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why you should market your Ebooks/Novels and music album both on store and online with P-matrix Global Entertainment! And why you should stay engage on our front porch ebook/novels selected monthly prime writer and as well on our music contract engagement.

Seminar Session Of Our contract engagement

P-matrix Global Entertainment: contract engagement Seminar Session

Our 2024 music concert’ will be held right across many province in the world. In the same way’ in this 2024, we will be having lots of music artists music sold out on line here in our online store and as well sign some number of artistes for our music concert deal to travel across many provinces for our music show. And let’s for our writers, let’s make your career work. Help us find you with your original books, so that we can help you gain access to the hearts of many readers.

But above all,  P-matrix Global Entertainment’ is basically set up as a continental online business Corporation between Stella E Powers and Patriot EC Akoma, to connect with both authors and talented music Artistes. We always select raw talent for our music concert project around the globe and as well writers with original talents. We derive joy in visiting different music uploading website to connect with amazing music artistes; and that’s how our music search engine visibility was able to find so many amazing voice and talent. And of course, we give official call to original writers with amazing ebook/novels to offer to us.
Below is our music contract slope/writers! And it consist of
1. Network Fabric Music Contract
2. International ebook/novel online Contract
3. Union yearly book contract.
4. None Stop Concert Contract
5. Universal ebook/novel Contract

6. Writers Primers contract

7. Filming Real Time Contract

In other to guarantee that our online music artiste reach many people through concert/ Gig. P-matrix Global Entertainment’ settled on bringing those artistes who signed up for online sell on our music store platform, live on music concert across many region, to help them gain name and success in their careers.

P-matrix Global Entertainment’ is now standing proud and tall, ready to negotiate diverse music concert deal’ with diverse artiste and writers globally Whose music and Ebook/novel gain average sell on our online music store here in our website, and maybe on hard copy in shops. Right now’ it does matter to us if you are just a fast raising music artiste or a writer trying to to be known. What counts on our own judgement is that we have decided to give you a positive regeneration’ through sound music concert, record deal and flawless marketing. And for the writers… Of course, an amazing platform for your sell and popularity.

Don’t be just a music artiste seeking to market your music on our online store, when you can also get selected for our music gig around the world. Don’t be just a writer on our online store, when you can also join our best online seller, and gain access to have your book converted into movie with us or other movie companies. All you need at this point is just Get Selected. Of course You can be more than a writer’ by engaging yourself into our family unit. And the only way to do that’ is by signing a contract deal with us.
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