Breadwinner by Akeoma Victor

Story Highlight.

A married couple’s relationship is put into turmoil by a billionaire’s offer of ten million for the wife to spend the night with him.

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Onyinye sat at her desk in her tiny office, sorting through the papers on her desk and trying to find the business card that her boss, Mr. Daniel Igwe, had been hassling her about all morning long.

“Where is this file nah? I don’t want this man wahala this morning”. Onyinye muttered to herself.

Her search was interrupted by the jangling of the phone on her desk. Her boss was calling and she groaned. “Hello”? Good morning, Mr. Daniel. I am very sorry sir but I am still looking for the file. I am very sure that I left it in this office and I will find it as soon as possible”.

“Good morning Onyinye. Forget about the file for now, you can continue your search later. I need you to go to the CEO’s office, right now.”

Onyinye blinked. “The CEO’s office?” Yes. Mr. Alex is having problems retrieving information from his computer. I would love to help him myself, but I have a meeting with a client in five minutes.”

“But sir…, are you sure I can handle it? I have not even_ _”

“Okay sir. I will see to it immediately”.

Onyinye got up from her desk and smoothed the fabric of her pencil shirt as she fixed her employee badge around her neck. Satisfied with her look, she walked out of her office to the elevator.

She had been to other executive offices in the three months since she had been working at paystack tech company. But never to the CEO’s. She knew about Alex Ibrahim; The company’s tall, dark and handsome Scion, the billionaire heir to the Ibrahim’s family fortune who had stepped up after the death of his parents. You wouldn’t live a day in the city without seeing the scruffed jaw of Alex Ibrahim on the cover of local magazines, billboards newspapers and on the evening news on a regular basis.

But Onyinye had never met him physical. Despite been the CEO of her work place, she’d never seen or run into him. Then again, it wasn’t like she wanted to see him. The company was extremely big and she had other things in her mind beyond some rich man who owned the building she worked in. Still, she wasn’t prepared for how striking Alex Ibrahim looked in person.

As soon as Alex’s assistant, Mabel Ali, saw Onyinye as she stepped off the elevator, Onyinye was wave through to the office where she was expected. The office was incased glass walls and Alex Ibrahim sat behind a massive wooden desk that cammanded the room like a captain commands the deck of his ship. He was reading something, not looking up, so Onyinye rapped on the glass door as she entered to announce herself.

“Mr. Alex?” Alex head snapped up, his eyes instantly Sharp on Onyinye. “Hi, my name is Onyinye. They sent me up from the IT department to look at your computer”.

Recognition lit Alex’s eyes and in a moment, he was on his feet, “oh, yeah”. It usually one Mr. Daniel that comes up when I call for a tech assistance.”

“Yes, that would be my boss. He is very busy at the moment.”

“Oh.” Alex smiled at her. His smile was warm and enigmatic as he walked closer and took Onyinye’s hand in his. It wasn’t quite a hand-shake; it was more like a gentle squeezing of her fingers with his rougher ones. Onyinye could swear she felt electricity shoot up her arm, clear to her shoulders.

“It’s a shame I don’t even know half of my beautiful employees. You’re so beautiful, Onyinye.” Alex mumbled.

“You’re having troubles with your computer, right?” Onyinye asked again.

Lex looked positively intrigued by Onyinye’s brush-off of his flirtations. He smiled and gestured over to his desk, where the computer sat. “yes, I have a proposal that I need to print out before a board meeting this afternoon, but when I go to pull it up, I get a message saying the file is not found.”

Onyinye nodded sharply and moved past him to his desk, aware of his eyes following her every move. She sat in his chair and brought up the file finger program. “What is the file called?” She asked him.

Alex joined her behind the desk and leaned over the back of her chair. “The meeting.doc.”

And when was the last time you accessed the file?”

“I was working on it last night.”

Onyinye’s fingers stilled on the keyboard. “Where else have you accessed the file from?”

“My laptop at home. I was working on it over the weekend.”

“Ah ha! There it is!” Onyinye chuckled. ” It was saved on the network drive, not on the hard drive.”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked and Onyinye turned towards him to explain, only to find his face on inch or two away from her. His beautiful brown eyes captivated her, holding her attention and the draw to him was so powerful that Onyinye found herself momentary swaying towards him before she caught herself and moved back.

“Uhmm. It means you saved the file on the cloud drive, but were looking for it on the computer’s hard disk.”

“The cloud?” Alex asked and Onyinye glanced to see a line between his eyebrows. He was genuinely confused.

“Yes. The cloud is a drive you can access anywhere you have an internet connection.”

“I’m forever in your debt, Ms Onyinye. Thank you.” Alex smiled at her and the expression was so engaging that Onyinye found herself smiling back.

“You’ re welcome Sir.” Onyinye said, pushing back from the desk. “I should probably get back to my desk now.”

“So soon?” Alex asked with a little pout. “Maybe I could get you to take a look at my phone. It been acting up lately.”

“Oh…” Onyinye smirked at him and held out her hand. “What’s the problem?”

Story To Be Continued

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