The writer’s voice👩‍💻✍️by Stella .E. Powers

Story Highlight!

The celebrated President daughter of the United States of America; identify as Michelle Donald Clinton; functioning as a UN Military Medical Doctor in Iraq, was taken hostage around 1:47am on a Friday morning! After their Military Camp base got ambushed by some Iraqi insurgents.

The reason behind the hostage taking’ was for the President of the United States of America’ to withdraw the U.S soldiers from Iraq, or his daughter’ Michelle will be slaughter.

The Three Military Special Agents on World Terrorist Division (WTD) who are specifically trained to take on several high risks central missions, were sent to Iraq on a mission to bring back the President abducted daughter.

Eight days later, the families of the Military Special Agents, were told by the WTD that they three Special Agents sent to Iraq, are all missing in action.

This innovative tale’ is an award-winning novel; with features that are focused on Military, Love story, and World Terrorism. It a story with a great ending…✍️

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The writer’s voice 👩‍💻 by 👩‍💻 Stella . E. Powers 😎is brought to you by P-matrix Global Entertainment.

When I was much younger; generating new-fangled stories from my artifice and given more meaning to it was something I venerate doing the most. And as years passes, writing became my nature and my first love too. During those phases of my life’ of which I usual put words into paper to create new-fangled stories. It never emanates to my psyche or thoughts’ that a day like this might also come, when I will be basically seated to write the complete story of my life, and also have people reading it as an unusual innovative fresh story. You might be already wondering why I named this book’ The Writer’s Voice. I personified it with this alias because; as a large-scale comprehensive author, people as over the years’ not only distinguished me as the discovering voice’ of an imaginary fantasy of fabrication, based on all I have written and published! But they have also hailed me with an appellation christened as, The Writer’s Voice’ because of my consistent invention of new tales. And today, she’ who the world hails as The Writer’s Voice; her life version of legendary buzz is precipitously fit into a complete story. And like a work of friction, again I will be bringing my life story to light.

My name is Stella! Don’t misunderstand my joy has been ostentatious when I say I am a number of award winning writer and a Journalist too. The story of my life’ all began long time ago, when I was only five years old. However, before I bring myself into the picture, I will love to tell of an engaging hunky-dory story’ about two friends named Daniel Hilton and Mario Powers. Don’t get irked’ guys! I only wish to begin my story with those two chums because, somehow they came into my life as a plus, to fit the story of my life into a complete Nobel. Daniel Hilton and Mario Powers relationship, has somehow made it stress-free for me to twig on granny words of wisdom which I had always heard her saying like a song when I was only five. Yes, grandma will always say back then “they who are lucky to have a trustworthy and well-behaved friends’ during their darkest time of life, can definitely say, they’ve gotten yet another true family. Thought I never really understood granny words because I was too young to get the picture’ of what she was trying to say. However, I can finally figure out every of her words of warmth understanding. And yes, that too had come to be only after I had judiciously witnessed the bond between Daniel Hilton and Mario Powers’ which story I wish to begin at this point.

Chapter two

Many years ago, Daniel Hilton was born by a single mother named Rebecca, who loved and cared for him so much. Few years later, Rebecca got pregnant again with a baby boy. However, when her pregnancy was still timely, she was diagnosing with a protracted cancer. Rebecca was six months pregnant’ when she dead of cancer, leaving her only son Daniel behind’ who was barely five years old at that time. After the dead of Rebecca, Daniel was taken to an orphanage termed as, Children’s Home Orphanage.

In the case of Mario Powers, he was born by an unidentified mother’ who abandoned him just around the gate positioned toward the entering of the same orphanage were Daniel was left to be cared for. Mario was barely a week old when he was abandoned by his mother.

When Mario was abandoned by his mother at the entering of Children’s Home Orphanage! The only identity his mother left on him was his date of birth and his father’s name, she beckoned as Mr. Powers. Daniel Hilton was like a week already conveyed into’ Children’s Home Orphanage, before Mario was abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage gate. The orphanage was an immense children’s home, situated somewhere in Los Angeles.

Before the arriver of Mario, Daniel had always been acknowledging by everyone as a little depressed kid who talks with no one, and was always fond of staying unaccompanied. However, everything changed precipitously at the arriver of Mario. And all of that had happened the moment Daniel saw Mario carried into that orphanage. Everyone was surprise when the saw Daniel, the little dishearten boy, rushing toward the orphanage custodian, advancing his arms, pleading to carry the little Mario, as he said, “Please mam, give me my baby, I want to carry him”. And in actual fact, since the arriver of Daniel, that was the first words his ever voiced out, said the orphanage custodians. Again, the custodians elucidated saying that, the moment they gave their consent, complying for Daniel to carry Mario! He closely asked, if the baby mother was death too. “No Daniel” said the orphanage custodian. Quickly’ another of the custodian conjoined the conversation saying; “Daniel, we found the baby’ by the entrance of the orphanage!” Daniel answer back saying, “Just like me his mother most be dead too.” the custodian retorted saying “Daniel, not all kids in this orphanage parents are dead. Sometimes, kids get abandoned too by their mothers.”…


The writer’s voice 👩‍💻 by 👩‍💻 Stella . E. Powers 😎was brought to you by P-matrix Global Entertainment.

Hey guys, my name is Stella E Powers, Founder of P-matrix Global Entertainment, alongside Patriot EC Akoma. And yes, I am the writer and author behind this book. Please stay update on this ebook because the complete version will be coming live on our online store soon. Thank you for visiting our website. We will be having more amazing Original ebook/novels like this on our online store for your good reading. I am Stella E Powers, and I love you.

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