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Elena Delfino had always wondered what it was like to be wanted. When she was six years old her parents got divorced. She went with her mother and her brothers went with her dad. After a couple of traumatic experiences, they got remarried six years later. They were a happy family… just without her.
Now she is fifteen and is still not wanted by her family. She had to grow up and understand everything that life had thrown at her on her own. Never did she want any of it, not being appreciated, always feeling like a burden, especially by her family.
All their secrets and lies kept on building upon one another until eventually she just cracked, broke under all the pressure it took to be in this family. When she found out later they were keeping secrets from her, she had already accepted it by this time. Of course, she was hurt but why should she feel anything toward people who don’t even care for her? All she ever felt was numbness.
Will she pretend like none of this is hurting her or will she tell them what she has always wanted to for so long?

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by Puhteradactyl



Thank you for checking out ‘Unwanted.’ This is my first time writing a book, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes! I’m not a good writer and the plot isn’t going to start until a couple of chapters into the book.
I’ll try to update whenever I can.
About this book
Throughout Wattpad, I have seen many brother books where one of their parents die and they go to live with one of their remaining parents, brothers, etc..
I’m not saying any of them are bad, it is just starting to get repetitive.
So I have decided to start this horribly written book about a broken family that is still together.
Haha sucky I know, but don’t read if you don’t want to. There are many other books on here that are a lot better than mine
Not a mafia brother book.
Started: July 23, 2020
When Elena was born into the Delfino family, she was never wanted by her father. Her mother didn’t care about her at first, she wanted a son, someone who was strong, not weak, but later she realized she did love Elena, just in her own way. Her brothers, on the other hand, vowed to make sure their family wouldn’t be broken. They also promised no harm to their little sister.
When their mother divorced their father she took Elena, her father didn’t want her, she was to oblivious to notice. Years pass and Peter finally decides to reach out and make his family whole again, but it was too late.
Six years later after their divorce, they got remarried and it was back to how it was before. All the fighting all the yelling, screaming, and bickering, but they didn’t want to hurt this already broken family. Even if it meant hurting everyone even more in the process.
Elena’s brothers could honestly care less about her, now that she’s back. She had tried to bond with them in the beginning, but they were worried she was just going to leave again. They had been through a lot of change in the past six years without her, who wouldn’t have?
With her father wanting nothing to do with her, her mother disappearing, and her brothers hating her, she had nobody to turn to. It had always been like that, even when she was little. She had never been the type to make friends, and the ones she did, had always left her one way or another. Now with no one to turn to, she had to figure out a little too late, she only had herself.
Will this family ever be whole again or will they always be broken?
Main characters
Elena Delfino ~ 15
Elena has trust issues. We all do. When she was six her mother divorced her father. He didn’t want her. Despite all the traumas she had faced from her family, she still loved them, even if it broke her. She had never felt whole, and knowing that her family was doing just fine without her made her feel more damaged than she already was. There was a hole in her heart that couldn’t be filled by anyone. No matter how hard she had tried not to be broken she had always known deep down it wouldn’t be possible.

Dean Delfino ~ 18

Dean used to be happy. When his little sister was taken from him, he had completely changed from the happy boy he once was to a cold-hearted man. He no longer had a smile on his face all the time, but instead a cold, bitter scowl. But he was in pain. When Elena came back six years later, he hated her. He hated her for the pain she had caused him, but he didn’t know all the trauma she had gone through because of that. And never did he think his actions would hurt her, but they did.

Gavin Delfino ~ 21

Gavin never wanted his little sister to leave him. He never wanted his family to fall apart, but he never gets what he wants. When he was only nine years old his family was split, and his brothers were the only ones there for him. He was the only brother besides Aiden to try to get to know Elena, and it somewhat worked. Due to both of their trust issues they had only gotten to know each other on a surface level. He had hidden behind a smile for too long now it is only a matter of time before his true self really shows.

Aiden Delfino ~ 25
Aiden was the type of person to stay behind with you while you tied your shoes while your friends walked ahead. He is no doubt the most caring brother in the Delfino family but is still very guarded. He too has been through a lot like his other siblings. As always, he will help his siblings with whatever they need because he will forever care about their health and if they ever needed anyone to go to talk to immediately they know who to go to.

Hunter Delfino ~ 28
Hunter was never the type of person to care much about anything really, but if you asked him what the most important thing was to him he would say, family. He worked for his father’s company and would one day as the oldest son inherit it. As an ambitious man, he was also ruthless. It’s obvious by now he doesn’t show emotion… like at all, but once in a while, he will for the ones he cares about the most.

Other Main Characters
Annika Delfino ~ 48
Annika didn’t grow up with anyone who loved her. So when she met Peter she thought she was in love. When she was 22 she became pregnant with her first son leaving Peter with options. To stay with her or to continue playing the sport he had always loved. He chose her which he immediately regretted.
Peter Delfino ~ 52
Peter never wanted a daughter, he wanted a son, and he got that, but when Elena was born he was disappointed. Females had always disappointed him, his mother left him in the hands of his abusive father, and his wife gave him a daughter. So, of course, he hated them why wouldn’t he? They always ended up failing him anyway.
Other Characters
Damien ~ dead (would be 50)
Annika’s ex-boyfriend, drug dealer
I will add more characters as the story progresses.

by Puhteradactyl
By Sasha Sloan
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By Lewis Capaldi
Oh, Mother
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Good News
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my loving family


When I was younger I had always looked up to my parents. They were what I wanted to become, successful, loving parents who did no harm to anyone. What I didn’t know was that they never wanted me. As I got older I saw my family wasn’t all I thought it was.
Many lies had kept me up at night. So many lies and secrets I never knew about because they thought I was too weak to handle them. They kept me up at night, wondering how my life had gotten to the point of never being able to be that innocent little girl I was before it all started.
The little girl who believed in Santa and the tooth fairy. Who thought that there were monsters under my bed, oblivious to the fact that they lived in my own house. Maybe it was my naiveness, but I never understood why anyone got hurt or sick. I definitely knew how they did, but I wanted to know why. I thought there would have been someone with them to protect them from getting hurt, but back then, I didn’t have the same level of trust issues that I do now.
My parents got divorced when I was six. They had been married for twenty years. My father took my brothers. My mother only took me because my father didn’t want me. She had told me that multiple times in all the years that I lived with her. If she had it her way I would be living with my aunt or uncles and my brothers would live with her.
She contemplated putting me up for adoption, but my father didn’t want her to because it would destroy the family’s name. Apparently giving up your six-year-old daughter who none of her parents wanted was morally wrong.
My father came from a rich family, it helped that he was an NFL player when he was twenty-two. He would have kept playing if it wasn’t for my mother getting pregnant with my oldest brother, Hunter. He told me that most of my siblings were accidents… especially me. He owned his own business but I didn’t remember or care what it was.
After they got divorced, I remember my mother would always mumble to herself about how all of it was her fault. She would drink until most of her problems were gone. Then she would drink a lot more.
With my father being rich, he gave my mother money. A lot of it. He paid her every two months just to keep me away. At first, we were just getting by with the little money we had left from the bills she had to pay. But a couple of months later, she spent most of it on alcohol and later, drugs.
She had never come from a wealthy family, but she pretended she did with his money. In public, she acted like the divorce didn’t bother her, but on the inside, it was eating her slowly until there was nothing left. She was left with the reminder that it was her fault our family was broken.
At just seven years old I had to grow up, a lot actually. Mom would be at home drinking away her problems, while I had to take care of myself and provide myself with all of the necessities so I didn’t die.
There had been many experiences I wouldn’t want to live through again, but probably the worst was when she was gone for a whole week (when I was under her care). She told me she was going to the grocery to get some food but she never came back after I expected her to. We were running low on food and the only time I could eat was at lunch and occasionally dinner at the beginning of the week. I ate at lunch, all they had was moldy pizza.
She got back the next Monday passed out on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I knew something was wrong with her. When she woke up she promised me that she would try to get her life back together.
I believed her. I truly did.
There was a time where I thought she was going to get better. She got a job and started supporting us. It was going great until she started drinking again. I never knew why. She got fired from her job and never tried to get it back. It all went downhill from there.


My brothers, on the other hand, they were living the life I had always wanted. They never had to worry about when their next meal was. If anyone cared about them. They had everything they could have ever wanted except a whole, happy family, but I needed that too.
After my mother’s failed attempt at getting sober, she started dating a drug dealer when I was ten. Damien was the worst decision my mother had ever made. He started her on marijuana, however, she worked her way up to opioids, heroin, and eventually cocaine. She occasionally started taking antidepressants because of him too. Physically, emotionally, and mentally he had abused me, taking away the very little innocence I had left.
He died six months too late, sadly due to a drug overdose on feverall. Finding his naked, dead body in my bathroom, covered in rashes isn’t exactly what I expected when I walked into my cockroach-infested bathroom four years ago.
My mother tried to get her life on track again. She reached out to my father and brothers asking if they would give her one more chance and money. When they didn’t respond to her, once again turned back to alcohol. She was getting desperate and needed more money to support her alcohol problem. She never tried to go back to drugs after his overdose.
Notice how I said her. After Damien died she wanted nothing to do with me. She pretended I didn’t exist (not like I did before) and that I never even tried to help her, but when she did talk to me, she said things that no child should ever have to hear from their own mother.
She never physically abused me as he did, but she did mentally. When she wasn’t passed out or doing God knows what she was shouting at me telling me it was my fault. That I was the one who broke our family apart. I believed her for the longest time, and I still do, at least a little part of it.
I became surprisingly sick for a few months after the events with Damien happened. When she noticed what was happening she told me I would be fine, but later realized how tired and weak I was. Quickly she rushed me to the hospital but never came back except to pick me up. Instead, she just kissed my forehead and told me not to die.
I didn’t get why up till that point the only things she would say to me when I walked by the couch, not wanting to get yelled at by her drunken and sometimes high self was:
“You broke up my family, this is all your fault.”
“I wanted you to die instead of Damien!”
And the worst one:
“I never loved you, we all knew you were a mistake the minute you were born.”
The doctors never knew what was wrong with me. At first, they tried, they really did, but after two months had passed and I wasn’t getting any better they prescribed me pill after pill hoping one of them would somehow fix me. Slowly I had gotten better and moved out of the hospital I had stayed in for three months. It was like a second home to me, at least there I had people that wanted to take care of me.
Thankfully it was just the start of summer break when I had been admitted in and I didn’t have to make up any school.
After I got out my mother decided once and for all she was going to be sober. I didn’t know if I believed her at that time after all the lies she kept on telling me.
Eventually, my father reached out to us and asked if we could give him a second chance. My mother jumped at that chance. She was still in love with him as much as she was the day they got divorced.
My father never wanted me back just my mother. His children were deprived of their mother’s love. Don’t worry I never wanted to be back in his life either.
She started seeing him a couple of months after I turned twelve. I never saw him or my brothers. She was gone for weeks and even a month. I already knew how to live by myself at that point. Six months after my twelfth birthday, when she came home she was acting all giddy and never once yelled or cussed me out. I knew something was happening.


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