Stella E Powers’ Perform live in an invited show in Canada, and fans went crazy acknowledging her Music.


The beautiful singer, song writer, and fast raising actress, Stella E. Powers. One of the founders of P-matrix Global Entertainment and founder of Stella E Powers Foundation, first caught public attention in 2018 as a POP and R&B music artiste’ when she wrote one of her songs that shine’s her career as a significant Queen. her elegant boundary pushing artistry and vocals has ever since then kept her music on the chart and make her one of the most amazing music artiste, fans wishes to have at heart. Singing to her’ is not a job, but a passion she says. Again, Stella E. Powers in one of her interview explain that’ music makes her feel beautiful…

Next we have Mr. John Walker, shareholder and partner at P-matrix Global Entertainment, with a position of a sole Manager, who handles every of the company’s personal music project/concert, both online and live project. 

The Pop, RNB and Gospel singer, Stella E. Powers, besides singing, she’s also an actress in P-matrix Global Entertainment, were she’s also a sole owner. And again she’s the founder of a foundation name Stella E Powers Foundation, An orphanage home’ which she runs with a delightful hearts. The beautiful singer/ actress’ and author of many books, had created this same foundation to takes care of many African lost children without home. She at the same ends’ Make it a showbiz extension, globally having her Foundation branded under P-matrix Global Entertainment’ love so she can be able to use entertainment to help most African lost children gain access to a better life.  Here is her contribution regarding this article…

✏️  In 2024 again, I will be visiting many African universities in search for talents. And to those who hit the mark, I will give contract into our Entertainment Sector’ under P-matrix Global Entertainment, to take part as an actor or actress in our forth coming movies. A contract well paid for. Of course’ that’s not all, for I know that I can also find music talent amongst students. So I have also decided that, a chance will be given to those who are ready to sing. And if you do well, you will be given a full album studio record time too. And after that, you will be granted with a contract music Sector.

Name: Ms. Amelia Leonardo! Occupation: Operations Consultant. With Amelia Leonardo, you can always feel free to share your thoughts here on P-matrix Global Entertainment! It is her duty as the Operations Consultant’ for P-matrix Global Entertainment to meet with every of your needs’ regarding any information you wish to know from our company.

P-matrix Global Entertainment’ is a well regarded online store worldwide, with a foundation created by Stella E Powers to save lost Africa children as her contribution to the world. P-matrix Global Entertainment were she stands as one of owners is an online store into publishing of Ebook/novel, Music and handing Movie projects, and a great experience ground for every artiste worldwide that would get signed as one amongst our concert artistes to display their talents worldwide. Stella E. Powers’ wishes to connectt with music Artiste from every ends, starting with different music platform. Stella E. Powers, she is professionally known as beautiful Luckyxstar, also in the music theatre and by fans. She’s a singer and a songwriter however, alovely mother to most African lost children were she runs her Foundation. Her specific genres in music’ include RNB, Pop, and some Gospel music’ enriched with country and pop elements. Stella E. Powers is known for her exceptional voice inspired by the wellsprings of Memphis but it also reflects the rich undercurrents of her African roots. One of her trademarks is her poetically crafted lyrics and her enigmatic stage presence. Somehow, Stella E Powers have decided to rock the stage this 2024 with her nonstop music.

George Cooper’ is one amongst Stella E. Powers entertainment film producers. In some ways’ amongst the company producers he oversees P-matrix Global film production.[1] George Cooper was first employed by Stella E. Powers, and Patriot EC Akoma as a producer to plan and coordinate various aspects of a forth coming movie before he later partners with them and became a shareholder and at the same time handling the company’s studio film production’ of P-matrix Global entertainment. In a Production such as selecting the script; coordinating writing, directing, editing; and arranging.
As a producer, George Cooper is also responsible for finding and selecting promising material for development.[2] Unless  our filming section is based on an existing script, George Cooper just like any other producers has to hire a screenwriter and oversee the development of the script.[3] Then Stella E. Powers one of the owner/President of P-matrix Global, at this point leads a pitch to secure the financial backing to allow production to begin. The producer also supervises the pre-production, principal photography, and post-production stages of filmmaking. One of the most important tasks is having Stella E. Powers as the director and hiring other key crew members too. Stella E Powers’ who is also the director, makes the creative decisions during the production! George Cooper as a producer, in some aspect, typically manages the logistics and business operations of our movie department in P-matrix Global Entertainment. Though Stella E. Powers as a directors in some cases produce her own films base on her script. George Cooper along side any other producers are tasked with making sure the company’s filming production is delivered on time and within budget.[4] Finally, our department producer’s oversee the marketing and distribution.

Again we wish to talk about Stella .E. Powers, our Section M20 key member in SAVING AFRICA movie series. Just as you’ve known before now. In this article we wish to tell you that she’s a Director, Producer, editor, script writer and also an actress when it comes to entertainment. Has a Director, she will also determines the creative vision of our forth coming feature film in Section M20 of MIIU movie series, television show, play, short film, and other production carried out within the our Entertainment section of our corporation. She have a complete artistic control of a project. In addition, she have a strong grasp of technical knowledge taught in directing classes. And more importantly, she also have a personal and emotional connection to her career as a Director/Producer, script writer and actress. She’s also the company’s article writer.

 Quess who is in this picture! Of course’ is Stella E. Powers. She looks different isn’t it? The reason behind this change’ has to do with her silicone masked face, specifically created for her for our Section M20 movie series were she will be acting as a Spy and a Secret double agent for the CIA. In this same movie title SAVING AFRICA, Stella E. Powers will as a CIA’ will be bearing the name Victoria Hogan! Isn’t that amazing? Stella E Powers in one body and different faces.

Stella E. Powers Music, is such that can raise someone’s mood, get fans excited, leaving them calm and relaxed. What more can I say about Stella E. Powers, of course her music is so important to every heart, seeing how much it allows us to feel nearly or possibly all emotions that we experience in our daily lives. The possibilities in her music are endless. Bookmark P-matrix Global Entertainment to feel the endless love of her music.

As a script writer or a novelist whose write up is been accepted by our producers to sell on our online store, you will also have the chance of an opportunity for screening, and if your newly acting experienced’ prove to us that you are skilled enough to join in’ as an actor or actress’ for the same movie you have written as a novelist or a script writer for P-matrix Global Entertainment, then we will give you the opportunity to get enroll in the same movie.

The person in this picture; are you already wondering who she is? Of course in this picture is a popularly known music artiste/actress, Stella E. Powers’ in her second Silicone mask face, and that is why she is looking different yet again. Stella E. Powers in this image’ have a different face because she will be acting as Celine Al Capone. The name and the face is specifically created for Stella E. Powers Entertainment movie, title SAVING AFRICA. The reason for this face creation is centered on the operation she will be under taking as an FDIA Special Agent, in the movie. this same silicone face of her’s is created so to help her take different roles in the movie.

Above is Stella E. Powers’ featuring her twin sister in her music album. One good thing about Stella E. Powers music and her published books as an author is that, when it hits you, it leaves you feeling no pain. Where words fail, Stella E. Powers music and her books speaks. Stella E. Powers music expresses that which cannot be said. It just impossible to stay silent while listening to her music. A day without listening to Stella E. Powers music or reading any of her ebook/novel… life would be a mistake then. I think both her music and ebook/novels itself is a healing process for every heart.

So far’ fans had sent their testimonies of how Stella E. Powers Music have Make them feel Happier. Stella E. Powers Music has so far Enhances Running Performance for her career. Fans have even explained on social media of how her Music have Lower their Stress and Improves their Health condition in different ways. Some fans even explained how Stella E Powers Music have Help them to Sleep Better, reduce their Depression, and help them Elevates their Mood While Driving. What has Stella E. Powers music contributed in your life?