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Of course yes, Kill me if you can! I mean to say’ you can end my life’ like right now: by taking this gun to shoot me right on the head! Maybe after then’ no one would sleep more beautifully than you. Imprison me to death or give me a double life sentence: I still won’t plead guilty, For even up to this moment I do not feel a slight empathy, remorse or recourse in any of my actions. All I see are the wounds inflicted in my soul, wounds that can’t be seen. I have been robbed, savagely beaten, raped, stripped of my virginity, physically scared, emotionally devoid and abandoned left to die. If you should be given the chance to be the judge, would you still say that I don’t have the right to those murders? This is just a tip of what you’ve known about me! However, when I finally tell my story in full; perhaps after then you will understand why I had to do all those things I did, and why I was called Pandora’ the killer girl.

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🙄Kill me if you can, end my life, take this gun and shoot me on the head, maybe after then’ no one would sleep beautifully than you. Imprison me to death or give me a double life sentence, I still won’t plead guilty. For even up to this moment I do not feel a slight empathy, remorse or recourse in any of my actions. All I see are the wounds inflicted in my soul, wounds that can’t be seen by you. Wounds that slowly kills me day by day. Yes, I have been robbed, savagely beaten, raped, stripped of my virginity, physically scared, emotionally devoid and abandoned left to die. If you should be given the chance to be the judge, would you still say that I don’t have the right to those murders? This is just a minute of what you’ve known about me! However when I finally tell my story in full; perhaps after then you will understand why I had to do those things I did and why I was called Pandora the killer girl. Today itself’ I will tell you a crime story you have never heard. But first you’ll have to promise me not to spread the word until you read my story to the end’ knowing why I did what I had to do. The reason why I said so is because’ if you start spreading the news, you might misjudge me calling me bad. But if you should read my story to the very end, maybe after then you will fathom to why I had to do what I did. And yes, my name is Pandora Powers, and my story all started many years ago in Los Angeles. Although all of those who got involve in the dirty part of my story’ have made themselves ghosts’ because I killed them each with a bullet on their forehead, however, I got some of them killed with a knife’ directly right in-between their heart, because they stole my virginity. Yes, I cry as I watched them rape and molest me, while all I wanted was for them to get off me. But no, they hit me on my face then ripped my shirt, pushing their penis on me to the point where it hurt so much. Those bastards didn’t care if I live or die, for all the cared about was being satisfied. I felt dirty, low and used after that experience. I remember it as if it were yesterday. Of course yes, before now’ I use to be very scared saying anything about the rape, but now I know it’s best for me to start talking, and that’s why I have decide to put all of my dirty experience into writing. There was a time telling this truth was hard! There was a time when daily I felt stuck between sinking and swimming, looking for a lifeguard. At that time I fear that if I open my mouth to talk about the rape, I might get drown. I use to think that my listeners would find nothing but a hole in my story’ throwing daggered questions at me as punishment. And that was why at the reformatory’ I always felt all stuck in-between.

See’ I am not on trial, I’m just telling my truth’ trying to create a better future, one that can protect our youth. I just hope that by sharing these happenings that twigs me, it somehow might help in making you realize that it was never my fault, so you could stop feeling that I am guilty. Yes dudes, At first it was hard not knowing how to push through, but today I am a survivor. And yes, I know this because after the rape, somehow I accepted my fate of being alone, while letting my fingernails grow long and sharp to at least fit into the picture of a monster of which those hooligans shaped me into. Yes dudes, I admit that even before this very salvage was carried out on me by those hooligans, I had already had a bad family history line. But Nevertheless those hooligans in some ways made it worse for me. Yes, I was just four years old when I will always watch my parent getting into physical fights; How could I have ever forgotten my family history? Yes, I remember! for even been so little at that time, I would still try getting in between them to stop that fight. Sometimes I would get hit and badly hurt’ but still that doesn’t mean I won’t give it another try when again I find me in such a situation. And when I was age fourteen, my parents got divorced and my mom somehow manage to gain custody of me. After the devorce before long’ she got involve with her hooligan boyfriend named Carlos for five good years. Almost every week Carlos her boyfriend abused my body sexually! And I Telling my mom about it was pointless because Carlos will always find a way to calm her down. And then With all those hurt going through my mind, I soon became depressed. And before long’ I started cutting my hand wrist and my laps with razor each time he abused my body sexually. The reason why I give myself those cut on either my hand wrist or leg, was because I wanted those razor lines to stand as a remembrance of each of my bad experience. And at the age of eighteen’ I got a wonderful boyfriend name Daniel that got me to stop cutting myself. And after Daniel came into my life, when sometimes Carlos gets my body abused sexually, and when I feel the need to cut myself’ I would instead try to talk to my boyfriend Daniel and every so often he runs to my house just to stop and put me in my rightful mind once again. Not only do I love Daniel a lot, but I venerate him as my saviour who always show up just on time.

Things had gone that way with me for sometime, until when on a certain day, just around my six months relationship with Daniel, when again Carlos came trying to rape me as usual! This time I decide on running into my room’ locking my door and calling Daniel on the phone to come for my rescue’ just as he had previously suggested that to me. The moment Daniel got my phone call, he told me not to open the door for what so ever reason’ as he promised me that he’ll be on his way immediately. When Daniel finally arrived, he got into a fight with Carlos while trying to save me. And before my very eyes I saw Carlos push Daniel on a sharp object that went through him from the back, shooting out through his front stomach. That was my first time to see so much blood’ and so I screamed with so much fear as I went holding on to my Daniel. And like almost immediately I heard Daniel saying to me, “Run Pandora run”. But no’ because of how weak he was on my arm’ due to so much loss of blood he had, I couldn’t just left him there just like that, and so I just kept holding onto him’ crying. And lo, before I could finally come out of that shock, I watched my Daniel slowly died on my arm. And just before I could say a word, the next thing I felt was a big hit on my head; and so I blackout like almost immediately. When finally I came back to consciousness, I found myself in a secret room, in an underground building, somewhere off town. And when I ask how I got there, Carlos My mom boyfriend told me that’ he was the one that called his hooligan friends’ asking for some help to do away with Daniel’s deceased body, and after the happening’ he said the all brought me down to that building. O no, I really don’t wish to recall any of those moments after I came back to consciousness. Yes, for again and again, I watched them daily’ as one after another they kept raping me.

After the rape, I forgot to recall the word call emotion; I felt just emptiness, regret and anger inside of me. For somehow I was unable to restore my emotional frame of mind which I once adored when my Daniel was still alive. And at that point, thinking about my family history, the rape and my virginity that was stolen from me when I was just fourteen, I at that moment’ fear for my fate as I assume myself as nature mistake. And just then’ I felt some thoughts, running through my mind saying to me that’ I should have never been born. And yes, those thoughts never came to me as a surprise though, because’ I have already thought about it’ since when I was just nine years old.

Okay dudes, now back to those periods I was taken hostage by Carlos and his hooligan friends. Yes, it took me over three months before I could finally escape from that underground building they kept me locked up. On the night of which I finally got lucky escaping from that secret underground house, I quickly sought shelter in an underground car park around that ends. And at that time I had an intensive life threatening injuries on my body’ because I was already savagely beaten by those hooligans who left me with significant head and facial injuries.

After my escape, still in my heart was a cruel depressed burden I had to secretly carry for years. Looking at the mirror’ I realize myself as a reflection I simply can’t see. I felt nothing but obliging vengeance on those hooligans who lives in that secret house, in an expenditure known only by few people. After that dirty experience, I said to myself’ it’s now my turn to cart on them’ the same similar savaging they’ve done on me; however, this time with a cannon, I said. And that was just when I decide on becoming Pandora the killer girl! And those that perceive the dreadful butchery deeds done on my victims deceased body’ before the bullet shot on their head, they all call me a demon at that time. Yes I was called a demon for that reason! However, in my own eyes at that time, I only see myself as a monster that feels deserted and empty! And again’ like a monster Feeling drenched in the sorrow of never fitting in, that was what embellishes me even the most. And so all the time’ I see the world as an insult to me, and that made me often wonder if I was cursed at birth, seeing how much I felt trapped in my misery. Rapidly I had no choice but to solve my problem, and so I got pleasure with a gun.


They were all eleven in numbers; I shot them one after another. My mom’s boyfriend Carlos was the first one I got incarcerated, but he was the last one I murdered. I shed the blood of each of them’ then wipe it away. But the absurd part of it was that’ even after the killings, instead of feeling that I have won the war, flash backs of the rape still comes haunting me at night.

Time has passed’ but I still remember the way it was! For it was the day of which everything in my universe broke. After those moments of which my body was abused by those hooligans, I have struggled to remember the life I had lived before they got me incarcerated. Yes’ that’s the impact of the soreness those hooligans brought upon my life. The same hooligans that did not only kept me hostage’ but savagely attacked and abused my body for months. How can I ever forget that moment when those hooligans named me the number twelve, saying that I am their twelfth victim? Though I have managed to escape and toke my vengeance on them, but the thought of that experience won’t still go away from my head. Today I am alone with some deep wounds in my soul, however, I am moving on. Some of those wounds are scary while some are not. Some of those wounds hurt more while some now hurts less. Those wounds’ especially those ones in my heart; I don’t know if they will ever heal or not, but with a fake smile’ I am now ready to move on. With some burdens still in my heart’ I will still try to move on! Some of this burdens I feel are huge, while some are little. As I speak right now, there are still some secrets left in my heart; some can save me while some can lead me to death. The scary things I see are they reason I held to my seat so tight. Here are the few things that made me hate this horrible ride; It the fact that I realize that my parent are never right.  I see them as flawed beings with broken wings and mistakes. When I was little’ they told me stories with a happy ever after! But now that I am all grown-up, I have come to realize that they were only telling me their own dreams which they believed will never come to pass. And do you know my saddest part while growing up? My saddest part while growing up’ is to see the hollow sadness from the two people who I once thought were they happiest! Yes, my parent of course.

Today’ I am sitting alone once again, but with those same words of hate filling the holes of my heart that where long left open. For there are still razor blade craved into my hand wrist and laps! And yes’ every cut and scars on it shows pains and has a story to tell.  Today I might have redlines painting my thighs, but trust me when I say I’m still the same. Everyone comes with scars; I have got mine on my laps and wrist hand, these same scars are what I call battle wounds. Yes I know that the scars on my hand and legs are the ones I have created out of foolishness on myself. However, please do me a favor’ by remembering that’ those scars were all created out of the agony felt in my heart. Though they blood doesn’t pour out anymore, but the scares still show, and that made me to sometimes wonder if those wounds will ever heal or be forever sore.

Please pray for me, let your prayer heal my scars; the ones in my mind, the ones in my heart, and the ones on my laps and hand wrist. Though it seem as if my scars are part of what makes me who I am, but please do not look at me differently because of them. Yes I understand that my scars are not what that makes me pretty or friendly, but I tell the truth that those scars are the things that remind me that I am not always correct about everything. Those scars remind me that pains are real; and also that I can feel whatever I want to feel in this insane world.

Today I can’t sleep peacefully because again I remember my past. The pain that I caused upon myself might have been in the secret, but either way’ I am still paying for it. Now I believe what my dad use to say when I was little. Dad used to say that we humans are but just small people in the middle of the sea. Today when I cast my mind in the past, I do have a constant reminder of it. But I am stronger now because of all the tears my both parent and those hooligans instigated on me. Now I will stand taller because of their cruelties towards me. And next time’ I will know not to cry again, because in that situation it made me feel only worse. Now I have hardly anything more to say; but before I come to the conclusion of my life story! I wish to say few more things about my late boyfriend Daniel and my daughter Sarah who came into my life as the result of the rape from the hands of those hooligans.

I will like to start with my daughter Sarah! I got pregnant with Sarah when I was taken hostage by those hooligans, who after three months’ when the felt they no longer need me’ savagely got me beaten andabandoned to die in one of the rooms, saying it the ritual usually carried out on any of their victim they no longer need. After my escape I bought some medicine to flush out the unwanted baby’ the planted in my womb. But my heart won’t just let me, and so I decide to keep the baby. I left Los Angeles to another city after that moment. And around six months later I had the baby’ but I hated her so much because she’s the fruit gotten from the rape of which memory I will have to deal with all my life. Believe me when I say’ of all the crimes committed against a person, been rape is the one that leaves a person feeling most violated. I am once a victim, and also a prey to such a dirty experience! Therefore with every certainty I’ll like to say that rape victims are often left with the feeling that a part of them has been torn apart. I say so because the feeling is still with me. I live my life repeatedly with a sagacity of the crime continues occurring to me in my dreams. Those months of rape I had gone through’ from those hooligans, led me in a whole new direction to how I think, act and see my own reflection. No one will ever understand just how I felt that day. I tell you the truth; this is an experience that left me thinking about how my innocence is no longer mine to keep. That involvement is just what someone can only imagine in their worse possible nightmare. During this past years’ I may have the sweetest smile glowing between my nose and chin, but only I know the truth about the deep secrets held within me. I may have the prettiest eyes, but they have seen more than they should’ because, these same eyes have cried more delicate tears than anyone else ever could. However, now after murdering those hooligans, I have decide to make a change for me! I am now a lady with the kindest heart but that also came with a cost because’ these same heart of mine has experience the greatest loss. I cannot change the past; this is an event to which I have succumbed. But i now feel relieve because’ deep within this story I’m able to convey my life experience of which I was unable to illustrate it repulsive to any person for some years now. Today itself I feel free after expressing the horror I went through; the same misery which had pinned me against the wall of depression where not a soul was likely to dwell.

Now I am able to move on because I finally open up’ and in the process got some help from psychologists who handle victims like me. I can now focus on the present and change what is to come. I believe that we are all so different and yet so much the same. Everyone in some way or another has experience a kind of pain. Everyone has things they wish not to recall. I know that somehow’ into each life a rain must fall. These dark days are necessary, just as important as the rest. The psychologist that treats my depression earlier told me that, if we don’t have the worst, we then cannot recognize the best.

It’s been years already, my daughter is now thirteen and she’s began to be demanding so much’ asking questions of whom her dad is. She wants to know her identity! But how can I tell her that I don’t know who her father really is? How can I tell her that I am a victim of rape, a rape carried out by elven men, one among’ who is her father. I don’t know how to tell her all of those, but I know that someday I’ll just have to do that. I have now learned to love her because I know she has no fault in this. Besides she’s my daughter, a part of my fate. Permit me to now end my story with Daniel. Just as I had early said; Daniel was a man who came into my life when I was eighteen plus. He was my boyfriend who got killed by my mother’s boyfriend while trying to defend me.

Daniel’ was the only guy I have ever loved! Ever since Daniel death, I have never learned to love again because his love has always been the only thing that spices my life. His love was all that makes me feel alive in a way that nothing else could. Even though the truth remains that I will never see him again, I am still not giving up on our love because since this years’ my heart has silently feels his presence, his love and tenderness any time I think of him. And when I need him’ I only just have to close my eyes to reach for his hand and then I’ll breathe him in. that alone can feed my heart, my soul and my spirit, keeping it at peace for a long while. That alone can create feelings in my heart that is impossible to express with just words.

I have come to love my daughter a lot, even though she reminds me of nothing less’ than how much I have been robbed, savagely beaten, raped, stripped of my virginity, physically scared, emotionally devoid and abandoned left to die. But as for my Daniel, the anticipation of him’ is the greatest gift I have ever gotten from fate.

This is my story, my story and me.

Thank you for reading

The End.

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