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Our home of legitimacy and vision

In this picture is Stella E. Powers and George Cooper. George Cooper just like Stella E. Powers, he is a film Producer and a director under P-matrix Global Entertainment, first hire as a producer by Stella E. Powers’ and Patriot EC Akoma to plan and coordinate various aspects of a movie title SAVING AFRICA and also to fill in the space in P-matrix Global film production, such as selecting script; coordinating writing, directing, editing; and arranging. And as a producer, George Cooper is also responsible for finding and selecting promising material for the development of P-matrix Global film studios. Working hand in hand with Stella E. Powers. And that was shortly after he became a shareholder, partnering with P-matrix Global.

  • All you need right now is A film studio like, P-matrix Global film studio under P-matrix Global Entertainment, to get celebrated as a movie star. Our movie studio’ is a major entertainment company’ that has its own privately owned studio  facilities that we used in making films, which is handled by our production company.
  • Come to us with your project, or book an appointment with our management! Better still, follow the process of getting your script mailed to our management’ through our Fast-Link Process, for a quick response within 7 to 21 days.

Besides our filming studio, we are also focused on bringing blockbuster films to the big screen.