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P-matrix Global Entertainment was founded in 2013 in Africa by two Co-founders, Patriot C Akoma and Stella E Powers Akoma. And in 2018 P-matrix Global moved to Los Angeles, California to broaden it company for more opportunities for it music Artiste and Writers {Authors}. Though P-matrix Global Entertainment is no longer in Nigeria were it was earlier founded, but just like any other countries which P-matrix Global has given the opportunity to connect with us online, we are also given Africans the opportunity to connect with us through our Project managers’ which we have placed in more than 60 territories. Of course’ it doesn’t matter were you are because, if you are able to connect with any of our online Project managers, it means you are connecting with us directly.
Our project managers handles every of our online Projects in both local and foreign regions we can’t reach, and then connect back to us in our Head Office’ here in Los Angeles, California with any Author or artistes music album, or single that needs attention to be approved for publication or purchase by our company.
P-matrix Global since it casting’ in Los Angeles California’ has stood strong amongst one of the most iconic and successful entertainment companies globally. P-matrix encompasses in various divisions, including recording Studios, film production, Book publishing, P-matrix Channel and more.
P-matrix Global’ over the years have evolved into a dominant force in the entertainment industry. Transforming the way audiences consume content by producing critically acclaimed original books, music movies and series.
P-matrix Global represents a wide range of artists across various genres, working with them to bring their creativity to life on stages and around the world.
We are engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in more than 60 territories. By developing recording artists and songwriters, Universal produces, distributes, and promotes the most popular and commercially successful music worldwide.

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