high I am on. I mean, what could go wrong?
I hope you enjoyed today’s chapter, the next one will be extra spicy!

⚽ Chapter 3: Chop Off His Head!
I groaned, slamming my hand on my alarm.
It’s eight in the morning, yet I feel like I was hit by a truck last night and lived to have to wake up in the morning. I better get this damn job.
Jumping from bed, I take a quick shower and pull on a loose white blouse with a slight v-neck, as well as a navy skirt that sits just on top of my knees with a small slit. I am looking quite professional for something I pulled together from the pile of clothes in my closet.
I chose some nude ballet flats because heels suck, and no one can change me from that mentality.
I have a granola bar before leaving my apartment at eight forty five. The address on the business card is only round the corner, so I’ll be good for time.
Today I decided to take the elevator down to the main entrance and walk. Pressing the button, I patiently wait until the doors open and I step inside, clicking on the ground level.
This apartment complex is one of the fanciest in New York, and I was lucky I was able to persuade Mum and Dad that I didn’t need any fancier. They kept pestering me saying that it was better if i was in a place that was safe and bla bla bla.
This place is beautiful, yet it still holds the face of ‘i’m a rich girl who likes to spend daddy’s money’. Yes, i do get looks from people when i walk out the building, but i have come to get used to it. I mean, it’s not like I flaunt that I’m wealthy or anything.
Once I reach the ground floor, I step out into the foyer where I notice that the fancy restaurant has begun setting up for the day. I give the desk persons a smile and a wave before leaving the building.
I’m instantly bombarded with men in suits. Shit. I completely forgot they were following me around.
I give a sheepish smile to Luca who stands in front of me. “Look, I spoke to my father and I understand that you must look out for me, but I have an interview in fifteen minutes, and I don’t want to give a bad impression with you guys breathing down my neck.” I say with as much politeness as i can muster.
Luckily Luca gives a nod, understanding. “We will drop you to your interview and then wait for you outside.”
I’m about to open my mouth in protest until I realise there’s no point, Luca and his men are just doing their job.
I followed Luca and the other men to a black SUV, the exact one I saw following me the other day. I give the driver the address and within two minutes, i’m standing outside the intimidating building which looks as if it stands at, at least one hundred stories tall.
Taking a deep breath, I step inside past the glass revolving doors. I head to reception and give the lady there a smile. She is beautiful, like a model. Suddenly i feel so small compared to her. “Hello.” I greet you. “I’m Mia, and i’m here to see–” Omg i haven’t actually checked the dudes name. I quickly look at the business card.
Matteo Giovanni.
Well this dude is definitely Italian.
I wonder if he’s hot…
“Mr Giovanni, for the interview…” I continue, hoping I’m not as hopelessly awkward as I think I am.
“Yes, he is expecting you on level eighty-two. Here is a visitors pass which will temporarily allow you to use the elevators, just bring it back to be when you’re finished. Have a nice day.” She hands me the pass and I say my thanks, heading towards the elevator.
I get inside with three other people and tap the pass on a pad, hitting the button for eighty-two. My nerves are beginning to get the best of me, and I feel my hands begin to get sweaty.
Within a minute, I’m the last to get out of the lift.
I step into a beautiful, large waiting room with gigantic windows looking out onto New York city. It’s a view anyone would die for. I head to a desk where I see another beautiful lady tying away at a keyboard.
“Hey, I’,–” I start, but am cut off by the lady.
“Hello, yes, yes, i was just told of your arrival. Please, Mr Giovanni is waiting just down that corridor to the right. Good luck.”
“Oh okay, thank you.” I say, heading in the direction she pointed. That was weird, she looked slightly concerned. Do I not look the part?
Oh gosh, what am i even doing here?
Before I even knew it, I reached the door, frosted glass which allowed me to only see the pacing shape of a mad inside, yelling on what I guess must be the phone. It’s very faint but I draw closer, getting a better listen.
“Uccidi il bastardo, non mi importa più dei soldi, lo voglio solo morto. Riporta immediatamente la sua testa nel mio ufficio.” (Kill the bastard, I don’t care about the money anymore, I just want him dead. Immediately return his head to my office.)
I stumble backwards, clasping my hand to my mouth. What the hell did I just hear? Is that supposed to be a metaphor, or literal?
I move closer to the door carefully, continuing to listen in on the conversation.
“No, ho un’intervista tra un minuto con una ragazza stupida che Dante pensava fosse sexy.” (No, I have an interview in a minute with a stupid girl Dante thought was sexy.)
What the hell! I should’ve known that Dante didn’t care for the languages I could speak. I mean who am i kidding, why did i even think that was the case in the first place?
I lean against the door further.
“Tagliagli la testa mentre è ancora vivo, voglio che soffra.” (Cut off his head while he’s still alive, I want him to suffer.)
I let out a squeal when I fall into the room, having leaned too much on the door that I hadn’t realised was slightly open.
That’s when I realise, I am in deep shit.
Chapter 4: The Interview

I fall to the ground and instantly try to collect myself. This is inane, there is no way that he is speaking in metaphors, is he really getting someone to chop a guys head off?

I need to leave now.
My gaze finds its way to a pair of black leather shoes standing directly in front of me. I take in a shaky breath and slowly look up at the man who looms above me, dressed in a navy suit which I know for a fact is Armani.
Then my eyes meet his face. Tanned to perfection, his almost black eyes look at me with no mercy. His chiselled jawline looks like it could cut through anything, and it looks like the gods sculpted his face.
His chest is broad, and I can tell beneath his clothing, he has a very toned muscular body.
It’s moments before I realise that I am just staring at this man, while I still sit on the floor. I collect myself and stand on shaky legs, fixing my blouse and skirt. I am so dead. I don’t even want this job anymore, I just want to be able to live my life.
“Did you hear anything?” The man’s deep husky voice asks, though it was more of a command.
I shake my head. “No, I didn’t hear anything.” I say a little too eagerly. I feel like he can see straight through my lie. I need to leave. Alarm bells are going off.
“I do not appreciate when people listen in on my conversations, Miss Jones. I hope that you are aware of the repercussions if you were to disclose anything you may have heard.” He threatens.
Oh god, he definitely knows i heard. He’s onto me.
I feel my face flush red, having to lie to this beautiful man is terrifying. “I assure you Mr Giovanni, I did not hear anything.”
The moments after my words are tense and I can feel his burning gaze roaming my body, taking in every inch of me. I feel like I am on fire, and I just want to leave right now.
“I will take your word Miss Jones.” He gives a devilish grin, which melts my insides. “Please, come in, I don’t have not much time.”
I give him a nod and walk further into the room. His office is large, and once again looks over the best view in the whole of New York City. I stare outside looking down at all the small people below us. I don’t know why, but i feel so powerful.
“Dante informed me that you speak Swedish… And Italian.” I look back to Mr Giovanni and give him a curt nod, despite being utterly terrified. So he knows that if i did happen to hear in on that conversation (which i did), i would be able to understand all of it.
“Yes, i am fluent in Swedish, though my Italian is quite rusty.” I say, trying to dig myself out of this hole. “I also speak, Russian, French and Mandarin.”
If Mr Giovanni was impressed, he certainly didn’t show it. His face is stone, and his eyes cold and unforgiving. His hair is combed back neatly, but still has a rough edge to it, making him look youthful. He looks like he could be in his mid twenties.
“Impressive.” Is all he says before looking back down at his watch. Approaching me, he takes a folder from his desk and flicks through it. “And you are from Australia.” He states.
I nod. He stands only inches from me, and the thick musky scent of his cologne is prominent and invades my nostrils. I breathe it in without thinking, and pray to god he doesn’t notice. But a small smile creeps up upon his perfect face, revealing his perfect, pearly white teeth.
“You are a very intelligent Miss Jones, I think that you would be a valuable asset towards my team and our relations with other countries.”
“Thank you.” I say, accepting what I hope is a compliment.
He takes another step forward. “Unfortunately Dante did not choose the best time for this interview today, and i must be leaving now, but would you be interested in lunch so we can further discuss what your position would entail?”
Is he offering me the job?
“Yes, that sounds great.” I say, trying to stop my voice from trembling at his close proximity.
From the folder he holds, he takes out some paper and hands it to me. “Here are some documents for you to read over. Go to my assistant outside and she will set up the meeting.”
I give him a nod and take the papers in my hand.
Every bone in my body is stiff, and I can’t seem to stop replaying his words in my head, about the head and killing a man. He wouldn’t actually do something like that would he? i mean, I am well aware, especially in my family, that people do things like this, but it just doesn’t seem right.
Mr Giovanni holds out his hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you Miss Jones. I hope to see you at lunch.”
I take his hand. “Thank you for taking the time to talk with me Mr Giovanni.” I say.
Just like Dante, he brings my hand and presses a light kiss upon it. His lips are rough, but the gesture is warm. I need to leave now.
“Please, call me Matteo. I think from here on out we will become well acquainted.” His dark voice chuckles, and he continues to hold my hand leading me out of his office.
As I take a step outside I bid my farewell and continue down the hall. That’s when I notice the man in a suit coming my way, and in his hand is a large box which he holds at his side.
I try to ignore all the thoughts which surface to my mind, everything is blurry, until I hear my name being called out, and I turn around. “Have a nice day Miss Jones…” Matteo says. I give him a smile, and miss the last few words he speaks, because they are too quiet.
But I didn’t stay to find out.

Chapter 5: First Glance
Matteo Giovanni POV:
1 Day before the interview…
“The last time you brought a girl in, they could hardly speak English, what makes you think i’m going to trust your judgement with this girl?” I yell fuming at Dante.
Despite having been best friends since we were in primary school, I still want to strangle him senseless. He doesn’t understand that time is money, and he is constantly throwing all these girls at me, claiming they have talent, but I know he just wants to get in their pants, and I am just a means to that.
All these sluts and whores hardly even notice Dante when they see me, and i think he needs to wake up and see that his plan clearly isn’t working, just making me angrier with every single poor attempt he makes.
“Matteo, I am aware that I have not been the best in my judgements prior to now, but this girl, she is special. She speaks Swedish with ease, and her Italian is almost better then mine. Plus, she is hot, and i mean hotter than any of the previous girls, hotter than any of the celebrities you’ve ever dated.”
I scoff, i never ‘date’ those women, i mean sure, there’s a fling for a week at most, but that’s it. I fuck them, and then i leave, its just how the world works. “Are you insinuating that your not interested in her by sending her to me?” I ask, a hint of humour lining my voice.
“No, no, I want this one, but I genuinely believe she would do well on your team. I have already made up a report of her, just have a look.” Dante hands me a folder and I open it glancing at a very beautiful young woman. “She’s perfect.” He says.
My eyes roam her innocent, pure face. She’s untainted by the world’s cruelties, as if she’s been blinded and unaware of it. Her milk chocolate curls hang over her shoulders like a waterfall and those bright blue eyes are like the beaches in Italy. I understand why Dante wants her.
I quickly scan the top of her file.
Mia Sofia Jones
Age: Nineteen (Born October 16th 2000)
Previous Residence: Sydney, Australia
Previous Education: Higher School Certificate; 95.4 ATAR (Authors note: This means that she has achieved extremely well in all her subjects, 99.5 is the highest ATAR a student can receive.)
I nod. “Alright, i’ll let you have this one. But I swear I will come for you if she turns out to be like those other girls you send me.” I warn, with a devious smile across my face.
“Thank you Matteo, you won’t regret this.” Dante says cooly, fixing his tux as he rises from his chair.
Before he leaves my office, he pauses. “By the way, i told her to come at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.” He says before promptly leaving the room.
I’m going to kill him, I hate early mornings.
Day of the interview…
“Uccidi il bastardo, non mi importa più dei soldi, lo voglio solo morto. Riporta immediatamente la sua testa nel mio ufficio.” (Kill the bastard, I don’t care about the money anymore, I just want him dead. Immediately return his head to my office.) I yell into my phone. When Fredric took my money and ran after I so generously lent it to him, he knew I would be coming to kill him.
I’m only upset i wont be there to see it happen, all because of this stupid interview with this stupid girl.
“Signore, sei sicuro di non volerlo fare?” (Sir, are you sure you don’t want to do this?) Alistair asks, one of my best assassins. I crack a smile, he knows how much I’ve wanted to kill Fredric over the past month. My men and I have been searching for him.
“No, ho un’intervista tra un minuto con una ragazza stupida che Dante pensava fosse sexy.” (No, I have an interview in a minute with a stupid girl Dante thought was sexy.) I reply.
Through the phone I can hear Fredrics cries for mercy. Its music to my ears.
“Qualche richiesta speciale, signore?” (Any special requests sir?) Alistair asks. This is why he is one of my favourite men.
“Tagliagli la testa mentre è ancora vivo, voglio che soffra.” (Cut off his head while he’s still alive, I want him to suffer.) I can hear the dark chuckle from Alistair before the line cuts dead. I cannot wait to receive Fredric’s head. I may even use it as a decoration.
I wonder what the time is, the girl must be close to arriving now.
As if on cue, through my office door falls a small girl. She hits the ground with a thud, releasing a small groan as she tries to collect herself.
Instantly I feel myself begin to fume with anger. Was she listening in on my conversation? I have no doubt that she was, she must’ve been leaning on the door to get a better listen. Taking a few steps forward, I stood right in front of her, looking down upon her tiny frame.
I wasn’t planning on killing anyone today, but…
My heart instantly stops when the girl slowly averts her gaze up towards me.
Her bright blue eyes seem to penetrate every wall I have built up. It is like she is looking directly into me, like she is reading my every thought. Her hair is pulled back into a low bun, with loose strands framing her perfect youthful face. Freckles line her pale skin, and her cheeks are flushed a rosy red.
Mia is much more than the picture in the file Dante had collated. This girl is beautiful, she is beyond words, everything my girl should be…
She stares up at me in fear, intimidated by my presence. I smile. She is a submissive and she doesn’t even know it.
“Did you hear anything?” I ask her.
Her lips tremble in fear, as she still stares up at me from the ground, too scared to stand.
She shakes her head and the hairs around her face move along with her. “No, I didn’t hear anything.” Her sweet angelic voice whispers. Even the words that come from her mouth are perfect, tainted by a hint of an Australian accent, but also Italian.
She is everything I need. Everything I want.
I’m sorry Dante, but this girl is mine.

⚽Chapter 6: The Day Her Fate Was Sealed
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by FoggyCloudyWords
Matteo Giovanni POV:
“I do not appreciate when people listen in on my conversations, Miss Jones. I hope that you are aware of the repercussions if you were to disclose anything you may have heard.” I warn.
Her face flushes a deep crimson red once again, and her large kitten eyes stare into me, so wide and terrified.
“I assure you Mr Giovanni, I did not hear anything.” Her sweet voice sings, but the bitterness of her lie sours it. Does she really think she can lie to me? Even a blind fool would know she was listening in on my conversation. That’s punishment number one, sweetheart.
The young girl wears a white blouse which doesn’t leave much to the imagination. It cuts down low revealing her cleavage for all to see. Suddenly anger erupts within me. No one else is allowed to place their eyes on her besides me, I will make sure that she never wears something like this when I have her., unless it’s for my eyes to see only.
The same goes for her skirt, it’s as if she’s trying to get my attention. Her long beautiful legs are clean shaven and slightly tanned, every inch of her is a masterpiece.
“I will take your word Miss Jones.” I say smiling at her. “Please, come in, I don’t have not much time.”
I fear that if she is to stay here any longer, I will not be able to restrain myself.
What has come over me? What is it with this girl that is making me become so soft, how is she making me yield?
I am the fucking fucking king of the New York City mafia, heir to the Italian mafia, i shouldn’t become weak kneed at the sight of a girl.
Turning away from her, I headed to my desk.
The quiet clicking of her heels against my hardwood floor echoes round the room, and I know that she has gone straight for the window. I made sure I got the best view of New York before purchasing this building. I wouldn’t settle for anything less, I do after all, own the city.
I turn back around to see her staring out over the view. Her silhouette is like an angels.
I need to wrap this up quick, before my body gets the better of me.
“Dante informed me that you speak Swedish… And Italian.” I state, trying to find the hint of fear once again in her eyes. And of course I see it. I am sure she is aware that I know she was listening in. Yet, I still find it enjoyable torturing her like this.
She gives me a shy nod, biting her lip nervously in the process.
There is no way she is unaware of what she is doing to me! This is just torture! I want her now, but I must be patient. I don’t want to scare her, not yet at least.
“Yes, i am fluent in Swedish, though my Italian is quite rusty.” She says, trying to defend herself, trying to dig herself out of her hole which she so helplessly fell into. She should think twice about telling strangers things about her, if I hadn’t known she could speak Italian, maybe I wouldn’t have been as adamant that she is to be mine. “I also speak, Russian, French and Mandarin.”
So Dante wasn’t lying when he said she was talented. She really is very smart, and I have no doubt that she would be perfect for the job. Of course, she doesn’t quite know what it entails yet…
“Impressive.” I say. Looking down at my watch, I notice it’s already been ten minutes. How time flies. I grab Mia’s folder from my desk and begin flicking through it hoping to confirm that the report Dante pulled together is correct. “And you are from Australia.”
She nods one more, too afraid to say anything else. As much as I love it, she will have to eventually answer me with her words. I do not want a mute.
I close in on her, until we are only inches apart. Her scent is so sweet and floral. She is like a beautiful rose garden. I don’t miss it as she takes in a breath, breathing me in, her face once again flushing as she notices what she’s done. I give her a smile once again, she is perfect.
“You are a very intelligent Miss Jones, I think that you would be a valuable asset towards my team and our relations with other countries.” I state, watching for her reaction.
Besides the flare in her eyes, her face betrays nothing. “Thank you.” She says timidly.
I step ever so closer to her, until I can feel her shallow breath against my shirt gently pushing on my chest. This interview needs to finish now.”Unfortunately Dante did not choose the best time for this interview today, and i must be leaving now, but would you be interested in lunch so we can further discuss what your position would entail?” I say.
Her face lights up at my words. How I would love to wake up to that face. “Yes, that sounds great.” She says, her voice shaking slightly.
I pull out some contracts for her to read over and sign before our next meeting regarding the job, and hand them to her. “Here are some documents for you to read over. Go to my assistant outside and she will set up the meeting.”
Her head dips and she lets a small smile fall across her lips. “It was a pleasure meeting you Miss Jones. I hope to see you at lunch.” I say, holding out my hand waiting for her.
“Thank you for taking the time to talk with me Mr Giovanni.” She hesitantly places her small hand into mine. Her skin is so smooth. I bring her hand to my lips and place a kiss, instantly her whole face heats up and I watch as she becomes more uncomfortable with every second.
“Please, call me Matteo. I think from here on out we will become well acquainted.” I say, and I lead her back to my office door, the one she had so helplessly fallen through.
She says goodbye once more and I watch her as she walks down the hall, passing one of my men who approaches with my package in a big box. I watch as Mia’s gaze looms on the box, eliminating any doubt I may have had about whether or not she heard my previous conversation.
“Have a nice day Miss Jones…” I bid farewell once more. “I will be coming for you soon.” I finish, too quiet for her to hear. Quickly she scurries away and I can’t help the ever growing grin forming on my lips.
I finally turn my attention back to my man with the box. “Looks like my centrepiece decoration has arrived.”
Yoooooo My Dudes,
I just realised that i was accidentally calling Matteo, Marco for some reason, so if you see that mistake, please let me know. Also if you happen to be reading this, please drop a comment saying hi or let me know, i just want to know if anyone is actually reading this.
Anyway, i hope you enjoyed! Have a nice day!

To Be Continued!


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