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“It’s nothing personal. Just business” He said with an evil smile. I just stood there on my knees with a grin on my face while the blood dripped out of my…

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Chapter 1

I stood on the podium of the Golden Gate Casino.
I looked down and saw different facial expression.
Some where excited, some happy and some other in sorrow.
I could literally hear the coins falling on the table to the beat of the classical music in the background.
Just like every normal day in the biggest Casino in whole Japan.
My heels were clicking on the marble floor while I walked down the stairs.
Next to me is the wall replaced with a giant aquarium filled with different kinds of exotic fish.
It took some time to fill it and to acquire the rarest marine life that exists out there.
Being part in one of the most influential Mafia in Asia made this task a little easier.
Everything for the well being of my guests.
The richest Japanese people are my regular clients but we also get from time to time worldwide stars like Bratt Pit, Britness Spears and other well-known actress and singers.
I walked past the big old mirror in the hallway.
I used the chance to check my appearance.
My long half black half white hair layed perfectly and my make up was on point.
The usual uniform, which consist of white pants, a long withe coat with the golden buttons and a black turtleneck sweather, sits perfectly.
I kept my ordinary pokerface and walked further.
I pressed my finger on the headset and waited for someone to respond.
“Security Number 439 Kurojashi”
Kurojashi is the leader of the security unit and knows everything that’s entering and leaving Golden Gate.
He uses the God Eye, our security system, to make sure that everything stays in the right place.
Is it the bar? The Checkpoint? You name it and he will know what’s going on there.
“Please report”
“Everything is clear. No unpleasant guest or enemies”
It’s important to keep this place safe.
We are not only a casino but also Part of the Mafia so we have a lot of enemies who would take every chance they get to harm us.
I will not let this happen.
“Thanks. Please continue your great work”
I walked my regular route through the bar
Like usual a really young guest sits at the table next to the window.
The view shows the whole Shinjuku district at night time .
How can he have so much money with such a young age?
Is he some kind of son of a millionaire?
But I don’t know any rich person with the last name Im.
What was this man name again?
Yes Im Changkyun.
He’s not like any other guest here.
He shows no emotion at all.
He has a handsome but cold face.
It’s something about him that draws my attention every time I see him.
I’ve never seen him gambling.
The only thing he does is coming here and drink one of the most expensive wines that we have in our repertoire
The best wine we have is around 100 years old and you can imagine how much it costs.
He could definetly spend his money more thoughtful than just come here and drink exclusive wine.
“Miss Takajami Haru”
I could hear a voice calling me.
I pressed the headset and answered.
“You shall come to see the boss after work. He said he has something important to discuss”
“Alright. Thank you very much”
It was the secretary of our boss and the head of the Mafia.
He sure has a lot of business to do.
He’s not only looking after this casino but also after a lot more hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants.
Every business has a person that is responsible for it.
The boss placed me as the head of this casino.
With only 22 years I’m the youngest chief in the Mafia.
I’m working in the Golden Gate Casino for 6 years.
I started with cleaning the floor than working as a Baar keeper to become the head of the Casino.
The previous chief, Tanka Ushijima, got killed by an unknown person or Organisation.
Our Mafia is still investigating who might be the suspect.
It’s been 2 years but not a single clue has been found.
The boss trusts me a lot more than other people here.
I can’t remember a life before I was part of the Mafia.
I don’t know who my parents are or if Haru my real name is.
The only thing I know is that the Mafia found me as a toddler on the street and raised me to be a loyal dog for the boss.
Sir Tanka was like a father to me.
I’ve always watched him work here.
He took care of me and raised me up so I could one day inherit his position.
I take this job seriously in memories of Sir Tanaka.
I will find the one responsible for his death.
And I will kill him with my own hands
After we closed the casino I went to our boss.
On the way there I greeted the other Mafia members.
I don’t like to have beef with someone of my own members so I stay out of trouble and try to be nice to everyone.
“You wanted to see me?”
Our Boss was sitting on his big red chair which was turned towards the window.
He answered with his deep voice.
“The fear of death is a foolish emotion. Man should be afraid of dying on the inside while he’s alive. Physical death is unpreventable but dying inside not. Wouldn’t you agree, Haru?”
He slowly turned around and looked at me with those cold eyes.
These eyes have witnessed so many crimes and murders and it shows.
His smile was even faker than mine.
At first glance he may seem like a kind man but at second look you can recognize his insane bloodust.
I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing.
He realised that I don’t want to join him in his conversation about peoples fears so he changed the subject.
“I wanted to talk with you about the Casino Golden Gate”
He folded his fingers and placed his elbows on the long table before him.
“Please sit down”
I did what he say.
I may look calm but I’m frightened.
“You’re doing a great job there.
So young but so talented at taking care of an enormous business. I’m really proud of you Haru”
Why does he praise me?
It’s so unusual for him.
“I’m very pleased to hear your gratitude”
You could see the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles which gives a little bit kinder look on his face.
“I wanted to talk about Tanaka.
I’m currently leading an investigation and I thought you might be interested”
I nodded.
“I thought you might want to find out who is behind his death.
My son Im Changkyun is leading the investigation right now”
Wait wait wait….
He has a son?
And his name is Changkyun?
The young man who sits every day in the casino to drink?
No way.
This can’t be him.
This must be a coincidence.
The door suddenly opened and a person walked him.
“I’ve kept him as a secret but now it’s time to revial the face of the next person who is going to inherit my seat one day”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Haru”


Chapter 2

I couldn’t say a word.
Our Boss has a child and it was him all this time.
“He will officially work in the casino but at the same time invastigate undercover. You’ll have access to all data and information that we have on this case”
He folded his hands and you could see his expensive rings shining on his fingers.
“In which position should I put him?”
I asked the boss.
“He’ll work in different areas for the investigation. You’ll get all information soon enough.
I want you to show him around the casino tonight and tell everything you know.
That’s it for now”
Changkyun took out a cigarette and put it into his mouth.
His father lend him some fire and he started to smoke.
In this dim light it looked so mysterious how the smoke banned its way to the ceiling.
I just nodded in agreement.
I don’t have any other choice.
We once had someone who disobeyed our boss but that’s a story that I don’t want to remember.
Living in fear is our daily life here.
No matter what or where you do something against his orders, he will find out.
I hope this invastigation will bring me a little bit closer to the person who killed my father figure.
I can’t even find words that could describe my hatred.
May the lord have mercy over them because I won’t.
Shinjuku really looks beautiful at nighttime.
But as soon as the daylight shines into the ugliest holes of this town it changes your view.
In the night everything’s hidden and at day time everything’s exposed.
I went home to my little flat downtown.
It’s so noisy but I kinda got used to it.
I don’t even hear the loud cars and motorcycles anymore that pass through the main street.
I opened the door and an angry cat waited for me.
Whiskers, my cat, let an annoyed miau out and forced me to walk to the kitchen.
I gave him his daily cat food and made myself a cup of tea.
He’s an independent cat and doesn’t panic if I come home late.
The only thing that annoys him is when the food is missing.
It’s not like he doesn’t love me, he just knows that I will return home every day and that he’s not alone.
I patted his head, my pokerface broke down and my lips formed a smile.
He’s probably the only reason I have left to smile.
I’ve never decided how my life should be.
I have no control over my actions or decisions.
The only thing that I have out of free will is Whiskers.
After drinking the tea I changed my clothes, took a shower and then went straight to bed.
I let myself fall down and covered my whole body with the blanket.
After a short time I felt how Whiskers joined me and together we fell asleep.
After a beautiful sleeping time I woke up.
It’s already dark outside.
Time to get to work.
It’s not like I dislike my workplace.
It’s just really difficult to manage so many things at the same time
I have so much paper work to do but I have to show Changkyun around.
Couldn’t he look around while he was drinking his wine at the bar?
My mood is completely down.
I put on my working uniform and went to the casino.
I took out the keys to open the gates of the Casino when I saw Changkyun.
He stood there smoking while his back leaned against the wall.
To be honest he looks fine in the tuxedo if you ask me.
My poker face remained while I greeted him respectfully.
“Good evening Sir Im”
He raised one eyebrow and looked at me.
His confused face turned into a devilish smirk.
“No need for all the formality Haru”
“I’m sorry Sir but you are the son of my boss. I can’t afford myself to talk to you informal”
I didn’t even look at his face.
He just chuckled and let me open the door.
“By the way. Your wine here is terrible”
Wait… Did I hear right?
Isn’t he the one who came every day to buy the most expensive one?
“Just kidding. Just wanted to catch you off guard. Looks like it did not work”
Again a cold smile appeared on his face.
I could litterly fell the upcomming pressure and how I’m starting to freeze.
His precense is colder than his Father’s .
“If you want I can call someone to show you around”
I suggested because I really have so much work to do.
“But if I remember right then my Dad told you to show me around”
He looked at me teasingly.
“Alright if you insist”
I started to show him around and explain everything. It took us 3 hours to go through the whole casino with explinations.
I received the order that I should let him work at the bar for the first view weeks.
If someone knows gossip in this place then it’s our Barkeepers.
If you serve drunk rich people all night then you might accidentally (or on purpose) hear some rumors, gossip or insiders.
The boss told me to look after him from time to time.
“Guess I’ll get to work” he said and made his way to the bar.
After officially opening the casino I went to my office and started the paper work.
My office is a normal sized room with a big working desk, a chair and lots of plants. I just love plants and to take care of them here at work.
I can’t have plants at home because Whiskers is going to eat them if I’m not there to stop him.
I spent hours in front of my working desk and worked through everything.
After some time my back started to hurt and I realised that it’s time to check on my new ’employee’ .
I went to the bar and saw him happily chatting with some clients.
He told them something and they started to laugh.
Their cheeks were light red from the alcohol in their blood.
“I’m pleased to see that you are amused gentelmans”
I said and bowed.
“It’s a good thing that you hired him”
He still laughed and asked Changkyun for another glass of wine.
“I’m thankful to hear that and hope you have a great time in Golden Gate. May you have a pleasant stay tonight”
I went to the storage behind the bar and told Changkyun to meet me there if he’s finished with serving the liquor.
While I was waiting I looked through the different kinds of wine we had there. It’s crazy how old those are and how much they are worth.
I could have never imagined that people really spend so much money just for a drink.
“You called me chief?”
Changkyun stood there and had a mocking smile on his face.
“I’d like to ask you what you already now about the case of Sir Tanaka and if you have any updates”
He leaned against a shelf and crossed his arms.
“Let’s see.
One thing for sure is that it was another Mafia that attacked him”
Another Mafia? Do we have a new enemy?
“We don’t know their motives yet but when he was killed someone saw a black van driving out of his apartment.
We found out that this car was stolen so you couldn’t locate who exactly the murder is.
When we asked the original owners they didn’t know anything.
But the strange thing is that he wasn’t killed in his apartment but on the way home.
That means they searched for something.
You can’t imagine how much preperation it takes to kill someone outside and to make sure that no one notice.
So many people are involved in this incident and almost without any trace left.
It only leads us to the conclusion that it must be another Mafia.
Right now I was talking to some people and they told me about another Mafia here in Tokyo that is rising every day and become more dangerous.
Is it coincidence? I don’t think so”


Chapter 3
“Another Mafia?”
I asked and thought about another one here in Tokyo.
We once had a problem with the Russian Mafia that is in Ikebukuro but I don’t think that they would interfere in our business now.
Our leaders decided to not attack each other 6 years ago.
“Yeah they call themselfs Hidden Mask or crap like that”
He laughed and walked towards the exit.
“That’s it for now. We’ll see each other after work”
He winked at me with one eye and then left.
Hidden Mask?
It’s really a weird name for a Mafia. Sounds more like a gang of highschoolers.
We are just called the Japanese Mafia and don’t have a spezial name. I’m fine with that.
After leaving the storage room I decided to walk my daily route through the casino.
I saw my guests playing Russian Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Craps and much more.
Although I like my job here I still wish I could escape the reality.
The reality of being a Mafia memebers who works at the casino without real friends or family.
This constant feeling of living in fear and knowing that every step of yours is being watched and reported.
“Creating our own reality makes us to someone who won’t fit into society. That’s why they don’t like us” my boss once said.
We have another reality and live in a different world.
In a world where you can’t solve problems by talking to each other.
There must be blood in between or a conflict will never be solved.
Cold hearted people won’t understand right ways of communicating and always suspect each other.
A harsh world and reality that we created ourself.
Some of us escaped the real world to live here where no one would judge them for the urge to kill someone.
Even if I escaped successfully there is no guarantee that I will be a able to live a normal life.
It’s hard to change your whole life style if you have lived like that since your childhood.
I try not to Form any relationship because I’ll know that one of us will die too soon because that’s how the Mafia works.
It’s the best to stay cold to everyone.
I walked back to the office and decided to finish all the paperwork I have for today.
It’ll be a long night.
“Miss Takajami”
I heared someone calling out my Name.
I turned towards our security leader.
“It’s time to close the casino”
He said.
“That’s right. Thanks for reminding me”
I put the papers aside and took a sip of tea.
“Did you keep an eye on Changkyun?”
I asked him.
“Yes I did. Seems like he has no problem to adjust himself.”
Kurojashi smiled
“That’s good. Looks like we’ve done enough for today.
Have a good time at home”
“Thank you. Please don’t push yourself too hard”
Was the last thing he said before leaving.
“I won’t”
I plain lie but I don’t want him to worry about me.
I sent the papers to the boss and than closed the casino.
I took a deep breath outside but instead of fresh air I inhaled some smoke.
Changkyun is standing there and smoking his cigarette.
His eyes met mine but none of us showed any kind of emotion.
“Any updates?”
I asked him and looked away.
“For today not. I’ll keep working as a bar keeper until my dad tells you to put me somewhere else…
By the way…
You have interesting people here.”
He said and then again,
his develish smirk.
“And your employees are also really kind people. I’m starting to like Golden Gates”
I think I know what he’s up to.
Is he trying to provoke me with his words?
“I’m glad to hear that”
I said without showing any kind of concern or fear.
“That’s good. Mabye I should ask my dad?
He’ll probably give his son the position as the CEO.
This Casino could be mine and I would be your boss”
His provoking gaze tried to find his way into my heart but there is no chance that anything will change.
“You may do as you please. If the boss gives me orders than I will execute them”
His smirk dropped and he kinda looked disappointed.
“My dad made you into a loyal dog that’s for sure. Those are the ones that will die first”
He blew out the smoke and than threw his cigarette on the ground.
His feet stepped on it to extinct the fire.
He left without turning back.
I also went to my car and drove back home where Whiskers awaits me.
“Nah you little fluffy ball of sunshine”
I call him sunshine to tease him because his expression is not shining but more judging.
He just let out an annoyed cat noise and waited for his food.
I gave him to eat and realised that we run out of cat food and tea.
It’s grocery shopping time.
I just wore some old black sweatpants and a Grey hoddie because no one knows me anyways.
I could dissappear at any moment if I wanted to.
So I took some bags and walked to the next grocery shop where Whiskers favorite food was.
I walked to the cat food section and found his favorite chicken flavored canned food.
I was about to reach for it when another young man took it right before me and than hit my face with his elbow.
“OUH my goodness I’m so freaking sorry are you okay?”
He turned around and saw me how I was holding unto my nose.
This is the probably the worst thing that happened to me for weeks. That’s why I don’t like to go outside.
You’re getting attacked from all directions.
” Yeah I’m fine”
I said and searched for a tissue in my bag.
“No you’re not you’re bleeding out of your nose ouh my goodness I’m so sorry I really am, that’s so emberassing”
He keeps blabbering while I finally found a tissue and tried to stop the bleeding.
“It’ s okay don’t worry. You didn’t kill me so calm down”
He bowed down like about 5 times.
“I’m so sorry I was in such a hurry because I forgot to buy some catfood and now my cat is really sassy. He won’t let me come back unless I bring some food”
He said and laughed.
Is he trying to save the situation?
“Mine is also pretty sassy if he doesn’t get his food”
I said and thought about Whiskers grumpy face when he’s hungry.
A small, almost unnoticeable, smile appeared on my face.
“But you should see the face of Bubble. That’s really hilarious”
“You’re cats name is Bubbles?”
He nodded.
“Yes I think it’s cute because no one can say bubbles in an angry way. So if I’m annoyed or angry at him it doesn’t sound like I am when I scold him for something”
He daydreamed about his cat while he put some cat food into his basket.
“Ah I didn’t introduced myself properly. I’m Minhyuk”
He said and smiled.
He looks pretty young but I think he’s older than his face tells me.
“You’re from Korea?”
I asked because of his Name.
“Yes but I’m working here in Japan. By the way what s your Name?”
Why do I keep talking to him?
Should I tell him my name?
It’s not like I’ll see him ever again so I guess there’s nothing wrong or dangerous about it.
“I’m Haru”


Chapter 4
“Should I help you with your shopping? I mean it’s hard to put everything together with a bleeding nose”
He said and looked at my tissue as if he was about to fade.
He looks like he’s not the type to see blood.
It’s so unusual to see someone pure and innocent like him.
“I can handle it by myself”
“You know what? I don’t care what you say and will help you”
He took my bag and opened it so I could put the cat food in it.
“You don’t have to help me”
I said again.
“I don’t want to hear it anymore. I’m going to help you. Deal with it”
Looks like he’s determined and I can’t change it.
Well if he insist then he’s welcome to help.
“I need to go to the tea section”
“Oh you drink tea, too?”
He asked excited.
“Yeah I do”
“What’s your favorite?”
“I drink mainly black tea but I also like fruit tea”
“Me, too!”
He’s getting really pumped up.
“I should probably invite you and your cat to a cup of tea” he said and laughed.
Oh shit.
That’s not allowed to happen.
He’s a nice guy and I don’t want him to be a part of my life.
Please don’t do that.
I just didn’t say anything.
Mabye it was just a joke and nothing serious.
He opened the bag and I put my favorite tea in it.
“I’m done with shopping. Thanks for you help”
I took the bag and bowed down.
Before he could say anything I else I went to the cashier and paid for everything.
Now it’s time to go before he comes again.
I’m almost running away from him and back to my apartment.
I opened the door and put the cat food and tea in its right place.
Tonight will be a hard working time because it’s Saturday.
The time of week where almost everyone wants to gamble and just have fun spendig all their money.
I took a shower and then went straight to bed.
My eyes closed and I felt asleep almost immediately.
Where am I?
I look at the landscape in front of me.
An endless sea of blood red flowers and a clear night sky.
The moon turned his cold face towards me.
A cold breeze passed by.
I’m freezing.
The stars shined so bright like never before.
Looking up seems like looking into the whole univers.
And here I am in a long white dress.
My feet could feel the grass on on the ground.
I saw a person standing there.
Not far away from me.
His brown soft hair and skinny stature looks so familiar to me.
“Who are you?”
I asked him but he did not reply.
He stands with his back towards me.
I could reach my hand out to him but as soon as I tried to touch his shoulder he dissappeared.
Suddenly I could hear a loud scream and my dress turned red.
I realized that the person who screams is me.
The landscape started to get blurry. I could feel hot tears floating down my cheeks.
It’s not the landscape but my view.
A strong wind came up and in a blink of an eye the flowers dissappeared.
The ground upon my feet opened up and I felt into complete darkness.
I tried to shout out for help but my head was under water
I woke up in an instant from my crazy dream.
Who was that person?
Does my dream have any meaning?
So familiar yet so strange.
I couldn’t shake of that feeling for a while.
I prepared myself for today and then went to my car.
I actually hate driving but it’s a little bit more comfortable than using the metro.
I turned the radio on where She’s kinda hot by 5sos played.
I sung along because I knew all the lyrics.
After the song ended they switched to the news.
“Last night a group of people wearing all black invaded into the Tokyo Golden Bank.
They stole around 100 million Dollars. Who and why is still under invastigation.”
Wait Golden Bank?
Isn’t that ours?
That definetly belongs to our Mafia just like Golden Gate.
The Boss is going to be furious about this.
But they also have the God Eye in their security system.
Is it really possible that the God Eye can be hacked?
It must have been a genius or pure luck.
I arrived at the casino and opened the door when I received a call from the secretary of the headquarters.
She told me that Changkyun won’t be working today. He has to attend at the council meeting.
Of course he has to.
With his leading position how can he not?
“Thank you for telling me”
I said and hung up.
The first thing I did is going to the security room.
Kurojashi already awaits me there.
As I entered the room I noticed another person standing there with him.
Isn’t that…
“Oh nice to see you again”
He smiled at me like he did last time.
“The pleasure is mine”
I bowed down politely.
“Good evening Miss Takajami”
Kurojashi said and looked confused between Minhyuk and me.
“The Boss hired a professional Hacker who works for the government. He shall test the God eye and how easy it is to hack it. We have to improve our security system because of the Golden Bank incident.”
“I understand. Please take your time. If you need anything then just ask someone of the security staff and we will help you as much as we can”
I said to Minhyuk.
Kurojashi leaved the room because he received a phone call.
“So you work here as the CEO?”
Minhyuk said and looked around at the big screens where you can see the whole casino.
I think that I don’t have to answer this question.
“It’s so sick. A CEO of the biggest Casino in Tokyo and the professional Hacker who’s working for the government met in a local grocery store while buying catfood”
He laughed at the thought of it.
Yeah it’s strange.
Mabye a little bit too strange to be a coincidence.
“I have to go continue working. I’ll check on you later”
“Yes Ma’am”
He saluted and then took a seat in front of his laptop.
I went to my office and started with paper work again.
After some time I needed fresh air.
I opened the window and let the cold night breeze enter the office.
I looked out and saw Tokyo at night.
That’s definetly a beautiful view.
I like all the shining skyscrapers and in the middle of it the Tokyo Tower in his bright red color.
I’ve never been somewhere else.
The only city I’ve ever seen is Tokyo.
I wish I could travel like other people do. Visit other cities and different countries.
I want to see nature and different architecture.
Tokyo is of course breathtaking but I still want to see other parts of the globe that we live on
My dream is to visit London one day but I know that my dream will never come true.
My life is like a wingless Swan.
And the wings were taken by the boss.
Time flew by and I decided to visit Minhyuk.
On the way I choose to make some black tea for us.
With two cups in my hand I went down to the security room.
While opening the door I saw Kurojashi starring at the Laptop.


Chapter 5
“What happened?”
I asked and put the cups on the table.
“He did it”
Kurojashi said while starring at the screen.
“He hacked himself into the God Eye”
I couldn’t really believe what he said.
I took a closer look at the screen and saw our System.
“But how?”
I asked Minhyuk.
“I must say it was pretty hard but not impossible”
He smiled proudly to himself.
“But guessing the code was the easiest part. The Code consist of 16 letters or numbers but I would suggest you to use signs.
If you take signs into your code it will be a lot more difficult to guess it.
And don’t write it down. No where.
Hackers can easily hack themself into literally every device and use their camera to look at their surrounding. If you want to keep it save then you have to assign someone who will remember the code. ”
He noticed the cup of tea next to him.
” Uh is this for me? ”
He asked and pointed his finger towards the cup.
I just nodded.
” Thanks a lot” he smiled and took a sip of his tea.
“It tastes delicious”
Kurojashi looks pretty annoyed because he interrupted his speach.
“And what else?”
Minhyuk took another sip and put his one leg on the other.
“Well your firewall got damaged.
We need to replace it and your security system should change their programming language. In that way you can be sure that the same person won’t hack it twice.”
I’m amazed.
He actually looks like an ordinary civilian but who would have guessed that he’s a computer genius.
His skills are impressive.
I’ve never met someone in the Mafia who is as skilled as he is.
We have our own computer geniuses who created the God eye but looks like they can’t be compared to Minhyuk.
“How much money?”
I asked him directly.
“For what?”
He was visible confused.
“How much money should we pay for you to recreat our security system?”
“I’m not really working as a security system creator. I’m just a Hacker.
If you want I can write everything down that you need to change and then you should find a good programmist who can do it”
He scratched his head awkwardly.
“How about we call our programmist and you will assist ? We will pay for it of course”
I suggested instead.
“I’m sorry but I work for the government and I’m not allowed to take work from the non governmental institutions. I helped you today because the government itself gave me the order to do it.
But they would never allow me to work as a programmist for a casino”
I guess the Government allowed him to help us with the God eye because the president owns our boss a favor.
But if our boss finds out, that he can’t help us furthermore he will force him to join the mafia. I don’t want to ruin his life.
“You don’t understand how serious this is”
I tried to convince him with my words but it’s no use.
“I can’t just close my eyes on the law. Please forgive me. I want to help but I can’t. I could loose my job”
Shit shit shit.
If the Boss invites him to a meeting then he will have no other chance than to help us and join the mafia.
The boss knows every move we make and every word we say.
It may be too late already.
“Let’s do it like this. I’ll write everything down and my private mobile number. If you have any questions just call me and I’ll see what I can do.
“Okay. Thank you for your cooperation”
My face turned pale as I heared my mobile phone ring.
Please no.
Don’t let it be the boss himself.
I looked at the display and saw an unsaved number.
“Excuse me please”
I walked out and answers the phonecall.
I heared a familiar voice but I can’t remember who it was.
“The meeting’s finished and I’ll be coming over to the Golden Gate. I have something I need to tell you”
Now I recognize this deep and calm voice.
“I understand. I’ll be waiting for you at my office”
“I’m going to be there soon”
Changkyun said and hung up.
I’m relieved that it wasn’t the boss.
But Minhyuk has to leave immideatly or it will be too late.
The Mafia will not go against the government because of one person.
I hope he goes and never comes back again for his own sake.
I entered the security room where Minhyuk drank his last sip of tea.
“Now that my work is done I have to go back to the government and report them about the results.
I hope we will see each other again some time”
He stood up from his chair and packed his laptop into his backpack.
I bowed in front of him.
“No need for formalities. I’m happy that I could help”
His smile is so kind and warm.
It’s been so long since someone treated me like this.
With so much heart.
Tears gathered in my eyes.
I didn’t know that I’m able to cry.
I thought I lost my emotions a long time ago.
But his kindness moves something in me.
I just wish he wouldn’t go.
I just wish he could stay and we would drink tea and talk about our cats.
But it’s never going to happen.
It will never be how I want it to be.
He left.
I walked back to my office and coverd myself in paper work to forget my wishes.
I am just the loyal dog of the boss.
I don’t own my life and I can’t do anything about it.
After some time the door opened without a warning.
“I’m back. Did you miss me? Ouh I know you did.
I mean almost a whole day without my presence. How did you even survived this?”
Changkyun entered the room and sat down on the sofa.
I couldn’t really read his emotions and decided not to say anything.
“Ah playing hard to get”
He grinned and took out a cigarette.
Is he going to smoke?
Here on the sofa?
He took out his pocket lighter and put the Cigarette between his lips.
A big cloud of smoke and a provoking grin appeared in front of me.
Is he really trying to get any reaction?
I’m not going to give him what he wants.
I stood up and opened the window but the smell won’t go away that easily.
“You said you wanted to tell me something?”
He nodded
“The meeting was so freaking booooring” he rolled his eyes dramatically.
“Like I don’t need to attend on a meeting to get the information that I need. I’m the best investigator here around anyways. I’m as good as those 15 old brains combined”
He keept complaining about the meeting. Yeah I get it but can he finally start with the business?
“Almost 4 hours stuck with old geezers in a conference room.
He noticed that I’m not really interested in his complains and decided to tell me what he intended to tell.
“Alright I see I should start with the case.
We suspect that the one who killed Tanaka is the same one who robbed our bank”
This time he stood up and blew the smoke out of the window.
“In Tanakas case we checked the CCTV around town but they didn’t show anything suspicious, right?
Except the black van that a single person noticed.
The same thing was with the God eye.
It worked but we couldn’t see any intruders.
It must be their weapon against security systems. Somehow they hack into it and let their imagines dissappear. ”
“But this could have been just another Person or Organisation who uses the same methods”
He threw the cigarette out of the window an closed it.
“We checked for the latest methods and possibilities for hacking into a security system but we did not come across with something like this.
This is an innovation”
Whoever did this is some kind of genius.
Suddenly the face of Minhyuk appeared in front of my eyes.
Why would I think of something like that?
He would never have something to do with dirty mafia business.

To Be Continued

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